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IBV C13: 2000 Subscribers Special Live Stream (Second Half)

“Kon-fuwarinnnn, guysss.”
Fuwari Ukigumo, who started collaborating with Yuka Shirahime, greets everyone as usual.




[Awawawa, I know I said I’m fine with it, but to think we’re actually having a collab right now…]

yuka-chan looks happy

All is well as long as Yuka-chan is happy

tfw theres all sorts of things going on right now, but that’s the one thing she can’t wrap her head around on

I mean, collabing with fuwa-chan is awesome in itself

i call it an achievement

“Ufufu, you’re soooo cuteee. Can you try calling me onee-chan?”

[U-Um, I think I can at least do that much…]

Oh, I’m definitely dead

i have a feeling a lot of people will die from collateral damage

i might as well say i died at this point

‘onee-chan’ hits me in my meow meow

Yuru Kakizaki: M-Me… Me too…

Mama Yuru’s pre affected too lol


Yuru Kakizaki:




lmfaooo did she really just let out that voice

and just like that, mama yuru also died…

everyones dropping dead like flies…

“I can’t… I can’t handle this…”


If it were me, I’d be dead.


count me dead

Yuru Kakizaki: Tell me when I get to collab too!!!!!!

Mama Yuru…

I thought she was a calm and collected girl…?

[A-All right, let’s leave Fuwari-oneechan alone for now and start Mustache-o Kart, okay?]

Talk about brutal lol

some beast she is

bet fuwa-chan won’t be able to do it seriously xDD

there’s a fight we can’t lose here.

I wanna be called onee-chan too!

everyone’s tainted by evil passions

cant be helped can it

“Uuuph…I want you to say other things, so I’ll do my besttt.”

shes alive again

that’s admirable, but i cant lose to a rival sooo

‘ight, let’s do this!

I’m not that good, but I’ll try my best

[Alrighty, I’m connecting to the server!
It can hold up to 48 people, so even if you’re lurking, feel free to join in!]

[Next, let me explain the rules. We’ll divide the 48 players into 4 teams, and the top 3 players from each team will form another team. The first team to have the top player wins!]

got it

it seems like there’s gonna be a big difference in skill

alright, I’m ready

I’m ready too


[It looks like everyone’s here! Let’s get started!]
After she gave the starting signal, her screen changed, and the game screen appeared.

The first match is between Yuru Kakizaki and the Lis-niis and -nees.

—Yuru Kakizaki’s POV—

“Ugh, of all the stages, we got this one…”
As she mutters to herself, the words Mustache-o Jr. Circuit appear before her.

“This course tests your skill… I have no other choice but to do this…”
With determination, she waits for the start signal.

“That way!”
She presses the button and charges ahead at full strength.

Three other players also followed suit, but she focused on aiming for the top 3 without worrying about them.

“I’m off to a good start… I’m pretty sure I’m showing my best performance ever…”
She’s actually avoiding the shells thrown by her rivals with great concentration.

Then, on the final lap, a Red Shell closes in on her, with no item to counter it back.

“Oh no! I need to get that item block!”
At the moment when everyone thought she was going to get hit, a miracle happened.
“(A Green Shell!? I gotta throw it behind me!)”
She managed to input the command to throw the Green Shell she had just picked up in that split second, and it saved her by barely dodging the Red Shell.

She succeeded in finishing in the top 3 by a narrow margin.

The next match was between the listeners, but it got pretty rough due to the luck-based map.
Even the seasoned Mustache-o Kart players said that stage was impossible.

—Fuwari Ukigumo’s POV—

The next matchup is between Fuwari Ukigumo and the Lis-niis and Lis-nees.

“Fufufu, I won’t loseeee.”
She charges ahead from the beginning of the race like it’s the most natural thing to her.

fuwa-chan’s too good


there are a lot of hardcore Fuwamins, so…

I’m starna feel uneasy

I thought I considered myself hardcore too, but is this what they mean by frog in the well?

lmao im being beaten up good

im being eaten alive xD

i-it was a miss, ok?!

