C261: Mermaid Teaching Methods

We’ll be observing the lives of the mermaid students who have become our new residents.

After all, they’re here for their studies, a pattern different from usual.
What will they learn and gain at our farm?
As the farm owner, I’ll be observing them to satisfy my curiosity.

Our witches are the reason the mermaid students have decided to build a schoolhouse on our farm.
The Six Witches are the best potion compounders in the mermaid realm.
And to be taught by them is more fruitful than learning from any textbook or veteran teacher.

…But a specific group of people also refuse to admit this.
This is why our witches, who have become accustomed to living with us, will be most affected by their arrival.
Among them, the first person I’d like to start with is…

“Oh? Is it just me, or are there more people?” asks Puffer, the Witch of the Bitter Cold.

She returned after a long time and noticed the increase in mermaids.

“Discus, when did you become able to multiply? Were mermaids always capable of such magic?”
“That’s not it! There’s no way I could’ve multiplied myself, Sis!”

I wonder if this eccentric way of thinking is what makes them genius witches…
Puffer, along with Discus, her very first protégé, looks at the new students who have joined our farm.

“Haa… I never expected things to go this way while I was gone…”
“Aren’t you happy, Puffer? You’ve been wanting more helping hands for a long time,” I say.

The more people you have, the more you can leave the brewery in their hands and the longer you can stay with Prince Arowana.

There’s a reason as to why Puffer’s often out of the farm.
Prince Arowana, the heir to the throne of the Mermaid Kingdom, is currently on a terranean pilgrimage. Puffer is accompanying him.

Why, you ask?
Because she is in love with the prince.

To accompany the prince and work on the farm simultaneously, she has made a breakthrough and created a mermaid version of teleportation magic.
The more manpower we have here, the less often she has to return and the more time she can spend with Prince Arowana, so she must be extremely overjoyed right now.

“Well… On the other hand, if there are this many people now, there will inevitably have to be someone with a certain amount of responsibility to command them… This is going to be a tough one…”

Guess it didn’t turn out as she hoped.

…No, wait.
Isn’t there something odd with what she just said?
She’s a generally accepted outlaw. Is Puffer, whose raison d’etre is to oppose the regimen, saying she cares about the new group?!

“I’ve got a question for you!”

In my confusion, one of the new mermaid students lashes out at her.

“Puffer, Witch of the Bitter Cold! Why do you not use your wisdom for the greater good?!”
“I was taught at home and at school that magic used by mermaids is for the Mermaid Kingdom and merfolk’s benefit! However, you only want to use extraordinary magic for your own inquisitive intentions!”

Well, Puffer was indeed arrested for the dangerous research she was conducting.

“There is nothing to be learned from such a selfish person! I refuse to take lessons from you!”

This girl is probably from a self-righteous aristocratic family. That’s why she can’t stand Puffer’s outlawry.
But she’s a reckless girl, nonetheless.
I can’t help but think she’s dead in Puffer’s mind for saying something like that to her face.

I expected this poor girl would be blown away by Puffer’s magic potion, not knowing what hit her, but…
Instead, she just receives a passionate hug.

“You’re right.”

Her head is buried in Puffer’s chest.

“It’s true that I’ve been using my power only for myself. But I now realize that’s not good enough.”
“They say that you grow when teaching others. And by teaching you girls, I want to be reborn as a witch who is respected by others. Let’s do our best together, okay?”

Hey, outlaw, your fangs have gone dull!
What in the world happened to you?!

“Well… Think about it. If I’m going to be Mermaid Queen in the future, recklessly making enemies is a bad idea, right?”
“Mermaid Queen?!”

This story is escalating much faster than I anticipated!

“The wife mustn’t drag her husband down. This girl is a student of a prestigious school, so that makes her a future elite, right? Taming her doesn’t seem so bad.”

Something must have happened between her and Prince Arowana that resulted in this turbulent change…
What I have in front of me isn’t a quick-witted outlaw but a maiden in love who dreams of a happy family in the future.

“…Hey, Discus, are you okay? Weren’t you idolizing outlaw Puffer? Don’t you feel disillusioned?” I ask.
“It’s all right. I’ve had vague ideas of where Sis Puffer went occasionally…”
“I see…”

I suppose you would.
In fact, it wasn’t just occasional, but quite frequent.

“The power of love is incredible…”

And so, Puffer of the Six Witches is surprisingly the most enthusiastic about teaching and education.

Next, we’ll take a look at Lampeye.
An unfamiliar mermaid is already standing upright in front of her.

“My name is Crowntail from the Betta family!”

Well, I guess she must be one of the new mermaids who joined the branch school.
Judging by the way she speaks… she’s probably from a noble family or something.

“I deeply admire you, Master Lampeye, the Witch of Hellfire! I was born into a family of Fighting Fishes and am aiming to become an imperial guard in the future! To be able to see you in the flesh like this makes me tremble in great happiness!”
“You’re the one with the higher family status, so you don’t have to be so uptight and formal with me…” says Lampeye, puzzled.

As I thought, the Six Witches are very popular among the mermaids.

“Actually, I have something I want to apologize to you about, Master Lampeye!”
“An apology? But isn’t this our first meeting?”
“Affirmative! However, what I want to apologize for is not myself, but my relative’s misbehavior!”


“I beg of you to forgive my incompetent brother for tricking you!!!”


“My brother, Hendra Betta, was born into the family of the famous Fighting Fishes but ran away and became a rhetorician, a complete disgrace! Nonetheless, he had the gall to pay a visit to King Nagus and interfere in political affairs!”

That girl… Is Hendra’s sister?

“I heard that you were incarcerated for rebuking him with your fists, but I believe you weren’t wrong in the least! It was all my brother’s fault!”

Come to think of it, Hendra’s not here today.
He’d usually drop by even without official business just so he could flirt with Lampeye… Maybe it’s just poor timing?

“I told my foolish brother that I hated him right after the incident, so I hope you’ll let it pass for now! In the future, our family will do everything in our power to clear your name!”
“What’s past is past,” says Lampeye as she takes Crowntail’s hand and smiles kindly. “It’s the present that matters. Let’s talk more when you’re a little calmer. I have some of Lord Saint’s snacks with me too, if you want.”
“I-I’m honored, but… What am I supposed to talk about?”
“Tell me all about Hendra, his childhood, his hobbies, everything!”
“But why?!”

Lampeye, you’re going to be teaching the other students too, you know?

Thus, Lampeye and Crowntail leave the scene. Still, I think there would be chaos once Hendra visits again.

Last but not least, I hear some noise coming from the infirmary of Garra Rufa, the Witch of the Plague. As I listen in silence…


…such endless, choral chanting was the only thing I could hear.
I decided to leave them alone and walk past.

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lecora alzuras
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