C168: Large Public Bath: Flower Garden

I am one of the many elves working at Lord Saint’s farm, so I don’t think telling you my name is necessary.

My role today is only that of a storyteller, and storytellers don’t need self-assertion.
Lord Saint can’t be the storyteller this time, so I’ll be his substitute.

Because where I’m going from here is a sacred area not even he could enter.
I don’t think anyone will complain even if he steps in, but how should I say this… Lord Saint is a pretty reserved man.

Anyway, the realm that I, an unworthy replacement of the great saint, am about to enter and talk about…

The women’s bath.

The existence of the bath captivated the hearts of the women on the farm from the moment it was created.

It feels good, is good for your health, and also makes you beautiful.

They say that Lord Saint passionately told Lady Platy about it on countless occasions.

So, when the hot spring was completed, everyone was bursting with excitement.
Everyone wants to become even more beautiful than now, and I am also one of them.

However, the first bath that Lord Saint created was too small to accommodate all of us.

Still, he isn’t called great for nothing.
He immediately created a larger bath so that everyone could bathe without any problems.

That’s Lord Saint for you.
A nobleman.
That’s Lord Saint for you.
Worshiped and praised by everyone.

The new bath is divided into two main areas—one for men and another for women.

…Well, we need to draw a line, don’t we?

After all, we bathe naked.
Though some girls booed, saying, “Why won’t Lord Saint take a bath with us?”

…I’ll just say that I was a little disappointed as well.
But a storyteller shouldn’t be talking much about themselves.

I have no choice but to observe and talk about the women’s bath.

After another hard day at the workshop, I immediately headed for the large bathhouse with my friends.
When we entered the main entrance, there were two more entrances, and the one with the red curtain was the entrance to the women’s bath.

When we went through it, we saw other beautiful women had already gathered inside.

Elves, satyrs, earth spirits, demons, mermaids, humans, beautiful women of various races are all naked and in full bloom like flowers in a garden.

You think my way of describing those of the same sex is inappropriate?
How naïve. Just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I can’t be interested in naked women.

We elves have the same old ancestors as the demon race, which means that our skin color is as dark as theirs, like the color of a deeply roasted bean.
Point is, it’s dark.

However, now that satyrs have joined us, the percentage of light-colored skin has increased.
Therianthropes, including satyrs, are a race derived from the human race.
The dark skin of the demon race and the light skin of the human race together in the women’s changing room looks just like black-and-white patches.

White bum, black bum, white bum, black bum, white bum, white bum, black bum, black bum, black bum, white bum, black bum, white bum, white bum, white bum, black bum, white bum.

Like so.
I also added another one, a black bum.
My bum.

As such, the women’s bath is in harmony.

“So, this is the bathhouse they’ve been talking about!” says a lively person.

It was Miss Letasreit, the former princess of the human race. She’s always so boisterous about everything.

“This is where you can wash your body, relax and alleviate your fatigue! Follow me, Holly! I’ll give you a special tour!”

The one following her was the angel Horkosfon.
I’ve heard that she was the major contributor to the construction of this wonderful bath.

I wonder why the princess is being so high and mighty around her?

“It’s your first time taking a bath, isn’t it, Holly? I’ll show you how it’s done, so you can watch and learn the bath etiquette.”
“Roger, Letasreit.”

This is also the first time for the princess to take a bath, no doubt about it, but why is she so confident?

When they were both about to get into the bath after taking off their clothes, Miss Letasreit asked, “Hey, Holly, you have wings on your back, right? Is it okay for them to get wet in hot water?”

Oh, right.
As an angel, Miss Horkosfon has large wings spreading out from her back, which seems to hinder bathing.
Lord Saint said that angels always have wings, but it would be a problem even for the bathers around her with wings that big.
Leaving it as it is would…

“I have acknowledged your opinion. Letasreit, could you grab hold of my wings for me, please?”
“What? Like this?”
“Wings of Icarus deactivated. Mana supply terminated. All interface connections confirm failsafe mode. Dorsal flight mechanism can now be safely removed.”
“Huh?! Your wings are detachable?!”

I was also surprised.
I didn’t know they were detachable.

“You can place the wings just over there… All right, let’s take a bath, Letasreit.”

Now stripped bare, the two proceeded to the back where the bathhouse is.

This is no time to be dumbfounded.
I also need to take off my clothes and bathe as soon as possible.

I was about to step into the bathing area when I bumped into something huge and soft by the doorway.

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

It was Miss Panu, the leader of the satyr team.
Satyrs are half-goat, half-man, which is probably why they have strong limbs and splendid builds.

Miss Panu, in particular, has something even more splendid…
They’re almost a little… Intimidating…

“I was just about to leave. Baths make your body so soft and refreshed. It even removed the stiffness from my shoulders.”

It’s no wonder she’d have stiff shoulders with a body like that.

“Ah, that’s right. Lord Saint instructed us to place the milk we produce here,” says Miss Panu as she takes out something…

Not only one, but there are many bottles of milk with her!

The milk produced by the satyrs is a super high-quality product that is usually served to the great people of the human and demon races.
Just the fact that we can drink it daily shows how much of a paradise this farm is.

“Lord Saint told me that drinking milk after getting out of the water is good manners in the bath.”

Is that so!
Lord Saint really is well-informed!

“He also said that they’re better served chilled, so I put them in a small icebox Puffer made, and now they’re cold as ice. You can have a drink as well once you’re done,” and with that, Miss Panu walks past.

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1 year ago

Like so.
I also added another one, a black bum.
My bum.

These lines made my day…. 🤣
Thankyou for the chapter 👍

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
1 year ago

With Platy as number 1 waifu, does she allow concubines? She can’t be oblivious to the other females since she’s not a male MC.

1 year ago

I wonder if there will be variations of the chilled milk like melon milk, strawberry and chicomilk and of course milk coffee

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