And then, in the middle of the race, things started to get interesting.

hey! the hell’s up with the items held by the racers at the back?!

wtf is this lmfaoooooo

It’s too chaotic LOL


I can’t help but laugh

All the items held by racers ranked 9th or lower suddenly turned into game-changing items.

Spiny Shells, Lightning Bolts, B*llet Bills, you name it.

And, Fuwari Ukigumo is in first place.

“Oh no!”

its all ogre now


“Justttt kidding!”
Just as the Spiny Shell was about to hit her, she used a Speed Mushroom and flawlessly dodged it.

Then, a Lightning Bolt came next, but there was no stopping her now.

“Alright, first place!”

Congrats, fuwa-channn

that high-level technique that only has a 1% success rate or something was insane

the last part sent shivers down my spine

that last move was some sick pro-gamer move

—Yuka Shirahime’s POV—

[Wait, what would happen if I’m the one who got first place?]

oh yea

I never really considered that either

but it would be different if you didn’t participate

Maybe ask fuwa-chan to say something you’ve always wanted her to say?

I think shell do that even without yuka asking her to.

“Of course, I’ll say aaaanything you want. I’m your onee-chan, after all.”

Yuru Kakizaki: Guilty.

yep guilty


we’re all yuka-chans onii-chans and onee-chans. you know? All of us.

dude… you deserve the nobel peace prize…

i see… all of us are her onii-chans and onee-chans…

it almost sounds philosophical

[Ahaha, in that case, I might ask for something if I win!]

“Good luck, Yuka-channnn!”

u got this!



[Alright, let’s go to the last qualifying round!]
This course also tests your true skills: the Mustache-o Circuit.
Unlike the Mustache-o Jr. Circuit, this one is longer and takes three laps.
There are quite a lot of curves on this course, so it’s safe to say that whoever can maneuver through them will win the race.

“The start dash should be easy!”
Yuka Shirahime also had a great start and entered the leading group.

She maintained her third-place position while keeping her distance from the second-place racer as she entered the final lap.

But then, just before the finish line, a rival using a Golden Mushroom caught up from behind.

[(Is this the right time to use it?)]
She enters a difficult shortcut that can only be passed using a Speed Mushroom.

[I’ll jump over this bump and use the mushroom at the highest point…! Please let me make itttttt!]

oh damn

is she planning to win by using that dicey shortcut?

Hol up

She might be able to make it! Go go!

And with that momentum, she surpassed even first place and won the race.

that bold move was both thrilling and admirable

u were so cool yuka-chan!

seeing her get all excited was exciting for me too…

For real, man

First-time viewer here. Why is Fuwa-chan doing a collab with someone from outside Imananji? (confused)

o, welcome first-time viewer.

Youre wondering why fuwa-chan is here? Look at the host streamer, and you’ll understand.

Host streamer? …Oh /realizes

[Hehe! I’m not someone to be thrown away either!]

if you were thrown away, someone would pick you up at lightning speed

Yuru Kakizaki: Where should I go to pick you up?

Mama yuru chill

I understand how she feels

Whats up with this stream? (confused)

“It’s quite difficult to pull off that move.”

[I was so nervous, but I’m glad I succeeded!]

[But honestly, Fuwari-oneechan’s spikes gave me goosebumps…]

“Aww, you flatter meee.”

wish that were me

im jelly

Being told that onee-chan is amazing while being petted sounds like a dream

just imagining it envelops me in a sense of happiness.

some smart thinking that is

[Well, time is running out, so let’s go to the final race! Are Lis-niis, Lis-nees, Fuwari-oneechan, and Mama Yuru ready?]

Yuru Kakizaki: Ready whenever.

let’s goooooo!

I’ll win!!!!

i won’t lose either!!!

Let’s do thisssss!!!!!!!!!1!!1

I can’t lose as a hardcore player

the problem is the stage, though…

I doubt the game would come up with a stage that’s too weird now

bruh. don’t jinx us

“Oh no.”

