C327: Dairy Goat Problems (Sequel)

“Soooooooooo good!!!”

I was offered some blue cheese, so I tried it.

And it’s delicious!

“What in the world is this?!”

This is completely different from the cheese I’ve had in my world!

It’s soft, puffy, and has a unique chewiness as if I’m biting into rare meat or sashimi.
Is this what they call raw cheese?!


This reminds me of something I heard before.
There are two types of cheese: processed and natural cheese.

Most of the cheese sold in supermarkets and convenience stores is processed cheese.
…So, does that mean this one’s natural cheese?!

“I didn’t know cheese could be this tasty!”
“What generous words! It was worth all our effort to make it!!!” says Panu, moved to tears.

The Japanese love eating raw food—raw fish, eggs, oyster, etc., so natural cheese suits their palate just right!

I never thought I’d be able to experience such a fantastic encounter by coming to a different world!

“Sorry to interrupt your happy moment, Saint, but it only gets better from here!” says Bacchus, offering me a glass of wine.

“Huh. Wine. No surprise there. I mean, you’re the god of alcohol…”
“Just try it with your cheese.”

But if I reek of alcohol in the daytime, Platy won’t let me hold Junior.

He must have a plan in mind, so I guess one glass won’t hurt…

As instructed, I take a bite of the cheese and then a sip of wine…

“This combooo!”

Is delicious!!!
It’s different from having them separately!
Their flavors complement each other, making it several folds more deliciousssss!

“Bacchus! I’m starting to believe you developed cheese in your search for a food that goes well with wine!”
“Hahaha! Indeed, indeed! Wine and cheese make the perfect combination.”

I feel like I’ve been enlightened.

I never knew that soft, raw cheese could taste this good.
But thinking about it now, melted cheese on pizza is also crazy delicious.

Maybe cheese does taste better the softer it gets?

“All right, we’ll have a taste too!”

Bacchus and Garra Rufa, who were instrumental in the raw cheese’s development, also tasted it.

“…Oh, it’s more pungent than normal cheese.”
“I added a lot of brine during the aging process so the mold inside wouldn’t overgrow,” says Garra Rufa, the one who added mold to the cheese.

“It gives the cheese a characteristic flavor thanks to the mold you synthesized.”
“Yes! It’s a magic blue mold that accelerates the aging process tenfold!”

Isn’t that too fast?
Though, I suppose that’s the norm around here.

Garra Rufa, a bacteria-loving mermaid, was burning with the desire to produce fermented foods when she first came here. Still, she eventually had to settle for working as our medic out of necessity.

But now that mermaid students have been serving in the infirmary for hands-on training recently, she now has some spare time to immerse herself in her bacterial research.

“Fermentation and aging are necessary for my brewing process. I’ll be needing your help more, Garra Rufa!”
“As you wish! Let’s make the best sake together, Lord Bacchus!”
“And some side dishes to go with it!”

The god and the witch exchange a firm handshake.

I, at this point in time, never imagined that their collaborative efforts would later lead to an astounding incident.

“What do you think, Lord Saint? Do you think everyone will like the cheese?” anxiously asks Panu, the spark that lit this fuse.

“The cheese itself tastes divine, and I have no complaints about it.”

Just that…
Do you really have to go this far to secure your position?

Everyone on the farm still needs satyr milk, and I don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon.
I would like them to produce milk with her mind at ease; maybe there’s an excellent way to convince her.


“Ah, there you are, Panu!”

My wife, Platy, shows up with Junior in her arms.

“…Hm? What’s up with this weird lineup? …And ew! It reeks of alcohol! Dear! I won’t let you touch Junior if you’re drunk!!!”

As expected, she’s prohibiting me from getting close to my son!

“Wait! I’m not drunk! I only had one glass!”
“We’ll talk more about this later. But for now, Panu, I’d like to ask you another favor…”

She has a favor to ask of Panu?
That’s rare. I wonder what it is?

“Ah, of course. Hold on…”

Saying this, Panu rolls up her top and exposes her ample breasts…

“Dear, don’t look!”

Platy blindfolds me.

It seems Panu is breastfeeding Junior, from what I can infer from cues other than visual.

“Wait, huh?”

Isn’t it the mother’s role to feed her baby?
So, shouldn’t it be Platy’s breasts?

“I’d like to feed Junior as long as I’m lactating, but I also have my bad days… That’s when I ask for Panu’s help!”

I can’t see because I’m blindfolded, but I’m pretty sure Junior has his mouth on Panu’s nipple and is sucking on it right now.

“Satyrs can produce milk at any time, making them the ideal substitute when a mother’s milk supply is low,” explains Bacchus. “Not only does it taste good, but it also gives great power to those who drink it— the best drink you could give to babies. In fact, I heard my father Zeus was also raised on the milk of some goat spirit when he was a baby.”

I don’t like the idea of following an evil god’s childhood diet, but…

“That’s it!”

I thought of a good idea while blindfolded.

“We’ll give Junior satyr milk. That’s a role only satyrs can perform!”

In other words, their raison d’etre!
They’re not going anywhere as long as they have this role!

“I see… We’ll be feeding Lord Saint’s precious son our milk! Now that’s something soymilk can’t do!!!”
“Yeah! That’s why you can keep staying with us!”

And so, we ended things on a good note.

The satyrs are thrilled to be recognized for their existence, and a new delicacy, blue cheese, was created.
All’s well that ends well!

“…Ah, but…”

Panu realizes something.

“When Junior grows up and starts consuming more than just milk, we’ll lose our purpose again, won’t we? …Please, Lady Platy! Give birth to a second child before that happens!!!”

Platy, bamboozled.

By the way…
Milk was feared to be declining in popularity with the rise of soymilk, but its production rate didn’t change as much.

Ultimately, the women who drank a lot of soymilk, hoping for effective results, hoped for the same from drinking satyr milk.

Well, there they have it. The satyrs don’t have to worry about anything since everyone still needs their milk.

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3 months ago

Milk ice-cream wouldn’t taste as good if it were made from soymilk, so there is still no better substitute for milk.

2 months ago
Reply to  Exfernal

Not only that, but milk has fats that soy milk doesn’t have so it can’t replace all cooking items.

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