C311: Bittersweet Sightseeing

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My name is Shabe!

A human adventurer! Whoo!!!
I’m still a novice, but I’ll make it big and become a top-ranking adventurer one day!

That’s why I’m looking for the Saint’s Farm!

If I can find this mysterious utopia, the hottest topic in the Adventurer’s Guild right now, my credits will soar high; not even dragon-slaying can compete!

Wealth, honor, and dreams lie there!
Let’s go!!!

Today, I’m at the Mountain of the Sacred White Maiden, said to be one of the best dungeons in the Human Kingdom.
People may wonder what its connection with the Saint’s Farm is.

…Nothing in particular, really.

Hey, don’t look at me! Looking for the Saint’s Farm is like finding a needle in a haystack!
It’s been almost a year since I started looking for it, but I haven’t found a single clue.

So today, I decided to change plans and stop by the best dungeon.

The Mountain of the Sacred White Maiden is, as the name suggests, a mountain dungeon.
And mountain dungeons usually have a dragon as the dungeon guardian.

This one also has its own, Lord Alexander, the Grauglintz Dragon.
He’s a peculiar dragon fond of humankind; that’s why he allows us to visit as we please.

Typically, entering such a dungeon would require high-ranking adventurers to be prepared to face death, but our safety is guaranteed here.
In addition, rare materials and monsters are more likely to appear.
The guardian welcoming adventurers and guaranteeing their safety means low risk and high return.

The dungeon’s so fine, the Adventurer’s Guild gave it six stars, a star above the standard range of one to five.

And now, I’m finally stepping into this fantastic place every adventurer is anxious to visit!
I feel like I’m taking my first steps as a top-notch adventurer!

At the Mountain of the Sacred White Maiden’s foot, an Adventurer’s Guild branch serves as a receptionist, where you get permission to enter the dungeon.
The surrounding area has inns and various stores to help you get ready.
There are also taverns for relaxation, gambling dens, and even theaters.

It’s so huge that you can almost call this a city.

I enter the guild, overwhelmed by how grand the best dungeon in the nation is.

Access to the dungeon is strictly restricted by the guild, and only adventurers approved by them are allowed to enter.
The first thing I did was show the adventurer’s license I got from my hometown to prove that I was a member.
Then, I filled out an application to enter the dungeon and signed a waiver that said the guild was not liable for any injuries incurred once I was in.
Next, I signed a military police clearance stating that I haven’t been involved in any crimes in the past few years and that I have carefully read through the dungeon’s commission policy.
Then, I filled out a short survey if I desired lodging and equipment assistance during my conquest…

This is too much of a hassle!

Why is the guild’s dungeon admission process this bothersome?!
I mean, I’ll still do it because I won’t be able to enter the dungeon otherwise, but come on!
Can’t they simplify things?!
The Human Kingdom was destroyed and ruled by the demons, so at least take this opportunity to reform!

After complaining throughout the entire procedure, I finally entered the finest dungeon in the Human Country, the Mountain of the Sacred White Maiden.

I’m actually pretty psyched.
They call this the best dungeon in the Human Kingdom, after all.

It’s nothing compared to the crappy one-star cave dungeon back at my place, both in scale and quality.

The monsters that spawn are also powerful, so I’m sure my level will go up if I keep fighting them.
I’ll be rewarded handsomely for the rare materials I can loot, too.

This dungeon is such a dream!

I bet the Saint’s Farm is precisely like this.
For now, let’s focus on conquering this dungeon.
To the entrance we go!

Is that a barricade?
There’s a sign in front that reads, “The Mountain of the Sacred White Maiden is currently under renovation. Entry is prohibited.”



I came all the way here, went through that troublesome procedure, only to be denied entry?!

Why didn’t they publicly announce this?!
If they had, I wouldn’t have bothered stopping here!!!

They did?

The adventurer’s guild branches across the former Human Kingdom were notified?
Only I didn’t know?

Guess I have no choice but to go back…

“Since you’ve already gone through the procedure, you can skip it the next time you come, so don’t be too disheartened,” says the receptionist politely.

I still didn’t feel happy about it, so I tried hitting on the receptionist, but she coldly rejected me.

…Damn it.

…Besides, what do they mean by remodeling the dungeon?

Aren’t they supposed to be natural?
Can they even remodel something naturally made?

…Ah, I guess they can.
The guardian is a dragon, after all.

I thought of taking a peek to see what exactly they’re trying to remodel, but I guess that’ll get me banned from dungeons and have my license revoked.

Still, I don’t want to leave without accomplishing something, so I’m going to the gambling house and gamble away my money.

A few weeks later…
I heard a rumor about the Mountain of the Holy White Maiden.

“Did you hear? Lord Alexander’s dungeon has been remodeled!” says a fellow adventurer to me.

So, the remodeling is finished?

“I heard it’s amazing! They’ve built an orchard inside it!!!”

An orchard?
You mean that place that grows fruits and stuff?

“Yeah, that’s a surprise in itself, but the fruits that grow there can’t be found anywhere else! And they taste great too! I heard veteran adventurers are going to target them!” he excitedly says.

…I see.
They added such a specialty during their remodeling.

Never be satisfied with the status quo; make improvements and reforms for better development, huh? I like that.

I have to learn a thing or two from them!
I will make improvements and reforms to develop, then reach the Saint’s Farm one day.

This isn’t the time to spend my days earning pocket money in one-star dungeons!
Damn it, if only I didn’t go to the gambling house and squander all my money to vent my frustration!

Later on, I discovered that the dungeon reopened the day after I left.

Why the lousy timing?!

Screw this! I’m going to turn my life around the moment I find this farm!!!

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Thank you for the chapter 👍

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Impatien only lead you to ruin.

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