The final race was on Rainbow Road, a course with a very high elimination rate.



I’m sure I’m going to fall (confident

there are gonna be lots of dropouts here

[W-Well, let’s regain our composure, the race is starting!]
“Yeahh. Let’s do our besttt.”

And the final race began.
Everyone succeeded in the start dash.

Ayo everyone managed to land a clean start dash lool

dahell lmaooooooo

the level is way too high xD

They enter the first obstacle with a sharp curve and no wall.
Some carts collided on the outside and inside, and players started falling.

[Ah, that was close!]

“I’m not giving first place to anyoneeee!”

Everyone started crashing and falling, and before they knew it, the frontline was down to five people.

[Urk, I’m in fourth place…]

“If I keep up this pace…hehehe.”

Then, as they entered the final lap, at the exact moment when the five of them jumped off the ramp, a Lightning Bolt struck.




uh oh…

they all fell…

All five of them fell into the abyss.

When they respawned, they had fallen behind two other racers and had to catch up quickly.

They also got a Speed Mushroom as a last resort.

Then, halfway through the final lap, Mama Yuru and Fuwari-oneechan went all out.

“There’s no way I’m gonna loseeeeeee!!!”

They had to run through the ultimate shortcut, where they had to thread the needle through the gaps in the fall detection system rather than relying on their success rate.

This is a joke of a shortcut that is usually useless in a real race.

Both of them head toward the shortcut at the same time, aiming straight for the goal.

nah, there’s no way they’ll make it

they’ll probably just respawn in the middle of the track

you can do it, fuwa-channn!

you got this, mama yuruuu!

And the two of them perfectly crossed the goal line together.

The system doesn’t recognize a tie, but their times were the same down to the decimal.

no friggin wayyyyyy lolololololol

that’s just crazy XDDD

faaaaaaaaaa xD

what is wrong with this stream??

¡ay, caramba!

Brooooo lmfaooo

there’s too much info to process

weve even got kaigai-nikis now?


“No way, did I actually do it…? This is the first time this has happened to me…”

Yuru Kakizaki: It’s a complete tie.

for real, the system says 1st and 2nd place, but this is legit a tie.

yuka-chan definitely didn’t see this coming.

[Um, so, what should we do? Do either of you have anything you want to say?]

Yuru Kakizaki: Say I love you onee-chan.
“I’ll go with that too…”

damn, staying true to your desires, that’s what’s up

But hey, its fine this way

at least there are two people who will definitely get hit by friendly fire.

noo I’m not ready to die yet

I’m prolly gonna die too

[Oh! That’s right! I almost forgot, I have something good! Hold on a sec!]


oooooh, what is it?

mic ded?

Seems like it.

what’s going on?

Yuru Kakizaki: I wonder what happened.

“I don’t know eitherrrr.”

Then, the sound of the mic rustling returned.
And it was heard from the right ear.

o damn

stop it, were gonna die

Why does she have that…

well, it’s true that it’s gotten cheaper lately, but it still costs a hundred thousand yen.



Yuru Kakizaki: Fuwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

“M-My ears…. fwaaaaaaaaah!”

Yuru Kakizaki: T-This is bad! Not good!

[Thanks for playing with me today, onee-chans. ♪ I love you. ♪]


Yuru Kakizaki: A… Ah…

i-i thought I was gonna die…

binaural mics are cheating…

my ears are all tingly


I can’t take this… anymore… Thanks for everything, everyone…

Are you guys gonna die or something?


Its not ur fault yuka-chan

but at the same time it kinda is

Is there even an onee-chan out there who can even withstand that?

[Both of you did it this time, so I went with onee-chan… U-Um, anyway, so if my monetization gets approved, I’ll do a commemorative stream on Saturday night! Even if the channel doesn’t get monetized, I’ll still stream on that day!]

[Well then, good night, Lis-niis and Lis-nees!]

Thanks for the streamm




And so, the second stream came to an end.
With at least four casualties in tow.

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