C312: Dragon Coronation Ceremony

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It’s me again.
We have finished remodeling Alexander’s dungeon.

It was big and magnificent, as I’d expected from the dungeon of the strongest dragon.
It almost felt like we were invited to a palace.

Ultimately, we set up an orchard similar to the one in Veil’s dungeon.
It will have been worth our efforts if it becomes another landmark within his dungeon.

During those few days of remodeling, we got to know Alexander better.
Of course, other preparations were also underway, such as Ardheg’s coronation ceremony to officially enthrone him as Geyser Dragon.

Today, at long last, Ardheg will be officially inaugurated as the new Geyser Dragon.

“Oof… Does it really have to be me…?”

He still finds it hard to accept the reality.

The Geyser Dragon is the Dragon Emperor, the ruler of all dragons.

In their society, a fierce succession battle broke out over this position.
Amidst this, the original Geyser Dragon was overthrown by a particular dragon and his friends, and that was Ardheg.
That’s why he’s being forced by those around him that he’s worthy of being the new Geyser Dragon.

It’s strange how something everyone was contending for is now being pushed on one guy.

“It’s too much for me… I seriously think Brother Alexander or Sis Veil is more deserving of the title!”
“You know we’ve talked about that before. You’re so stubborn for a soon-to-be Dragon Emperor,” scolds Veil.

Ardheg, Veil, and the strongest dragon, Alexander, all in their human forms, are with us on the farm.
Apparently, the coronation will take place here.

“…Um,” I timidly interject. “Why is the coronation being held at our farm?”

It’s not that I find it a bother or anything, but I feel like there are more appropriate venues for a ceremony so grand.

I’ve been helping with the preparations, but this is just a farm, so it only feels like a house party at most.

“Erm… That’s because it’s easier for the guests to come,” replies Alexander.

But my doubt was quickly answered.

“Congratulations on becoming Dragon Emperor, Lord Ardheg!”

Prince Arowana has come all the way from the Mermaid Kingdom.

They once traveled together and are reuniting here?!

“I heard that you’re going to become a Dragon Emperor! I’m so proud as your former travel companion!”
“Lord Arowana? You came all the way here just to congratulate me?!”

They exchange a firm and vigorous handshake.

It’s not just Prince Arowana, but also Puffer, Hakkai, and Songokufon have arrived to celebrate their friend’s success.
…Let’s overlook that half of his companions are original farm residents just for today.

“Thank you, thank you all… To be honest, I feel reluctant because of the heavy responsibility I’ll be carrying. But I am sincerely overjoyed to be graced by your felicitations!”

He openly expresses his innermost feelings in the heat of the moment.

“But I can’t run away if I’ve got your support! I’ll do my best to be the Geyser Dragon!”
“That’s the spirit, Lord Ardheg!”
“I know you’re also working hard every day to become the Mermaid King, Lord Arowana! I, your friend, will rise to the same heights as you and become Dragon Archon!”

I wonder if the Mermaid King and Dragon Archon are considered to be on the same level?

No matter.
As long as they’re happy and satisfied.

“Hm! It seems the strategy of having your friends give you the last push went well,” says Alexander, nodding from the side.

Was all this perhaps… a trick by him to get Ardheg to make up his mind?
This strongest dragon also knows how to play tricks?

Well, now that Ardheg steeled his resolve at the last minute, no obstacle to the inauguration remains in the way.

“Anyway, let us begin the coronation ceremony to signify that Ardheg is the next Dragon Archon,” says the Crown Prince Dragon, severalfold stronger than Ardheg.

The new ruler will be officially crowned, but there are others who are stronger than him.
What kind of transformation will this unconventional situation bring to the dragon world?
Wait, that was how things were from the beginning. The previous Geyser Dragon Ardheg defeated was already no match for Alexander, in essence.

“But you know… it just occurred to me…” says Veil.

She, too, had lost interest in the position of Geyser Dragon long ago.

“How does one officially become the Geyser Dragon?”

I, Ardheg, and even Alexander tilt our heads.

“…Isn’t it simply a matter of whoever introduces themselves as such?”
“If so, we didn’t have to go through that exaggerated succession war. Don’t we need something extraordinary to become the new Geyser Dragon?”

For Veil, she makes a good point.
Something is needed to become the new Geyser Dragon.
But no one here knows what that is.

Why did they leave this question unanswered until this very moment? Today’s supposed to be coronation day!

“I don’t think anyone would care about the legitimate procedures anymore. Can’t he just claim the title for himself?”
“Huh? I somehow feel uncomfortable with that.”

Veil’s surprisingly methodological.
What now, then?
Postpone the coronation until a proper method is discovered?

“Mwahaha, someone seems troubled.”
“Who was that?!”

A stranger appeared.
It was a child, around ten years old, based on their stature.

“Uh, whose child is this?”

Getting to our farm is no small feat since it’s located in the middle of nowhere.
In other words, this isn’t a place for a child to wander into by any chance!

“Who are you?”

The calm mood of the coronation ceremony suddenly became tense.

The fact that he came to our farm on his own proves that he’s no ordinary person.
And since he looks like a child, it makes things even more puzzling.

“Hah, can’t you tell? I suppose it’s hard for a mere human with poor senses to see through the essence of someone as grand as me.”
“Wait, it can’t be…”

Alexander and Veil simultaneously express their thoughts.

The child’s true identity is…

“Well done. I suppose my own children do recognize my true identity,” says the child. “Yes. It is I, the true Dragon Archon, and the reigning Dragon Emperor, Al Gor, the Geyser Dragon!”

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4 months ago

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4 months ago

The Shota is Former Geyser Dragon.
Was it his actual human form a child or it was effect of dethrown by Ardheg & co.?

3 months ago
Reply to  Jack

I’m guessing maybe that’s the form he has now after losing some of his power. I know in most anime series that lack of power tends to revert ones physical form to be younger or they’re in a younger form to conserve their power.

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