C328: Who’s Strong?

One day, a young student asked, “I know you two are the best buds, so this seems unlikely. But if you ever fought, who’d win?”

And he actually directed it at the person themselves: Orkubo and Gobukichi.
Hearing this made me think, “How dare he ask them that question,” but…

“It doesn’t matter which one of us is stronger.”
“Mhm, we’re working towards the same goal under our lord. Why worry about who’s better than the other?”

Their mature response impressed me.

That’s right, being strong doesn’t mean anything.
It’s only needed when you’re going through some hardship or beating the crap out of someone you hate, not to compare each other in normal times or to look down on others.

Whoo! I said something decent myself!

“That doesn’t satisfy me at all!”

There was a student who was dissatisfied with their answer—Eryngear.
She’s famous for being a rambunctious tomboy, even among the students consisting of demons, humans, and mermaids.
As usual, she’s upbeat as ever.

“I’m part of the Demon King’s Army, and our duty is to fight! Who’s the strongest among us is of prime concern! No slapdash moves!”
“But what about Ritheseus? Don’t you care about him?”
“Hey! Who said that?!”

This youthful and playful exchange, reminiscent of my school days, makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

I’m late in saying this, but we’re in the middle of a farm class with them.
We have invited Orkubo and Gobukichi as guest lecturers, that’s why one of the students brought up that question.

“…Well, I suppose you could say it’s inevitable psychology,” says Sensei, the Lifeless King.

He’s observing the class with me.

“Children their age are obsessed with competition. That’s just part of youth,” he implies as someone who has existed for thousands of years. “In particular, Orkubo and Gobukichi are the strongest of their species, with several stages of mutation. It’s no surprise people are curious to know how strong they are.”

I guess so.
Orkubo and Gobukichi have been working at my farm for quite some time now, starting out as ordinary orcs and goblins…I believe.

As they worked for us, they became more powerful without me knowing it…

Orkubo: Orc -> Warrior Orc -> Legatus Orc -> Julius Caesar Orc.
Gobukichi: Goblin -> Spartan Goblin -> Brave Goblin -> Takehaya Susano-o Goblin.

They’ve already surpassed Mrs. Astres and the likes’ level after their first mutation.
But after more mutations, even I can’t calculate how strong they’ve gotten.
Besides, the kids obsessed with rankings seem very interested in it.

“Let’s see, in my opinion, both of them are probably as strong as the World’s Two Greatest Calamities.”

Did he just utter something sinister without hesitation?
The World’s Two Greatest Calamities consist of the two most vicious and powerful beings in the world, dragons and Lifeless Kings.

“So… there’s a chance they might win if either of them were to fight you, Sensei?!” nervously asks one of the students.

Sensei just smiles wryly and says, “Correct. I can’t keep acting like I’m the strongest anymore.”
“Oh, no, no!” “That’s absurd, Sensei!” follows up Orkubo and Gobukichi.

What considerate people.

“We will never dare face Sensei, whom we owe a great debt of gratitude like our lord! It would be foolish to think that we could defeat you!”
“It’s kind of you to revere the elderly. I appreciate your goodwill.”

Their respect fixed the position that Sensei is stronger.
I wish the students could learn some modesty from them, but…

“Aww, that’s just boring.”
“This is getting us nowhere. I want to make things clear.”
“Adults always conclude things like that and run from the issue!”

But they’re having none of it.

Young people only talk about things in terms of “1” or “0”. The fact that they can somehow add a decimal point and come to a conclusion in between is either a sign that they have matured or settled with a compromise.

“… all right, let’s give them an opportunity to clarify their doubts about who is stronger,” I say.
“B-But My Lord…”

Orkubo and Gobukichi anxiously look at me.
…Don’t worry; I have no intentions of making you have a head-on fight.

Since the idea is to satisfy the students, what’s the point if they’re not involved?

“That’s why, girls and boys…”

You’ll have a showdown with our farm’s powerhouses.

Suddenly, the class turned into a practical class.
In an open area of land that’s to be cultivated, a group of young humans, demons, and mermaids gather.

“Today, we have prepared this place for you to answer your questions,” I say to the crowd. “However, it’s hard to observe one’s strength as an onlooker. So, I’ve decided to give you a chance to see for yourselves how strong our farm’s elites are by taking them on!”

When I explained my intentions, the students booed.

“I’m going to dieee!”
“I wasn’t even interested in who’s stronger!!!”

Since they already know our farm’s general level, they tremble in fear of death.

Discussing who’s the strongest is fun, but it’s different when you’re part of it.
I guess that’s how it feels to them.

“It’s okay, I’ll tell them to go easy on you so that doesn’t happen…”

In fact, I think this kind of experience is important for a class. By experiencing the world’s strongest, they get a glimpse of its vastness, broaden their insights and develop compassion.

“Ahem, here’s the outline.”

The battle will be fought between all the students as a group and one farm representative.
Hearing this, the students were both relieved and confused.

“All versus one?”
“That’s not fair at all. Don’t you think you’re underestimating us?”

You think you can win if you all go at once?

“I’ve selected five representatives in total. You’ll be fighting five rounds.”

It’s a sham battle, so whether they win or lose, they get five rounds.

“Just so you know, Sensei, Veil, and Horkosfon aren’t among the five selected.”

It would’ve been too merciless of me if I had included them.


One of the students timidly raises their hand.
A question?

“Will you be fighting too, Lord Saint?”
“No, I’m just the moderator and referee. Five other people will be fighting you.”

Hearing my reply, the students suddenly burst into a loud cheer.

“Yes! Yes!!!”
“If the Legendary Class isn’t included, we might have a chance!”
“We might be able to win at least one game!” they optimistically say.

Without further ado, let’s introduce the first of the five representatives.
Former Aide to a Heavenly One in the Demon King’s Army—Belena.

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Pushyanth k
Pushyanth k
2 months ago

I think Spartan Goblin should definitely come after Brave Goblin in Gobukichi’s evolution……
Brave ~ Warrior
Spartan ~ Legatus……

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2 months ago

Would love to see the animated fight of this showdown. 😂😂

3 months ago

Next : Bella is very strong

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