C16: Let’s Take Our Measurements for the Costume!

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After finishing the stream and taking a relaxing bath, I received an email.

Subject: Regarding the Cosplay Costume

Message: About the cosplay costume I mentioned… The company that makes the costumes wants to take your measurements, so I was wondering if you’re okay with that?
They said they could take the measurements in Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, or Fukuoka.

Of course, I won’t force you to do anything, but if you’re free, could we do it next weekend?
If you live nearby, I can pick you up, but could you let me know which area you live in?

I replied to Kaoru-san that I live in Nagoya and can go there.

Come to think of it, I have no idea where she lives.

“Ah, I got a reply already.”
I was working on finishing my commissions after Yuki’s stream.

“He said he can go to Nagoya? Wait, Nagoya?!”
To tell you the truth, I currently live in Nagoya.

“Ahh, this feels like destinyyy!”
I couldn’t concentrate on my work anymore and hurriedly replied to his message.

As I was changing into my pajamas, I received another reply from Kaoru-san.

Subject: Re: Re: Regarding the Cosplay Costume

Message: What a coincidence; I’m also in Nagoya.
I have to deliver the costume details on the weekend, so why don’t we go together?

If you wait for me at Nagoya Station, I’ll pick you up by car.

It turned out that Kaoru-san also lived in Nagoya, and she even offered to pick me up.

I felt bad about it, so I told her I could make my way there. She quickly replied again.

Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Regarding the Cosplay Costume

Message: It’s no problem at all.
I’ll be in the area anyway, so leave it to me, okay?

Declining her offer even when she was this willing would be rude, so we decided to go together in the end.

I was on top of the world after successfully convincing Yuki-kun.

Now all that’s left is to wait for the promised day.
I’ll work hard to finish any remaining work and look forward to that day.

When Saturday came, I waited for Kaoru-san at Nagoya Station.

After sending a photo of my clothes and standing absentmindedly in front of a Silver Clock…
“Excuse me, are you Yuki-kun?”

I turn my face towards the voice and see a beautiful woman with dark-ish milk tea beige long hair.

“U-Um, yes.”
“I’m glad we were able to meet safely.
Shall we go? My car’s in the parking lot.”

Swept by the flow of events, I got into Kaoru-san’s car.

“So, um, sorry we’re doing this inside the car, but once again, I’m Kaoru Yusa, also known as Yuru Kakizaki online. It’s nice to finally meet you, Yuki-kun.”
“Y-Yes! Likewise! I’m Yuki Himemura. Naith to meet you too!”
Ah, I accidentally bit my tongue while talking. How embarrassing.

“! (Seriously, why is he so cute?!)”
“I-I’m sorry, I bit my tongue…”

“It’s okay. It’s normal to be nervous when meeting someone for the first time, right?”
“It’s still a little embarrassing. I’m already this old…”

“Don’t worry about it. Take it easy, okay?”
Thanks to her kind words, I started to calm down a bit.

“I’m feeling a little calmer now. Thank you!”
“Yeah, that’s good.”

After about 10 minutes in the car, we arrived at a large building.

“This is GloryCute, the clothing brand that will make your costumes, Yuki-kun.”
“I don’t really know much about women’s clothing…”

“Hahaha, that’s normal.
Okay. Let me just park the car in the parking lot over there.”

We parked in the parking lot next to the building and went inside.

“Hello, do you have an appointment?” the receptionist asks.

“Hello. Yes, my name is Kaoru Yusa, and I have an appointment at 3 pm today.”
Her ability to respond confidently to the receptionist made me realize she’s a full-fledged member of society.
Unlike her persona during my streams, she looks like someone you can rely on.

“Ms. Kaoru Yusa, yes? Okay, I’ve confirmed your appointment. Allow me to show you the way.”
“Thank you. Let’s go, Yuki-kun.”

The receptionist led us to the meeting room on the upper floor.

“Please wait here. The person in charge will be with you shortly.”
“Thank you.”
“Thank you!”

After about ten minutes, an elegant-looking tall man enters the room.

“OMG, Kaoru-chan, it’s been a whileee!”
“Yes, it has. You haven’t changed a bit, senpai.”
The man gave off an effeminate vibe.

“So, is this the person you were talking about?”
“Yes! Isn’t he cute?”

“Hmm… I see…”
The person stares at me.

“Boy, you’re really not pretending to be a different gender, are you?”
“N-No, I’m not.
Biologically, I’m a male.”

“I can’t believe this… Would you be interested in modeling?”
Kaoru-san interrupts.

“Oopsie, sorry about that. I have a habit of scouting people with potential…”
“Well, it’s not that I don’t understand how you feel.”
What did Kaoru-san’s words mean, I wonder.

“Aaanyway, our staff is ready, so we need you to move to the next room. What’s your name again?”
“It’s Yuki! Yuki Himemura!”

“Yuki-chan, huh? That’s a cute name.”
“T-Thank you?” I reply, unsure if I should thank him for the compliment.

“Well then, Yuki-chan, please follow the staff’s instructions, and it’ll be over quick.”
And so, I enter the room with the staff.

“Oh, you’re the client who has come to get their measurements taken? Come this way, and we’ll wrap this up in a jiffy, okay?”

The staff member quickly finished taking my measurements.

“Hey, you’re a boy, right? Are you interested in makeup, perhaps? We have plenty of cute clothes too!”
I was confused by the staff’s sudden offer.

—Yuru Kakizaki’s POV—

“Hey, Kaoru-chan.”
“What is it, senpai?”

“That boy, I wonder if he would become our model…?”
“I don’t think he would want to wear girl’s clothes and appear in a magazine.”
“I guess you’re right.”

“I really want to see him wearing cute clothes, though…”
He murmurs with a distant look in his eyes.

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Ortho maleq
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