C38: Preparing for the Shoot!

I have a sudden modeling part-time job today, but there’s still quite some time before the pick-up, so the three of us—Kaoru-san, Yura-san, and myself—went to a popular place nearby the hotel to have breakfast.

As we ate our sandwiches, we got a message to head over, so we returned to the hotel entrance.

“Phew… This is a proper photo shoot, not like the ones at Comiket. I’m a bit nervous…”
“Don’t worry; the staff will give you directions to a certain extent. As long as you listen to them, I don’t think you’ll make any major mistakes.”
“Thank you, I’ll do my best!”
Kaoru-san gave me some pointers, so I listened obediently.

After waiting a few minutes, a black car pulled up in front of the hotel.
“Sorry for the wait. My name is Miyano. I believe you’ve heard from the vice president, and I’ll be providing transportation to the shooting location. I look forward to working with you, even for a short time.”
A polite-spoken man came out of the car.

“We look forward to working with you, too.”
We all greet him in unison.

Then we moved on, heading to GloryCute’s headquarters to get the outfits.

When the car stopped, we got out and went inside the building.

Inside, the manager was waiting for us.

“Welcome, Yuki-chan, Kaoru-chan, and Yura-chan. Thank you for coming today.”
“Not at all! Besides, as a student, we can’t earn that kind of money easily. I’m rather grateful!”

“I might even jump at the chance for 50,000 yen,” says Yura-san, laughing.

“Well, as I told Kaoru-chan, we were really in a tight spot. The girl shooting with us today is one of our top models, so her schedule is packed.”
“I see. So that’s why you wanted to shoot, even if it meant finding a substitute!”

“That’s right. We don’t have much time to spare, so Yuki-chan, I’ll guide you to where you can put on the outfits.”

As I entered the room I was guided to, many clothes were prepared inside.
Inside, a woman was sitting in a chair, seemingly waiting for me.
“You’re the boy they mentioned, huh? Hmm, I have several images in mind. Could you stand over there for me?” she says, pointing at a large full-length mirror.

I respond and stand before the mirror.

“Hmm, it’s an autumn outfit that should match their sister, so…”
She mutters to herself, picking out clothes and hanging them on a rack beside me.

“This and this might be good…”
She continues to select more clothes while holding some up in front of me.

After some time, it seemed she was done selecting clothes, and quite a number of outfits were hanging next to me.

“Okay! This should be it.”
“Um, which one should I wear?”
I couldn’t help but ask her out of curiosity.

“Hmm, at worst, all of them?”

“For now, I’ll take these clothes. We’ll do your makeup before we go to the shooting location.”
She calls a woman in charge of makeup and takes the clothes somewhere.

“I’ll be doing your makeup next, okay?”
“Y-Yes, please go ahead!”

“Wow, your face is just like a girl’s. Your skin is so smooth!”
“I-Is that so…?”
I’ve never compared my skin with others, so I can’t tell.

“All right, let’s get started with your makeup.”
Her eyes became serious, and she started decorating my face with impressive skill.

“…And done.”
“Th-This is me… I’m still not used to this…”

“Hehe, it suits you very well.”
“Thank you.”
I’m grateful for the compliment, but I wonder if it’s okay for a guy to be like this… Maybe it’s pointless to think about it.

“Now, let’s move on to the next location. Please follow me.”
I follow the makeup artist and head to the lobby, where Kaoru-san and the others await.

“Sorry for the wait…”
I reunited with the manager, Kaoru-san, and Yura-san.

“Welcome back, Yuki-kun. You’re looking great as usual.”
“Yeah! You look great today!”
“You certainly stand out with makeup on…”

“Ehehe, thank you.”
Being praised doesn’t feel bad, but I still feel embarrassed.

A large car then takes us to the shooting venue.

“Huh? You’ve already found a replacement?” I ask, surprised.

“Yes, and they’re incredibly cute. I’ll send someone to pick you up tomorrow. I’m counting on you, sweetie.”
“Yes, understood!”

“Oh, if the shooting ends early, you can stay here until the last minute. You want to enjoy your summer break a little, right?”
“Huh? Is it okay? But what about the schedule…?”

“That’s if the shooting ends early!
I think you can handle it without any problems, Haruka-chan, so I’m not worried.”
“Th-Thank you very much!
I’ve always wanted to go to Akihabara…”

“Sounds like a plan, love. It’s one of the holy lands for otaku, right? I also want to go there. It’s been a while for me.”
“Huh? Are you an otaku too, Manager?”

“I’m a fan of cute things.
I have a lot of fancy goods at home and quite a few cute figures, too.”
“That’s… surprising.”

“I get that a lot…”

After the phone call with my manager ended, I decided to go to bed early to prepare for tomorrow.
Getting enough sleep is important for beauty.

Morning came, and after preparing, I headed to the headquarters to get my outfit and makeup done.
They divided the costumes between two studio vehicles this time, and I was stationed in one of them, waiting.

The girl I’m paired with for the shoot is also ready, so the car departed for the location.

I hope the shoot ends early so I can go to Akihabara.

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Thanks for the chapter.

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A Cup of Owls
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