C199: Batemy’s Return

Hey, it’s me again, Kidan.

Right now, I’m listening to Batemy’s story of her visit to the Demon Capital.

“How did the contest go?”

I was surprised to learn that the top tailoring brand rivaling Batemy was actually run by her family. Her older sister, I believe, was even bold enough to challenge her to a sewing contest.

Batemy returned to the farm after finishing her business there, which also means the contest is over. So, who did Lady Victory smile on in the end?

“There was no contest. It was canceled.”

Aw, come on. Seriously?
That’s what you tell us after getting our hopes up?

“It’s because the winner will have thread coming out of their butt as the prize! Is there even any point in winning if you’re getting something like a punishment in return?!”

Well, that’s just how a spider’s thread is.
I don’t think they spew thread from any place other than their rear. So, I’d say that Arachne’s argument was pretty reasonable.

Though I don’t think that’s enough to convince the sisters.
Especially in Batemy’s case, since she’ll be punished for sure by Mrs. Astres if she ever loses.

It’s hell if you win and still hell if you lose.
Naturally, no one would willingly partake in it.

“I… I thought family is family even if we were separated for a long time! Who in their right mind would want to compete against their beloved little sister?”
“Is that how you backed down from the challenge?”
“My sister seemed to feel the same way, and when we realized the stupidity of fighting each other, we embraced and rejoiced in our reunion once more.”

So, her sister knows her limits as well.
As expected of a family that has risen to become one of the leading companies in the industry.
Knowing how to swim with the tide is in their blood.

“What happened after that? Weren’t there still bumps in the road due to their uproar?”
“For the time being, it was agreed that they would no longer make unreasonable demands to Mr. Shax. The most important thing to them was that they want to stop rising brands from being outdone in marketshare…”

So, there’s no need to make an issue if they fully cooperate. I see.

“Personally, it all seemed like typical market competition to me, so why should I care about it? But I can’t just abandon my family, can I?”

What she said just now felt hypocritical to me, especially after hearing her story so far.

However, isn’t her life improving in so many ways ever since she came to our farm?

She was originally a member of the army but got ousted from it together with her boss because of her blunder.
I thought she was going to return to the army after Mrs. Astres’ comeback, but she perceived our needs and pursued her childhood dream of making clothes instead.
She even made progress with her long-time crush.

And this time, she was able to reunite with her family.

What a smooth sailing life she has.

It seems Batemy will continue to make clothes for us, so we can rest easy and keep relying on her.

“My Lord.”

As I was absorbed in my own thoughts, Orkubo arrived.
I wasn’t expecting to receive a report at this hour, so it must be some sort of emergency.

“We’ve captured a monster.”
“It’s some kind of rare species, so I thought I’d report it to you before we strangle it, My Lord…”

I didn’t know in what way it was rare, so I went to the scene to see things for myself.

There, indeed, was a never-before-seen creature restrained.

Expressing its appearance in words would be like this…

A female torso on the upper half of the body.
A spider on the lower half.

“Arachne?!” shouts Batemy in surprise.

Do you two know each other?

“She’s the elder spirit I was talking about earlier! The guardian of all tailors!”
“Batemy! I’ve been looking all over for you!” she says as she waves her hands while all her legs are held down by the Warrior Orcs, restraining the rest of her movement. “Help me! I’ve come all this way in pursuit of you, but now I’ve been captured by these brutal monsters! They’ll probably do something lewd to me just like in the human race’s legend!!!”

Of course, they’d beat up any suspicious-looking creature like her.
Our orcs and goblins are not to blame.

“You came after me, how? And why?!” asks Batemy, confused.

“Why, to find out about the fabric you use to sew, of course! You’re making that fabric here, aren’t you? It was genius of me to attach my thread to you!”

It seems the elder spirit Arachne was so enchanted by the adamantine silk she saw at the contest between Batemy and her sister that she wanted to see the production site.

Batemy kept her mouth shut the first time she was asked, so Arachne thought of a way around it.

“Well, it’s not like I can take you with me to Lord Saint’s farm, and it’s even worse if you’ll make thread come out of my butt as thanks for it!”

Arachne was able to locate this place by tracing the thread she had attached to Batemy.

“But how?! I teleported back here!”
“Elder spirits aren’t easily outdone by a simple spatial transfer, you know.”

That sounded a little conceited.
She’s still restrained by the orcs and goblins, though.

“Hey, since I’ve come this far, you’ll show it to me, won’t you? It doesn’t even have to be for free! I’ll reward you with my blessing and make sure that the finest threads come out of your butt!!!”
“I told you I don’t want it! You’re so persistent!!!”

As expected, even Batemy couldn’t help but lose her temper on a transcendent being.
Maybe it’s because she’s the guardian of all tailors that she’s extremely fond of textiles.

Elder spirits, also known as quasi-gods or lower-ranking gods.
I’m not really all that familiar with them, but I wonder where they lie in this world’s hierarchy?

“Oh? What an unusual guest we have here.”
“Ack! Sensei! You spooked me!”

Before I knew it, Sensei the Lifeless King had appeared.
He always creeps up on me without a sound that its enough to give me a heart attack.

“Elder spirits are considerably special beings, after all. We can feel their presence if they’re nearby.”

Even Veil’s here in her human form.

“I rushed here just in case, but it seems she doesn’t hold any malice.”
“Otherwise, I or this dried-bones geezer would’ve sent her flying in one hit. Hey, Spiderwoman.”

Arachne quivers upon hearing Veil call out to her.

“Master is the owner of this place. I won’t blow you up to bits and pieces unless Master allows it, but if you make one wrong move, it’s over for you. Think carefully before you act.”
“Y-Yes, ma’am!”

Arachne was as pitiful as a butterfly caught in a spider’s web.

“All right, now that that’s settled, time for a second round of nappy.”
“Perhaps I’ll soak myself in the hot spring on the way back.”

Veil and Sensei both leave the scene.

The only one left behind is Arachne shaking ever so slightly.

“Hey boy, I’ll let you in on a little secret.”
“If we elder spirits ever anger The World’s Two Greatest Calamities, the Dragon and the Lifeless King, we’re bound to lose! Make sure you don’t provoke them, okay?!”
“Is that so?”

I mean, she was already defeated and seized by Orkubo and the other monsters.
I guess that’s about the hierarchical standing of an elder spirit.

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1 year ago

Power Ranking

1) Gods
2) MC
3) Sensei, Dragon King, and Angels
4) Veil and the other dragons
5) MC’s Farm Occupants
6) Elder Spirits
7) Demon King plus spouses and Prince Arowana
8) Everyone else

1 year ago

Wonder what will happen if she finds out that the farm staff is blessed by different gods😂

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
1 year ago

Wonder how Arachne will react finding out the thread she’s interested in coming from an evolved (I think they evolved) type of silkworm.

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