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ITK C165: Building the Bath

“I’m going to build a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaath!!!”

Today’s the day.

I’m going to start making a bath, a dear wish of mine that hasn’t been realized for a long period of time!!!

It was originally planned to be built together with the mansion.
However, I couldn’t establish a system to boil the water, and I was also particular about the material to be used for the bath, so I couldn’t make much progress and postponed it… Until today.
I now have hope for this project that had been half-abandoned.

And it’s all thanks to the hot spring Horkosfon had dug up!

“Who knew there’d be a hot spring here?”

I heard hot springs come from volcanic belts, but I don’t see any volcanoes around here.

Still! What’s important is the reality in front of us, that there’s a hot spring gushing out on our farm!

Why bother about needing a system for hot water when it comes out of the ground by itself? Problem solved at once!

We also have cypress trees that I grew in the dungeon orchard during the winter to use for the bathroom.
That’s right; I grew not only fruit trees but also high-grade lumber with the “Hand of Supremacy” in the mountain dungeon.

The conditions have all been met!

“Orkubo! Gather the rest of the orcs and cut the cypress trees in the mountain dungeon!”

And so, I sent out the orc team in charge of construction works.

I’ll assemble the collected lumber, connect this ceramic pipe from the hole where the hot spring gushes out all the way to the mansion and pour it into the bathtub…


At last, the bath I’ve been longing for!
It’s made entirely of Japanese cypress and has a unique, soothing scent!

“What did you make this time, Dear?”
“It’s not food? Call me when you make food instead.”

Once again, Platy and Veil showed up after their unique sense of smell brought them here.
Whenever I make something, they rush to me with what I can only assume is their sixth sense.

“…I see. So, this is the bath you’ve been telling us about?” says Platy as she curiously observes the bathtub filled with hot water.

On the other hand, Veil went away as soon as she realized it wasn’t food.

“You’ve wanted to make this bath for a long time, haven’t you, Dear? But in the end, this is also just meant to wash us. What difference does it make if you use hot water?”

Perhaps it’s because I didn’t make food this time that Platy is less interested.

All right then, I’ll have her find out for herself how good it feels to be in a natural hot spring made entirely of Japanese cypress!

Nearly one hour has passed.


Platy lets out a heartfelt sigh as she soaks in the bathtub.


And again.


All she did was sigh.
Platy has now been reduced to an instrument that makes sounds of pleasure, completely captivated by the hot spring,

Her lower half is also back to her mermaid form as she keeps sighing to no end.

“Ahhhhhhh… Ah… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”
“It’s about time you start speaking actual words again and give me some feedback.”
“It feels so good… I didn’t know soaking in hot water felt this great!”

Even her race, which is usually underwater all year round, loves it, proving how amazing hot springs are once again.
Hot springs are great. Viva hot springs!

“I want to go in too, so could we take turns now?”

I’m currently in the same room with Platy, who’s soaking in the bathtub.
It’s still an appropriate situation considering she’s back in her mermaid form, wearing a thin shirt on her upper body and her lower body that of a fish, so there’s no problem even if I’m with her.

Naturally, I can’t just strip here and share the bath with her; that’s just immoral. So, I asked her to get out of the water so that I could bathe.

“Huh? A little more. I want to stay in here a little longer.”

This is no good.
The hot spring has totally melted Platy’s mind.

I’m glad she likes it, though, so I guess I’ll let her get more out of her first hot spring experience.

…Oh. I know!
How about I prepare for a more pleasant hot spring experience in the meantime?

That is to say, moving my body and sweat a lot till I feel sticky all over, and then take a bath to feel refreshed!!!

That’s it. I’m going outside and start hoeing right now!

I was covered in sweat and dust from working in the fields for some time so that I felt like I needed to take a bath as soon as possible.

“Perfect! Now I just have to get in the bath.”

I’m sure even Platy would get bored of staying in the bath for this long.
It’s my turn to enjoy the hot spring to my heart’s desire!

…Or so I thought, but I encountered another problem.

For some reason, naked elves and satyrs were in the hallway of the mansion!

“Ahh! Why are you all naked?!”

How could these ladies be so immodest at their age?!

I immediately covered my eyes with my hands, but for a brief moment, I could see their cute, round bums.
It just happened, okay?

“Ah! Lord Saint?!”
“You’ve come at the right time! Please go tell them, Saint!”
“The girls who came in first won’t let us have our turns!!!”


It seems the rest of the farm residents got word of the completed bathroom and were taking a bath in it altogether, crowding the room.

I rushed into the bathroom with a blindfold on since I couldn’t just look at them directly while they were stark naked in the bath.

“Hey, what’s going on here?!”
“Are you seriously asking us that while you’re blindfolded?”

Is that Puffer’s voice?
Just how many people are in the bathtub right now?!

“Lord Saint, I’m here too…”
“Ahh… It feels so good. We’ve never experienced this back in the forests.”
“Aileron, too?!”

Mermaids, satyrs, and even elves are all in the bath.

“Wait a minute, Lord Saint. There’s an explanation behind this.”
“Was that Batemy’s voice? You’re also here?!”

Our bathtub’s capacity is such that three or more people going in would make it as cramped as canned sardines.
What exactly is going on in it right now?
I can’t tell with this blindfold on!!!

“It’s cwamped. But it feels so warm and cozy here.“

Even the earth spirits are here?!

“You see, Miss Platy spent too long in hot water that she passed out.”
“What? Seriously? Is she okay?”
“Should be. Her loyal Lampeye is looking after her. Anyway, because of that commotion, the bath attracted the attention of us all!”

Which turned into this disastrous scene.
The bathtub is filled with these beautiful ladies that the water is overflowing all the way outside the bathroom!

“Saint! Please do something!“
“I’m afraid I’ll catch a cold if I wait for my turn naked! Please tell them to hurry up and let us in!!!”
“Actually, it’s too small to hold everyone! Please modify and expand it so that all of us can fit!!!”

I’m happy knowing that everyone loves the bath, but being asked to improve it as soon as I just finished it is too much.

I thought the story of our farm’s acquisition of a bath was coming to a close, but it ended up being the preface of it, soon followed by the next chapter.

Chapter Two: The Creation of a Public Bathhouse.

…But before that, I ended up bathing outside in cold water with Orkubo and Gobukichi since I couldn’t share a bath full of ladies.

“Hey, Master! That pool of hot water became a huge hit without me knowing despite being the first to discover it with Platy!!!”

Veil now regrets that she missed the chance to take the first bath with Platy before everyone else.

I’ve been noticing this for a while now, but she seems to miss out often on the good stuff.

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1 year ago

>Naturally, I can’t just strip here and share the bath with her; that’s just immoral.


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Ariga thanks gozai much thanks for this new chap!

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Thanks for the new chapter!

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1 year ago

He still think of immorality even after their marriage is official… I wonder when we will see his kids…

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Well he won’t see any kids if he doesn’t take off that blindfold!

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Why are you looking at kids?

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Why not ?

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