C217: The Taste of Unrefined Sake

I noticed that we have more breweries now.

Weren’t there only two of them?
What’s going on?
Am I hallucinating?!

“My Lord, have you received no report?” says Orkubo to me.

“Lord Bacchus requested us to build more buildings. He said that one wasn’t enough…”
“You guys built those?”
“It’s been a while since we’ve had any work done, so everyone was quite motivated!”

Before I knew it, the orcs have turned into construction junkies.

But Bacchus can’t just take advantage of the orcs’ desire to build to get what he wants.

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing?!”

I didn’t hesitate to barge my way into one of the three breweries.
However, Bacchus wasn’t there.

“Lord Bacchus is in the wine cellar right now.”
“Oh, I see, sorry!”

A Maiden of Bacchus told me to go to the cellar nearby.

“Hey! Bacchus, are you hereee?!”
“He went to the sake cellar just now.”
“Oops, sorry!”

I apologized to another Maiden of Bacchus.

“Are you here, Bacchus? You better be!!!”
“Lord Bacchus went to the beer cellar after remembering his business there.”
“Damn it!!!”

You’re moving around too much, Bacchus!
In the end, I changed my plan and decided to wait for him at one of the breweries. Surely enough, he showed up.

“Oh, Saint? What are you doing here?”
“Waiting for you!”

When I questioned him about building more breweries without my permission, Bacchus didn’t feel guilty and said, “I needed to do so to make a fixed amount of good alcohol. We must do everything we can to make good alcohol!!!”

Nothing matters more to this demigod than good alcohol.
…Oh well.

“Next time, please inform me about it first.”

And that was the end of the conversation.

“That aside, I’ve got sample products for you! I’d like you, the owner of the farm, to taste them!”

But the conversation switched to a new topic.

“What do you mean sample products?!”

You’ve only been on the farm for 2-3 months!
Alcohol is a beverage that takes years to make, so how could you have made trial products in this short period of time?!

Wait, I guess there are ways to shorten the production time in this world.

“So, what did you make?”
“Wine! Japanese sake! Beer! All sorts of things I want you to drink!!!”

Wow, okay, calm down.

Since I’m going to try all sorts of alcohol, I decided to taste them with everyone.

First, the wine.

We’ve been growing grapes in the dungeon orchard for some time now, and they finally came in handy for brewing wine.
Its rich sweetness and fruity taste, opposite to beer, are its selling points.

Bacchus the demigod has been wandering around the world spreading the word about alcohol, and it seems wine is his to go-to fruit alcohol so he made it easily without consulting me.

“Oh, this is delicious.”
“It’s sweet and easy to drink. I prefer it to beer.”
“Is it because of its main ingredient? I feel like it tastes better than the wine I drank back home…”
“Why of course, Lord Saint grew those grapes!”

As I expected, wine is very popular among the ladies.

It’s a big hit with Platy, the elves, and the satyrs.

There was a certain appeal to the sight of them sipping red wine from the wine glasses Team Poel hastily made.

Then we moved on to the next tasting.

“Japanese sake!” says Bacchus excitedly.

It’s the alcohol that he tried to recreate at my suggestion.

Sake is made from rice.
When I first instructed Garra Rufa to make alcohol on our farm, our rice wasn’t ready yet.
With Bacchus taking up residence on the farm, he has made incredible progress after taking on the challenge.

“This is the most painstaking brew that I made using a different method under Saint’s idea!”

It’s understandable that he’d be excited about this. He’s the god of alcohol.
The sample alcohol Bacchus made was a cloudy white doburoku.

It’s probably the first thing you’ll get when trying to brew sake—you boil rice until it becomes porridge-like and is then fermented into alcohol to produce cloudy doburoku.
The fermented rice remains in it, giving it a cloudy-white color.

It’s my first time drinking doburoku, but it tastes delicious.

My preconceived notion was that it was the same as amazake, a sweet half sake, but I was wrong. It tastes like actual alcohol.
As soon as I took a sip, I could feel the substantive texture of the white cloudiness and the mild alcohol taste unique to Japanese sake.

“This is magnificent Japanese sake.”
“All right!” cheers Bacchus after I gave his brew a passing grade.

He has put his heart and soul into brewing sake.

“You can make seishu if you filter out the murky part more. It’s a more refined version of it.”

I don’t mean to say that it’s better refined, but the cloudy part can be made into sake lees and used in various dishes.

“You can also distill it to make shochu. My dreams are growing wilder!”

Distilling sake to make shochu is a very rough way of saying it.
By distillation, I meant that stuff you learn in science class where you boil water so it produces steam, and then separate the water from its impurities.
The same process is used for alcohol. Distilled alcohol is made by separating water and alcohol to increase the alcohol content.

“Drinking all sorts of alcohol has made me want to drink distilled liquor too. Though I doubt we’ll be able to do that without an actual still…”

Let’s worry about that later.
While the ladies favored the wine, a certain group also favored the doburoku—the orcs and goblins.

“This is delicious.”
“It has a sweetness that soothes the bitterness of life.”
“Drinking this is making me reminisce on things.”
“Here, have another.”
“Thank you.”

The orcs and goblins are becoming manlier because of the alcohol!

Lastly, beer.

We already had beer for some time now, but after Garra Rufa’s brew, it was made by the orcs and goblins, and then officially transferred to Bacchus and his Maidens.
This is the first beer that they made.


We bump our steins filled with beer.


Beer tastes great too!

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4 months ago

They gotta make bourbon

Ortho Maleq
Ortho Maleq
1 year ago

Suddenly oktoberfest isekai version lol

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
1 year ago
Reply to  Ortho Maleq

Since it seems the orcs and goblins enjoy beer more than the ladies, wouldn’t it be Orctoberfest? xD

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