C00: Character Introduction and Setting

Character Intro

Yuki Himemura, 17, M

The protagonist of this series. Bothered by his meager height of 150cm.
Has a face pretty enough to be mistaken for a female student at school.
Picks out masculine clothes, but he’s still often mistaken for a tomboy.
Works part-time during weekend mornings at a café and has been deemed as a weekend-limited mascot there.
Hair is styled into a bob. His mother told him that keeping it that way suited him best, and he accepted her words without question.

Yuka Shirahime (looks about 11)

Yuki Himemura’s VTuber persona.
Mama (Artist): Yuru Kakizaki
Yuki himself has never set her personality or anything, but she’s perceived as an energetic younger sister VTuber.
Hair color: White with light pink graduation from the bottom half.
Eye color: Light pink
Costume: An aesthetic black dress with a frilly neckpiece.
(Rigged so that the colors can be changed with a few modifications.)
Wears black boots and white tights.

Yuuto Sasaki

A friend of Yuki Himemura who has known him since elementary school.
A member of the track and field club and also good at academics, he’s popular among the girls.
He’s always been physically apt and has often helped Yuki in times of need.
One of the people Yuki trusts.

Kaoru Yusa/Yuru Kakizaki

Created and designed Yuka Shirahime, all the while thinking Yuki was a girl.
Her skills as an artist are definite, and she has a stable job. But since she wasn’t blessed with the opportunity to make a name for herself, she took Yuki’s commission as her chance and signed a contract with him, even if it meant decreasing her prices.
The seal to that contract was Yuki’s voice, apparently.
Likes cute things.
It was love at first sight with Yuki, but as neither of them knows where the other lives, she’s concerned that their relationship isn’t progressing much.
Thinking of appearing on Comiket.

Yura Yusa/Yura

Yuka Shirahime’s rigger and Kaoru Yusa’s younger sister.
When Kaoru showed her a picture of Yuki, she felt her heart skip a beat, but she hadn’t fallen for him as much as her sister had.
Likes cute things.

Hana Utsurogi/Fuwari Ukigumo

22 and single.
A seventh-gen talent of the major VTuber agency Imananji.
Good at games, even when compared to other talents in the agency.
Over 180 cm tall.
A prim and proper mature lady who looks gorgeous in long black hair.
Likes lolis and shotas.

Fuwari Ukigumo

Acts like a natural airhead who deliberately prolongs her sentence-enders.
Her streams have the potential to become chaotic when she sees cute girls and swoons for them.
Dressed in blue and white Japanese clothes.

Female Student A

A female classmate of Yuki and the person who started the cult of calling him Hime-kun (princess).
Sees Yuki as a younger sister.

Female Student B

A female classmate of Yuki with a secret desire to make him wear girl clothes.
Her goal is the cultural festival’s cosplay café.

Female Student C

A female classmate of Yuki who used to ship Yuki x Yuuto.
Was awakened to the preciousness of YuruYuka and decided to write a Yuru x Yuka book based on a rough description of Yuru’s appearance.
Allegedly the leader of some popular circle.

Glint of Schwartz

Only appears by name in the main story.
Has a polite demeanor that you would never guess from his chuunibyou-like name.
A first-gen talent and peacemaker of V Live, another major VTuber agency.

In his regular streams, he provides explanations of random facts and offers advice to his troubled listeners.
There’s a theory going on about how he’s a former mentalist.


Yotube Creator Name Protection System

A system that allows registered creators on Yotube to prove who they are when they watch other people’s streams.

Since verification is required, it is difficult to impersonate others. Registered creators can get their identities verified thanks to the screening process.

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