C230: Forbidden Food and the Completed Steel Boat

Ingredients needed:
Eggs from yoschamos, the chicken monsters we keep.
Vinegar made by Bacchus.
Olive oil manufactured by the orcs.
Lemons grown in the dungeon orchard.
Salt directly extracted from the sea.

It’s amazing how our farm has come to supply whatever we want now.
But now is not the time to get emotional.
We mix the above-mentioned ingredients together, and voila!

And then I add Poseidon’s favorite cod roe…
Mentai mayo!
I mixed some into a rice ball and offered it to Hephaestus’ altar.

“Hephaestus, I offer you a rice ball with a new ingredient. In exchange, please give me the blueprints for the steamboat… Or rather, the steam engine.”

Every time I offer a new rice ball to the rice ball-loving Hephaestus, he would give me blueprints for new machinery.
This is how I got the blueprints for the sewing machine before.
Since it’s an equal exchange, it doesn’t violate their rule of not giving man one too many ‘blessings.’

“You might think that it’s just a twist on the cod roe rice ball from before… But we just started pickling plums the other day, so I couldn’t find anything else that could be used as an ingredient. Once the steamboat is complete and we go to a wider area to fish, we’ll be able to get new ingredients like kelp and tuna. And most importantly, once we make bonito flakes, our main goal today, I can make a special rice ball!”

Bonito rice balls!!!

“In light of this, I beg of you to please give me the blueprints for the steamboat!”

A glaring light shines from the altar, and a few sheets of paper flutter in front of me.
The drawings on it are… a boat!

“Yes! He heard me!”

Now, we can build a steamboat!
Thank you, Hephaestus! I love you! You can expect more rice balls from me in the near future.


I notice a few light bulbs on the altar.
They’re not lit.
Were they always here? I don’t remember putting them here, though.

The Hephaestus Gauge?

So, for every new kind of rice ball I offer, one will light up and I can exchange it for the blueprint I want?
And that I should stop being modest and offer you all my rice balls?
I understand, but please stop communicating with me through my brain.

Well, this is how I was able to get the blueprints for the steamship.
But in exchange, I have created something preposterous—mayonnaise.

Should I really introduce mayonnaise to this world?
Ever since vinegar was made thanks to Bacchus’ efforts, I guessed that mayonnaise could be made as well.

But I couldn’t make up my mind to make it.
Why, you ask?
Because mayonnaise is a terrifying condiment!

It has a lot of calories and a severe addictive quality… almost like drugs!
Those who have become addicted to it will no longer feel satisfied unless they put it on everything they eat!!!

Mayonnaise on rice! Mayonnaise on even more mayonnaise!
We mustn’t produce mayoras whose favorite party trick is to chug mayonnaise!
Hence, I’ll keep the leftover mayonnaise in a safe place and never let anyone know it exists.

“So, this is your new dish, Master?”
“What are you making when you’re supposed to be building this steel boat of yours?”


They’ve already sniffed it out!
Platy and Veil discovered the mayonnaise immediately!
It’s like they have a special radar for my new creations!

“It looks like whipped cream, but it tastes totally different from it.”
“Let’s try putting some on the cucumber. Ooh, goody! Though I think it will go well with any kind of vegetable.”

There’s no turning back once you discover the versatility of mayonnaise!
You’re going to tread a never-ending mayonnaise road!

“Master, I have an idea.”
“How long have you been here, Horkosfon?!”
“Don’t you think this mayonnaise would match natto?”

I’ve heard that’s one way to eat it, but don’t be hasty!
I’ll make you some authentic sauce made with dried bonito flakes!

“Anyway, let’s rush making the steamboat.”

And then, ta-da.
We finished it after a month.

“Wasn’t that a little too fast?!”
“I always thought you were too good at making things, Dear. Normally, this would’ve taken others decades to finish through trial and error, but here you are, finishing it like it was nothing!”

It’s all thanks to the Hand of Supremacy I received from Hephaestus.
Also, Horkosfon and her equipment helped us with metalwork while Orkubo and his team went to the mountains to cut down the needed wood necessary for building the steel boat, so we were able to save a lot of time!
The completed boat has already been launched and is floating off the coast near our farm.

“It’s made of metal, but it’s really floating…”
“The same metal that goes clang, clang when struck!”

Orkubo, please go easy on bumping your fists together like that.
You’re the most powerful orc in the world right now, so even if the boat’s made of mana metal, your strength is enough to blow a hole in the hull.

“Is it also made of mana metal?!”
“How could you just liberally use such precious metal? Huh? This ship’s exterior is made of mana metal? All of it?! Do you have any idea how many swords you could’ve made with that?!”

When I told Sensei about the shipbuilding project, he was very enthusiastic and condensed the stagnant mana in his dungeon to produce a lot of mana metal.
He sure produces a lot when he gets in the groove.

“If the Dwarf King saw this, his soul would probably leave his body,” says Bacchus.

I’m glad to see that even an alcohol lover like him is also interested in the boat.

“We had to make it big this time because we needed to secure enough space for the steam engine as well as net fishing.”
“It’s harder to ignore the fact that you used so much mana metal to make it, though.”

Anyway, on to the main point—the steam engine!

…Come to think of it, Sensei came to me while we were working on it.

“I see, so the steam from the heat is used to generate the power? But burning coal is hard, wouldn’t the smoke make it dirty?” he says as he throws a glowing red rock into the hearth. “I have placed a fire magic crystal inside. Invoke magic into it, and it will generate high heat. It produces neither smoke nor soot, so it’s easier to handle than coal.”

The next thing I knew, the steamboat turned into a magic steamboat!

“What’s wrong with that?”
“A magic crystal made by the Lifeless King is a rare item that an elite adventurer would spend a lifetime searching for. Its exterior is made of mana metal. Moreover, a magic-powered ship is a super-military luxury item, of which there are only one or two in the Demon Kingdom…”

Oh well, at least we can do pelagic fishing now.
Are you ready?

Orc army, board the ship.
This time, I’ll also be on board to lead the fishing and catch the bonito counterpart of this world.

“Wow, this is going to be fun!”
“Platy? You’re coming with us?!”
“The sea is my territory, after all! Besides…”
“We can’t be separated from each other when we’re trying for a baby, now can we? Consistency is key!”

Platy, don’t tell me… You’re also planning to do it on the boat?

Err, we didn’t build this ship with that much regard for privacy, so the noise might be a nuisance to the orcs… you know?

…What’s this?!
We’re going to wrap up our fishing trip early and come back home right away!

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1 year ago

I guess it’s true what they say. That the reason people go fishing is to get away from the spouse for a bit, and drink beer.😂😂

1 year ago

I would have been like I’m sorry Honey, but you can’t come this time. Not if you’re going to get in between a man, his boat, and fishing. Lmao 😂

1 year ago

Mayonnaise on rice! ¬lt;- so if a japanese person, a fervent fanatic devout of everything that it’s rice that regards some (pretty yummy) western rice recipes as heresy, does this, it’s all right, but if I do it my sisters tell me to stop destroying perfectly good rice?
(Also, mayonaisse only needs either lemon or vinegar, Subaru from Re:Zero doesn’t like lemon mayonaisse that much, and japanese mayo is made with either rice vinegar or cider vinegar, only the yolks of the eggs, MSG and dome spices, which means that his mayo is not only overkill for the acid part, but also lacking in key flavouring ingredients.)

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
1 year ago
Reply to  jorgelotr

I’ve heard stories from a friend who worked at Subway when some people would come in and order mayo topped with a sandwich.

1 year ago

Priorities, the saint has em

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