C294: End of the Coup

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I am Bilanbilan, a concerned citizen of the Mermaid Kingdom.

Right now, we’re facing an unprecedented crisis.

The Human-Demon War, which we thought would last forever, ended with the demons’ victory.
They’re probably seeking new enemies to experience more victory.

That’s where we merfolk come in.
It’s obvious that only our race has remained uninvolved in the war among the three most powerful races in the world.

If a war breaks out, we will suffer tremendous damage.
The worst thing that could happen is for history to repeat itself and be brought under the demons’ control, just like the human race.

We have to make desperate efforts to avoid this, but the foolish royalty won’t do anything but indulge in the peace they have.

This won’t do.

If those who have a duty to do so will not act, then I, who am genuinely concerned about my nation, must stand up and guide my brothers and sisters!

Therefore, I am the true hero of the Mermaid Kingdom!!!

All right.
The Patriotic Heroes have grown to a reasonable size.
Now, we can take concrete action and save the Mermaid Kingdom from its downfall.

The first and foremost thing we need to do is to strengthen our relationship with the Demon Kingdom—establish friendly relations with them, the conquerors of the land, and make it impossible for them to invade us.

I believe the most effective way to achieve this is through political marriage.
If the merprincess is married to the Demon King, the royal families of both nations will be related, and the bond between them will strengthen.

As a matter of fact, there has been talk about this before.
The Demon Kingdom offered to marry Princess Platy, the eldest daughter of the Mermaid King, but this matter was ultimately left undecided.

If only Princess Platy had been obedient and gotten married, we wouldn’t have had to worry about anything, and the Mermaid Kingdom would remain at peace.

But there is no use crying over spilled milk.
We must set our eyes on the future.

It’s not too late.
All we have to do is get Princess Platy married to the Demon King.

Then, the Demon Kingdom and the Mermaid Kingdom will become allies, and peace will last forever.

His Majesty, the Mermaid King Nagus, has other daughters. But Princess Platy, the alleged genius and most beautiful of them all, should be the perfect candidate.

However, Her Highness has fled and married a stranger.
I must do whatever I can to bring her back and marry her off to the Demon Kingdom.
Our entire group concentrated its efforts to look for the princess but to no avail.

Thankfully, good news knocked on our door—Princess Platy herself has returned to the Mermaid Kingdom!

This is the perfect opportunity!
We must secure the princess with our own hands and negotiate with the Demon Kingdom to establish their marriage!

That’s exactly what concerned citizens of the Mermaid Kingdom should do!

The day Princess Platy returns has come.

A crowd of spectators awaits her appearance in front of the main gate to the nation.
They’re peace-loving idiots who preach the royal family and have come to catch a glimpse of them.
Amidst the crowd, we, The Patriotic Heroes, are also mixed in.

“Okay, let’s go over the protocol, shall we?”

As the group leader, I say to my comrades, “Princess Platy will be coming in through the main gate soon. We’ll assault and abduct her.”

Then we will marry her off to the Demon Kingdom.

“There will be a fierce battle with the guards, but you must eliminate those obstacles and bring Princess Platy at all costs! The fate of the Mermaid Kingdom lies in this battle!”
“Um… Leader…” nervously asks one of my men. “Are you sure about this? We heard that the princess is married and now has a child. Isn’t she here to show her child to His Majesty?”
“What about it?”
“Um, wouldn’t it be a shame to separate her now from her own family?”

He’s bothered by the trifling matters.
This is why he’s just some grunt.

“Listen, Princess Platy is royalty.”
“Yes, sir…”
“And royalty must be sacrificed for the good of the nation.”

Risking their lives to save their nation from danger is the duty and the raison d’etre of royalty.

“One of these sacrifices is to marry herself into the Demon Kingdom. It is natural for the royal family to marry someone beneficial to the nation rather than someone they have a romantic interest in.”

If anything, it’s Princess Platy who’s being selfish.
We can think of this event as correcting that attitude.

“In fact, to ensure Princess Platy holds no ill feelings, you may slay her husband and child on the spot. That way, we’ll be able to marry her into the Demon Kingdom without a worry.”

All right, the princess is coming.
Don’t mess up now.
Once the main gate is open and we’ve confirmed her presence, we’ll execute our plan.

If this plan is successful, we will seize our nation’s political rule!

The main gate is open!
Someone’s coming!
Confirm their identity! If it’s the princess, hurry and…

It’s a prince.

Prince Arowana?!

Why is the prince who hasn’t been seen in public recently here?!

“I’m back, everybody! Prince Arowana has returned from his pilgrimage!”

The surrounding crowd cheers loudly.
We’re mixed among them, but this noise is just intolerable.

“I didn’t expect Prince Arowana to return now!”

During a national crisis, he carefreely went on a journey. It’s as if he cannot read the times.
If such a fool becomes the Mermaid King, it will be another national crisis in itself.

“My return must have surprised you all, but there’s someone I’d like to introduce. He is a good friend of mine and an important person in another nation…”


“It’s Lord Zedan, the Demon King!”

Huh? What?
There’s a powerful-looking demon standing next to Prince Arowana?
What’s more, he looks familiar…
Isn’t he the ruler of the Demon Kingdom, Demon King Zedan?

“I’ve already visited the Demon Capital and signed a peace treaty there during my pilgrimage. Now, the Demon King has also come to visit us!”
“Prince Arowana is an extraordinary hero! Regulating alongside him is the greatest blessing for both our nations!”

We, The Patriotic Heroes, know the Demon King’s face from portraits and other sources, as he will be our first negotiation partner.
So, he’s unmistakably the real deal.

Was Prince Arowana’s journey a guise to befriend the Demon King?!

Our objective was to marry Princess Platy into the Demon Kingdom to strengthen our relations with them, but the prince has already accomplished this!

What now?!

“There’s also someone else I would like to introduce you to!”
“A friend who has been instrumental in our mutual friendship! His name is…”

After Prince Arowana and the Demon King’s synchronized introduction, a third man comes out of the gate.
Just a plain, lanky man.

…But beside him is Princess Platy with a baby in her arms!

“Lord Saint is my sister’s husband and one of this world’s omnipotent beings!”
“Only under Lord Saint will there be peace between our nations!”

The Demon King and Prince Arowana talk in succession.

“What would you do if a group of people wanted to harm Lord Saint, Demon King?”

In response to Prince Arowana’s question, the Demon King pauses and says…

“We’ll destroy them.”
“Agreed. Lord Saint is my brother-in-law now. Anyone who tries to harm him and his family also becomes the Mermaid Kingdom’s enemy.”

Are they perhaps…
Referring to us?

Do they know about our plan?!

“Rebel Bilanbilan.”

Someone suddenly called out to me from behind.
Who was that?

It’s Hendra of the Betta Family?!
He even brought guards with him!

“It’s already been exposed that you rioters calling yourselves the Patriotic Heroes are planning to attack the princess. Now be still and turn yourselves in.”
“You… You controversialist bastard!”
“You’ve seen it yourselves. Prince Arowana has taken care of all of your worries. The new Mermaid Kingdom ruled by the prince has no need for imbeciles who can’t trust their ruler!”


“Guards, seize every last one of them!”

Why are you arresting me? Why are you treating me like a criminal?!
I’m concerned about the Mermaid Kingdom’s future! It’s for my own nation!

Stop it!
Don’t gag me!


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6 months ago

Even the Mermaid Kingdom has domestic terrorists smh lol

Angel Sanchez
Angel Sanchez
6 months ago

Vrus you should check your home page for laptop it crashes when someone enters that why you don’t have visits

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