C292: The Ultimate Trial: Meeting the Family

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Paradise Island doesn’t only have beautiful nature but also multiple large and elegant estates.

“They’re used as guest houses to receive messengers from other nations,” explains Prince Arowana as we walk. “We had them prepared to the highest standards, lest we be looked down on. We hired dwarven carpenters from the land. They built all that you see.”

After walking for a while, we arrive at the largest and most luxurious building on the innermost part of the island.

“This is the royal family’s vacation home.”

In front of the house stand two people, a man and a woman, side by side.
They look like a middle-aged couple.
Don’t tell me, they’re…

“Mom! Dad!” says Platy, Junior in her arms.

I knew it, they’re the king and queen of the Mermaid Kingdom.

Platy walks into her mother’s arms.

“Oh my, Platy. You’re still a spoiled child even when you’re already a mother,” she says.
“This is our mother, Mermaid Queen Mahi,” explains Prince Arowana.

Since she’s Prince Arowana and Platy’s mother, she must be quite old, but she looks so young and beautiful that I find it hard to believe. It’s like she’s in her twenties at most. And with Platy beside her, they look more like close sisters than a mother and daughter.
However, she still exudes a grace befitting her age and seems more ladylike than Platy.

As for the other person…


The man over there is definitely Platy’s father, the Mermaid King, isn’t he?
He has the appearance and demeanor of a burly ruler, also appropriate for his age.

“Mermaid King Nagus…!” says Prince Arowana as he walks up to his father. “Father, I, Arowana, have returned from my pilgrimage.”

The Mermaid King punches Prince Arowana!

What for?!


But Prince Arowana takes his father’s iron fist head-on!
A rough impact. The ground beneath his feet cracks, but the prince doesn’t flinch even a moment!

“To think he’d intercept His Majesty’s Orca Punch…”
“Prince Arowana really has grown during his journey!”

Say the soldiers, butlers, and maids around us, astonished.

“Did you feel my improvement? Now, here’s mine!”


This time, Prince Arowana hits his father back!
His tightly clenched fist hits the Mermaid King’s chest!


The tremendous impact transformed into atmospheric pressure and bounced off in all directions.
Perhaps unable to withstand the force, the Mermaid King staggers back a step or two.

“…This is the first time I made you move a bit with my attack.”

The father and son hug each other tightly, reflecting upon the joy of their reunion.

But how come his father only ever says ‘ahem’?!


I, and everyone else with me, are dumbfounded at how bold the turn of events is, but then…


An even bolder development occurred.
Platy hurls an explosive potion at her father and brother.

“I told you to stop making a ruckus! You’ll wake Junior up!!!”

Er, the explosions you cause are noisier, though…

“Oh my, Platy. You really have become a mother. You care about your child more than anything now!”
“Look, Mom, this is my baby! She’s your first grandchild, right? Isn’t he adorable?”
“Oh my, I’m a grandmother now? That won’t do. I want to stay active.”
“Active in love. I still want to have more children with Darling.”

The royal mermaid family is deeeeep.

Well, I’m more or less a part of it, too, since I’m Platy’s husband…
But I don’t think I can keep up with them!

“Oh, yeah!”

Platy comes to me.

“Mom, Dad! This is my husband!!!”

Now, we’re going to start with the introductionssss?!

“Oh my.”
“Ahem, ahem.”

The time has finally come.
The once-in-a-lifetime event of greeting my wife’s parents (and it probably shouldn’t happen more than once) begins here!

“I’m so sorry.”

I start by getting down on my knees.

“I’m sorry I went ahead and married your daughter without your permission, and I’m sorry for showing myself this late…”
“Dear, you don’t have to apologize for that…”

No, I will still apologize.
I have nothing to lose for apologizing too much.

The venue has already shifted to the inside of the mansion, with all of us sitting on this long sofa.

“It’s alright, we heard our daughter ‘barged in,’ anyway. In fact, we are very grateful for marrying our troublesome child.”
“I understand her panic at that time because the situation was complicated by the reckless demands of the demons and humans. We welcomed the marriage offer itself, but it seems like it would’ve been difficult for our daughter to marry into another nation…”

The queen is talking about the controversy that led to Platy fleeing her home.
I also heard that both the Demon Kingdom and the Human Kingdom wanted to marry her after hearing about Platy’s genius.

“We only wanted our daughter to have a happy married life, so the fact that she chose to marry you is a blessing for us.”
“Fortunately, I can tell through various sources that you cherish her, and you even showed us the face of our grandchild. Divine punishment would be upon me if I asked for anything more than this.”
“She may be a handful…”
“But I hope you’ll love her…”

Please stop it with your ahems.

But I’m relieved to see that our first meeting is going smoothly.

“Now that the greetings are over, allow us to give you a full-fledged welcome. The whole nation would like to meet Platy’s husband, so please make your way to the Mermaid Kingdom.”

The Mermaid Kingdom?

Oh yeah, we’re at a guest house for receiving messengers.
Their nation is still a separate country altogether.

“Isn’t this amazing, Dear?” exclaims Platy joyfully. “No one other than merfolk has ever set foot in the Mermaid Kingdom! I think you’re the first in history!”
“Huh? They’ll also let us in, right?” interjects Veil, half-worried, half-displeased.
“Of course. Our daughter and son-in-law’s friends are also important guests. We welcome you all,” says Queen Mahi.

Thus, we proceed to the bottom of the sea, to the capital of the Mermaid Kingdom.

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6 months ago

I wonder if they have a potion for land dwellers to grow gills and a tail with a fin.

6 months ago

And his named should be Sébastien 😂😂

6 months ago


dicky satria
dicky satria
6 months ago

now they need a guide that sing “UNDER THE SEA” as a welcome

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