C43: Consulting the VTuber I Respect?

After our shopping spree, we decided to grab some lunch while waiting for the results of the lottery.

The oppressive summer heat and our laziness to move around prompted us to choose one of the numerous eateries inside U*X.
The complex houses a variety of restaurants, offering a blend of Western, Eastern, and local cuisines.

“Senpai, what are you thinking of having?”
“Hmm… with so many options, it’s hard to decide.”

“I feel you. They all seem equally appetizing…”
“Well then, how about this?” she suggests, pointing to a signboard of a restaurant specializing in Western cuisine.

“Sounds great! They’ve recreated an old-fashioned Western restaurant… Omelet rice, hamburgers, everything must be delicious!”
“There’s even one with fried shrimp on top!”

“Ohh! That sounds tasty too…”
“Okay, let’s go before it gets crowded.”

We enjoyed a hearty meal thereafter.

For me, it was a plate laden with omelet rice, a hamburger, and fried shrimp.
Although the price was a bit steep, it was worth every yen!
Nothing beats having all your favorite foods in one dish!
The soft serve ice cream that I ordered alongside was also a bit pricey, but its rich flavor made it worth the expense.

Senpai ordered omelet rice in beef stew.
It looked delicious too, and I made a mental note to try it if I were to visit the place again.

We leave the restaurant after paying the bill.

We then return to the event space to check the results of the lottery.

“Ah, I won!”
“So have I! Who did you win, Senpai?”

“Hmm, it’s Uru-chan!”
“Uru-chan is nice! Good thing we bought merch earlier, huh, Senpai!”

“Yeah! What about you, Yuki-kun?”
“Glint of Schwartz!!!”

“His name sounds a bit chuunibyou-like… But you said you admire him as a VTuber, so good for you!”
“I heard that his name was a joke made by the staff… But I’m excited to talk to him!”

We waited for a while until our turn came.

Feeling my back stiffen, I straighten up, stretching my muscles.
Sitting for extended periods isn’t good for the body.
I decided to take this break to move around a bit.

“Himemura-san, can we call in the next person?” one of the staff members asks.
“Sure, go ahead!”
“Okay, we’ll make the call in a minute!”
“Got it!”

I take a deep breath and begin visualizing the persona I’ll be embodying.
I put on Glint of Schwartz’s mask.

As the camera starts rolling, the image of the next person is projected before me.
“Um, hello! I watch your streams all the time!”
What kind of coincidence is the world pulling on me today?!?!?!
WHY is Yuki HERE?!

He even had 10,000 yen to spend on this lottery?!
I’m already flabbergasted just seeing him here!

“Thank you for watching my streams. Since we have this opportunity, is there something you’d like to talk about?” I ask, maintaining my composure. I am a professional, after all, I can handle this!!!

“Well, this might sound weird…”
“What is it?”
As a father, it’s my duty to listen to my son’s concerns.
I should handle this sincerely.

“How does a VTuber handle taxes when they earn money?!”
I unconsciously made a dumbfounded face.
“Huh? Wait… Are you a VTuber yourself?”
“Y-Yes, I am! I just started out, but I’ve already crossed 20,000 subscribers!”

“Are… Are you an indie?”
“Yes! An indie!”

“Um, are you okay?”
Okay? How could I be okay?!
My son has debuted as a VTuber and amassed over 20,000 subscribers as an indie!!!

“Are you perhaps…Yuka Shirahime?”
“Huh? You know about me?!”

“Uh, well, yes.”
You’ve gotta be kiddingggggggggggggg!!!

“So, um, I couldn’t really understand how to handle taxes even after some research…”
“I see… It’s a lot to explain right now. Maybe I’ll make a video and post it?”

“Really?! Are you sure?”
“Yeah, no problem. It’s always good to see newcomers, and it’s not out of character for my VTuber persona.”

“Thank you so much! I’ll be looking forward to it!”
“Great, keep an eye out.”

Thus ends the incredibly surreal father-son conversation.

“Himemura-san, good job! Here’s some water.”

“Oh, thanks.”
“You’re making a strange face. Did something happen?”

“Did you see my son just now?”
“Yes, I did.”

“He apparently debuted as a VTuber.”
“Oh, really? I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it?”

“He’s VTubing as a trap…”

“Yuka Shirahime.”

“That’s the name of my son’s VTuber persona.”
“No way… she’s my current favorite VTuber.”

“Huh? Seriously?”
“Totally serious.”

“Am I dreaming or something?”
“Should I pinch your cheek to prove you’re not?”

“I’m well aware that this is reality! It’s just my brain that’s not catching up!”
“Aww, boo. I thought that was my chance to touch your squishy cheeks.”
“Wait, you were aiming for my cheeks?!”

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