C49: Comiket Throwback Stream! (First Half)

[Good evening, Lis-niis and Lis-nees! This is Yuka Shirahime♪]
As I give my usual greeting, many viewers respond.

been waiting for ya!

finally, this day has come…

Aaah, life is worth living again~

Yuru Kakizaki: Welcome back, Yuka-chan.

Yuru-mama casually shows up

it’s been a long week…

this is the moment I truly feel alive

hyahoo! our fresh yuka-chan!

Fuwari Ukigumo: Ahh… IRL was fun, but this is also comfortinggg

anddd there’s also fuwa-chan

Evening, yuka-chan! I went to comiket!

so did I! you were super cute!

[Yuru-mama, Fuwari-oneechan, and the onii-chans and onee-chans who came to see me in person, thank you!]

Ahh, I couldn’t go… I really wanted to buy the voice packs…

for real, screw those scalpers man

Scalpers are the worst…

ah, but none of it is your fault, yuka-chan!

[Hehehe, if you thought I had nothing planned, you’re mistaken!]


I sense a change in events

Could it be?


[Those voice packs… can still be purchased by any registered member on a certain fan club site!]


I can’t, need a credit card…


Thank you… Thank you…

arigathanks gozaimuch…

[It’ll be 550 yen, including tax, so if you don’t have it yet, please consider buying there!]


lissen, y’all better buy it!!

If you don’t, you’ll regret it to bits!

that much?

My heart stopped when I listened to it yknow

What a coincidence, mine did too.

mine stopped too


you’ll revive in the morning, so don’t worry


[No, I can’t keep selling the voice packs if it seriously makes your hearts stop!]

makes sense

ofc, that’s only natural

if anything, saying it’s a voice that can kill piques my interest

can’t deny that

Fuwari Ukigumo: I’ve died once, too, so please give it a listen, guysss

What’re you even saying, Fuwa-chan?

rip fuwa-chan

Yuru Kakizaki: Yeah, I think everyone will undoubtedly faint.

Mama Yuru too…? What kind of terrifying weapon is this voice pack…?


[What do you think my voice is?!]

a cute voice that hits you right in the kokoro

A precious and utterly adorable voice

Yuru Kakizaki: A voice so cute it’ll kill you.

Fuwari Ukigumo: An angel.

u n a n i m o u s l y c u t e v o i c e

But, she’s actually a dude.

Lis-nii of the World

An angelic voice

[Ehehe, it makes me happy to be praised. But it’s true that I’m a boy, okay? Oh, thank you for the Super Chat, Lis-nii of the World! But remember, you don’t have to overdo it.]

its making me anxious whether you’re really a guy, yuka-chan

Or maybe we’re the ones who aren’t really men?

huh. didn’t think of that

Then what exactly are we?

wow, things got pretty philosophical real quick

What’s a man, what’s a woman? I can’t tell anymore.

ayo calm down people

[Why has the conversation become so deep?!]

i wonder why

Yuru Kakizaki: Because the definition of gender was questioned…

Fuwari Ukigumo: Maybe I’m also a man all alonggg?


It’s over, everyone’s gone wacko from the very beginning of this stream…

[Things have gotten crazy…]

Can’t help it

a bit, yeah

[Anyway, today’s stream will be a little short, but I thought we’d look back at Comiket and have a few Marshmallows!]

blatant topic diversion. i see what u did there

well, it’s not like we were making any progress anw

I submitted some marshmallows, so I’d be glad if you ate them

me too!

[First, a quick review of Comiket! On the first day… I guess the first thing I can say is, it was unbearably hot and tiring? I was wearing a costume called Dark Alice at the time,] I say as I display the photo I took that day.

omgomg, so cuteeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Please step on me…

The fallen angel vibes… I cant get enough of it…

why didn’t I go… curse you, past me!!!!

the cos was cute

I saw it too, it was the cutest…

Same, same. it was so cute I honestly forgot you were a boy and got freaked out.

[Hehe, thank you, Lis-niis and Lis-nees♪]

yup cute

alr cute


damn cute.

Super cute

[Then I went to the cosplay plaza on the second day, and I was wearing this beautiful dress!] I say as I switch the image to a slideshow of photos from the second day.

oh! u took photos with other cosplayers!

Wait, is that mama yuru?

Yuru Kakizaki: Yes, the one in the black dress is me.

I thought so, mama yuru is a beauty too

seriously, YuruYuka is the truth of the world

hey, don’t forget about FuwaYuka

Fuwari Ukigumo: Can I take you away?!

hold your horses, shotacon

don’t “can I take you away?!” us lmao

shes a lost cause already…

[Haha, that’s so like Fuwari-oneechan.]

Don’t feel bad about scolding her, yuka-chan-san!

Everything she just said is definitely out of line, and yet… lololol

Y-Yuka-chan is so kind…

Fuwari Ukigumo: Is this what you call personal approval?

i don’t think you’re using it right???

More importantly, your tone!!!!!!

the shotacon forgets once again

[Let’s move on and go to the third day.]

Blatant topi-[REDACTED]

Alright, let’s-a go!

Every photo is precious…

I wish I was born a cosplayer

uh, you can become one now if you want

No bro, I meant my face. You know…

oh… sorry…

Getting consoled like that kinda hurts too…

a sensitive lis-nii you are, eh…

[Hey, Lis-nii. let me tell you something.
Makeup is amazing.]


srsly, you can definitely level up your appearance

Is there anything else I need?

courage, ig


[Yup, courage.]

You too, Yuka-chan?!

your first cosplay gets your heart pounding, y’know

i’ve done something similar before, twas embarrassing

[Anyway, let’s talk about the third day next!]






Yuru Kakizaki: Despite designing her myself, her destructive power is too much…

Fuwari Ukigumo: I saw this IRL, and it was to die forrrr

You were there too, fuwa-chan?!

shes the personification of action

[It was still super hot on the third day, but some people came from overseas. It was a great experience.]

oh, overseas otaku

They do exist in reality, you occasionally see them on Yotube

Such good smiles, everyone looks happy

I like that it’s a group photo, but there’s one weird Mobile Suit mixed in lololololol

boxdam XDDDDD

[Stop with the Boxdam! Just remembering it makes me laugh!]

that was so random of them LOL

just looking at it makes me rofl

Its face, arms, and legs are still human LMAOOO

My stomach hurts from laughing pfffff

[There you have it! That’s what Comiket was like!]

Looked fun.

I’ve never been to Comiket, but it makes me want to go


as someone who’s been, id suggest winter comiket to first-timers

Yeah, that’s some solid advice

Really? Maybe I’ll try my best to go to Winter Comiket then

The crowds are still there, so keep that in mind


[I’m planning to go to Winter Comiket too, so come and visit if you like!]

I’m definitely going

i’ll go even if it kills me

I’ll threaten my boss to go

if i don’t get time off, i’ll quit my job

[Aren’t you guys a little too desperate?!]

well… you know?

course we are

if anything, it’d be too corrupt of them if they don’t give a year-end break

huh? im in the service industry. you guys get breaks?????

thanks for always being there

d-don’t mention it…

[Keep working hard, onii-chans who work even during the end of the year. You can do it♪ You can do it♪]

I feel like I can do anything right now

i know the feeling

cant be helped

[Well then, it’s about time for the Marshmallow corner! But before that, let me have a little water!]


stay hydrated!

Yuru Kakizaki: Drink slowly, there’s no rush.

Fuwari Ukigumo: We’ll be waiting, so take your timeeee

we live in a kind world…

P.S. I hope you’re enjoying the story! I’ll be away until the 20th of August, so more chapters will come then!

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