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ITK C166: Large Bathhouse: The Making

Anyway, I decided to build a bigger and better bathhouse.

Its popularity exceeded my expectations that the elf and satyr teams even long to have a secure bath.
In short, I have to meet their desperate demand of wanting to bathe at any time without having to wait.

Apparently, the custom of soaking in hot water and washing the body with it doesn’t exist here.
Washing one’s body in this fantasy world means wiping it with a damp cloth or just swimming in cold water.
There are sauna-like facilities in some areas, but they are extremely minor.

Introducing a more modern bathing method to such a culture is definitely a significant breakthrough.

…Except, our farm now has a total of 200 people. Expanding the bathroom in the house wouldn’t be enough to accommodate and satisfy them all.

After contemplating it, the only conclusion I could come up with was…

…To build a separate large bathhouse.

It’s like a public bath or a spa resort of some sort where the men and women have their bath and serve as a place for relaxation!
Anyway, let’s get busy!!!


The first thing we need to do is select a place to build a large bathhouse.

Its purpose is to provide a place for the residents to relax and unwind.
I wanted to build it near their primary workplace, the fields, but I decided to go a little farther away and set up our territory.

The field is scheduled to be expanded in the future. Besides, there is one more thing that worries me.
Hot springs usually contain various underground minerals, and in some cases, they are strongly acidic or alkaline.

I’m concerned about the effects of such minerals seeping through the soil and affecting the crops’ growth.
Even the hot water in the private bathroom has a set route into the sea after it is purified.

I need to be as highly cautious as I can be.
Hence, I kept a distance between the fields and the bathhouse.

“This place should be all right.”

I decided on a flat area just outside the farm as the site for construction.

The ground is firm and doesn’t crumble easily, no matter how deep I dig.
The ocean is also within sight, making it convenient for drainage.

“Okay, let’s build our hot spring bath here.”

A bathhouse requires hot water, which means relying on the hot spring that flows underground.
The bathroom back in the main house also has the same source.

The hot spring that already gushed out at the expense of Letasreit’s field is too far away to be piped all the way here. In fact, it’s just enough to fill the private bath.

That’s why the best thing to do would be to make a new hot spring gush out from directly underneath the bathhouse.
I asked none other than the angel Horkosfon to try digging another hot spring for us.

“I’m counting on you once again.”
“Your wish is my command, Master.”

She’s the one who dug up the hot spring in the first place, after all.

It seems digging up a hot spring is a piece of cake for angels, who have once destroyed the world, by making full use of the various abilities (functions?) they possess (are equipped with?).

“She truly is a terrifying being,” says Sensei beside me. “I’d say her abilities very much exceed rather than merely rival mine and the dragon’s. We’ve been named two of the world’s greatest calamities, but I’m reminded now more than ever that there’s always someone superior to you.”

Sensei is here because the proposed site for the bathhouse is located near his dungeon.
In terms of its location, I’d say it’s about halfway between our farm and his dungeon.
Okay, slightly closer to him.

Sensei’s dungeon is an underground cave dungeon, so we might come into contact with it when we dig up the hot spring. I thought that would be a problem, so I tried getting his permission beforehand, but…

“If that’s what you’re worried about, don’t be, Saint,” says Sensei in his usual composed voice. “Dungeons are spatio-temporal distortions created by the stagnation of convective mana. My cave dungeon also exists within a distorted subspace and is not actually underground. Therefore, no matter how deep you dig, there is no possibility of coming into contact with it.”

I was relieved to hear that.
Sensei, however, is here to observe the rare event that is about to take place.

As he and I look up, Horkosfon hovers in the air with her natural ability to fly.

“I will now begin excavating the ground.”

What an earnest girl. She even gave us a signal.

“…Dragon Killer on my right hand.”

With a sound that pierced the air, a blade of light extends from Horkosfon’s right hand.
Is that a lightsaber?

“…God Eater on my left hand.”

And the same goes for her left hand.

Dual lightsabers.
By putting her hands together, Horkosfon was able to merge the two sabers to form a single huge lightsaber.

“A blade that slays dragons and another to slaughter gods becomes one blade to pierce the earth.”

Horkosfon spins her body rushes toward the ground.

She’s almost like…

“A drill?!”
“I’ve heard that’s an angel’s lethal move. It wasn’t her exactly, but apparently a different angel used the same move to slay the Geyser Dragon at the time of the Great Destruction.”

I wondered for a moment how Sensei knew such a thing, but it seems he heard about it when he summoned Hades last time.

It must have hurt his pride as an undead king knowing there are things he still doesn’t know, even if they happened way before he became immortal. But now that he knows about it, does that mean all is well for Sensei once again?

That aside, the blade that once annihilated the Dragon Archon in the past is now in great use as a drilling machine for digging hot springs.

Horkosfon uses herself as a drill to dig deeper into the earth…
And soon after…
A column of water spouts from the hole.


The hot spring really popped out just like that.
Though I’m sure it only looks that way because Horkosfon is making full use of her angelic powers.

“All right! It’s our job from here!”

The orc team as civil workers, the elf team as plasterers, and the goblin team as a support are all standing behind me, eager to start getting their hands dirty.

“We’re building a large bathhouse! Do you want to soak in a warm bath?”
“Do you want to keep your body clean every day?”
“Do you want to get beautiful skin from the hot spring?”

The ladies’ reaction at the end was remarkably the loudest.

We already have the cut lumber with us, and our workers are also in perfect condition.
The goal of taking a leisurely bath is what’s most likely motivating them.

The construction of the bathhouse proceeded at a faster pace than ever before and was finished with nearly perfect quality.

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1 year ago

GAAAAAHHHHH. Why do so many Japanese MC’s start out ok, but then turn into complete spineless d*ckless beta simps? OH NO, seeing your wife naked?!?!?! How terrible????? Make yourself a bath and then be forced to wash outdoors in cold water because the women won’t let you use it. Yeah, he sure is the ruler there, huh? Another waste of time. Instead of just saying OP protagonist, maybe they could add OP protagonist becomes spineless. That way I wouldn’t have to waste my time by dropping a novel over a hundred chapters in because the mc becomes too painfully pathetic to stomach.

1 year ago

Then you have to introduce trains, possibly run on magic. Presto, a plot device for more chapters.

1 year ago

What’s the point of building the bathhouse…an hour away from the farm?! I mean, the dungeon is two hours away from it, so the bathhouse is clearly over an hour away.That’s not something you think of when saying “take a bath anytime you want to” at all.

And since it’s near the ocean, it’s not even on the way between the field and the farm, since you don’t make fields that close to the ocean. Even the orcs won’t just happen to go past it on the way back. Besides…Why the hell does he even make all those places so far away from each other!!!

On a different note, what the hell did the author eat/drink if the private bath can have piping going into the ocean with the waste water…but it’s too far to make piping for the public bathouse from the original hot springs…Are both of these just close to the ocean and he just pointlessly made it 5km-6km away just for the shits and giggles to see half-naked members of the farm get sweaty just to go home to sleep after a bath?!

Seriously, this chapter is just full-blown idiocy on the authors part. The previous one could be taken as showing Saint’s idiocy (like a bunch of other chapters before)…but this one is all on the author.

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
1 year ago
Reply to  Kiki

Since the MC is building as he goes, doesn’t sound like he has much leeway on where he can place things. If the farms gonna expand, there’s no point in putting it close (like he was going to originally).

Now, an hour away is pretty far (as far as normal people go). You forget that they can use warp points so that may be the solution to the distance and since it’ll be within his domain, won’t need to be maintained like the major one.

I don’t know much about piping and waste water so can’t really offer anything on that.

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