C344: A Dungeon’s Value

Silver Wolf’s adventurer lessons are still going on.

This S-class adventurer’s wisdom and attentiveness in dungeon survival is nothing short of impressive.
…And so is his astonishment.

“Why and how are there so many mana metal ore?! Did you know they’re only mineable in five-star cave dungeons?! Even a piece the size of your thumb is enough to provide for your needs for the rest of your lifeeeeeeee!!!”

Oh yeah, even Pops Edward said something like that.
The problem with him is that he kills himself over and over from the extreme shock, though…

“Since we’re already here, let’s go mine some.”

Under my orders, the orcs dig out the ore with their pickaxes.

“Seriously? Just like that?!”

Silver Wolf is even more surprised by the sequence of events.

“Sensei told us we’re free to dig up any mana metal we find since they spawn everywhere.”
“They what?! That’s ridiculous. Mana metal takes a hundred years to crystallize!”

I see new ones popping up every day, though?

Maybe Sensei’s presence has some kind of effect on their growth?

“Ah, I should quit spacing out. There’s another monster again.”
“What?! Everyone, get behind me! I’ll teach you how to deal with a monster raid!” says Silver Wolf, turning his back to the students.

I thought it was nice of him to act teacher-like, but his bravery immediately faded for some reason.


He confirms the monster’s appearance rushing toward him.

“Is that what I think it is?!”

A lump of flesh as big as a walrus is charging at us, wading the ground at breakneck speed.
It has long, sword-like fangs on its upper jaw.

“That’s a super rare monster, Big Tusk! Is there anything this dungeon doesn’t have?!”
“You killed it in one hit?!”

As usual, the orcs make quick work.
The walrus monster’s head cracks open and dies, spasming.

“Seriously, what dungeon did we come to?! Big Tusks are so rare, you’d be lucky to meet one in your life!”
“Are they now? They’re pretty common here,” I reply.

“You’ll encounter one of them at least once here. Look,” I say, pointing at a group of giant walrus monsters approaching us.

“A swarm of rare monstersssssssssssssssss?!”
“Everyone, prepare to intercept!”

There were so many of them that I also had to take out Dreischwartz and join the fight.

I don’t know why those walruses are attacking in groups.
Was the first one just leading their attack?

The orcs and I struggled to intercept them, and before we knew it, the dead bodies had piled up into a mountain.

“Whew, finally…”
“This many Big Tusk bodies…” says Silver Wolf, trembling.

“Unfortunately, they’re not very utilizable. Their meat is mostly blubber…”
“What are you talking about? Big Tusk’s fangs are priceless! They can be made into various tools, and when ground into powder, they can cure any disease! That’s why it’s considered good luck to encounter them!!!”

I never thought this seemingly worthless monster had such a use.

“As expected of a first-class adventurer! You know a lot about a monster’s merit!”

It’s helpful for the students to learn what monster parts have what uses, and for us as well.

“Please pass on to us your wisdom on how to make the most out of monsters!”
“Um… Before that, you should know how abnormal this dungeon is…”
“Look, there’s another monster! Is there any way we can use them?”
“That’s another rare monsterrrrrrrr!!!”

And so, the S-class adventurer’s engaging lessons proceeded.

Then, we reached the deepest part, where Sensei is.

“Congratulations,” he applauds. “You made it to the bottom where I am! I knew you could do it! Bravo!”
“Sensei!” “We gave it our all, Sensei!”

The students rush to their teacher.
Honestly, they just followed us, so they didn’t really do anything special.

To the side, Silver Wolf squats, seemingly exhausted.

“…Um, are you okay? Was it that tiring?”
“I’m beat! But it’s not from walking or fighting! I’m mentally beat!!!”

Is that so…

“What the heck is this dungeon?! Rare materials and monsters spawning like crazy would cause an uproar in the adventuring community! This place is like a treasure trove!”
“Aw, you’re making me blush…” bashfully says Sensei.

So even his mummy-like face has the ability to blush, huh?

“If this dungeon is officially registered in the guild, how many star ratings will it get? The highest, five stars? No, it could even be six…”

Silver Wolf looks like he’s mumbling something.

“A six-star dungeon… Only Lord Alexander’s dungeon was rated as such so far. Originally, five stars were the pinnacle, but his was an exception because it surpassed all standards. But now, there’s a second!”
“Shucks, you flatter me…”

Sensei is all bashful again.

“Hey!” snaps Silver Wolf. “They won’t learn anything from this at all!”

Is he perhaps talking about the plan to have the students learn dungeon tactics?

“I mean, this dungeon is extraordinary in every way!

It’s filled with rare materials and teeming with rare monsters!”

“They’ll develop a twisted sense! If you think this is normal, try entering a common dungeon! You’ll be disappointed by the sheer difference! You cannot gain any dungeon knowledge here!!!”
“Er, um, I’m sorry…?”
“Truly sorry…!”

Even Sensei is apologizing with me.

I guess the best way to learn is to experience the standard.
I’ve only been to Sensei and Veil’s dungeons, so I didn’t know they were that unique!

“What should I do…? Should I report the existence of this dungeon to the guild? It seems like it’d cause a huge commotion if I did… But considering my duty as an adventurer, I…”

Silver Wolf is at his wits’ end.

“Especially you, Sensei! You’re causing a major problem!”

Suddenly, he directs his agitation at Sensei.

“I don’t think I have any shortcomings as a teacher… I’m doing everything I can to help my students!”
“It’s your kindness that’s the problem!”

Sensei is shocked by the unexpected reply.

“You’re kind, yes. It’s almost hard to believe you’re a Lifeless King. That’s why it’s a problem. The other Lifeless Kings are not as tolerant as you are! If anything, they’re brutal! Heartless!”
“I-I suppose so…”
“What if a student accustomed to your kindness takes it for granted and carelessly contacts another Lifeless King? They’ll die for sure! After all, being seen by a Lifeless King is synonymous with death for humanity!”

It was a harsh truth.
A Lifeless King is the most terrifying thing in the world, and its existence brings nothing but disaster.
It’s easy to forget that’s how it is because the Sensei we know is so friendly and open-minded.


Before I knew it, Veil was behind Silver Wolf.

“I don’t like how you keep praising that pseudo-corpse. Don’t forget that the farm also has my dungeon!”
“Huh? Um…”
“I’ll show you my dungeon, and you’ll give it a higher rating than that corpse! Let’s get going!”
“What? Um, excuse me-!”

She then grabs Silver Wolf and darts away.

“I… I can’t believe I’ve forgotten!” says Sensei in disbelief. “A Lifeless King is a fearsome being. Encountering one is tantamount to death. If I numb my students to such basic knowledge, I put them at risk of death!”

You’re taking this too seriously, Sensei. Relax.

“We need to hurry and schedule a class.”
“A class?”
“A class that teaches a Lifeless King’s horror. We should have another extracurricular class for that.”
“An extracurricular class on what?”
“On observing another Lifeless King.”

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1 month ago

Sensi, Kidan, don’t. The only thing you’ll get out of it is another quirky resident.

Dicky Satria
Dicky Satria
1 month ago

time to raid other lifeless king dungeon

1 month ago
Reply to  Dicky Satria

They are not raiding….. just observing……
Don’t make the author get some extreme SS ideas……

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