C42: To Akihabara!

Morning arrived, and I woke up.
I was feeling a bit gloomy after yesterday, but I didn’t have any specific tasks or urgent matters to attend to at the moment. So, I decided to set it aside for now and not dwell on it.

What? Escapism? …No, that’s not it!

Anyway, today was supposed to be the day I returned home, but the photoshoot ended early, giving me two whole days to myself.

I was contemplating a trip to Akihabara when I received a direct message on my Tweeter account.

It appeared to be from my senpai.
Apparently, she also had some free time due to the extra days and was thinking of going to Akihabara.

She suggested that we go together, so I thought if Kaoru-san and the others didn’t have any plans, we could all go. With that in mind, I headed to her room.

I lightly knocked on the door and waited for a moment before it opened.

“Yuki-kun, is something wrong?”
Kaoru-san appeared dressed as if she was about to go somewhere.
Maybe she does have something to do after all?

“Um, I came to ask if you guys had any plans for today, but judging by your outfit, it seems like you’re busy with something?”
“Oh, I see. Well, I can’t break away today, so feel free to do whatever you like, Yuki-kun!”

“Oh, and if you need some money, I’ve deposited the Comiket sales into your account. Check it out when you have time!”
“Thank you!”
The sales, huh… I wonder how much it amounts to.

As I returned to my room, I replied to my senpai, confirming that I could join her, and then I relaxed in my room for a while.

Suddenly, I thought about checking the amount that had been deposited into my account.

“Huh, what’s this? “
Just to clarify, the service for issuing serial codes for downloads costs 50,000 yen for a one-time issuance, and then any number of people can download it for a set period.
So, in my hands, I had a total of 500 yen multiplied by the number of units sold.

And the number of sales was 5,000 units.

“2.5 million yen…?”
When I saw that number, my mind immediately went to…

“How am I going to deal with taxes…?”
I really don’t know anything about this.

I’ll consult with my family when I go home.
I’ll visit them after school.

While I was contemplating this, I received a reply from my senpai. I should get ready to go to Akihabara.

“Are you okay with that, onee-chan?”
“Yes, it’s fine today.”
I knew who Yuki-kun was planning to spend the day with.

After all, my senpai had made a point of telling me.
As a favor for helping me decide on my appearance, he asked me to give Haruka-chan a day with Yuki-kun.

After hearing the reason, I couldn’t refuse.
It’s sad to be away from the person you like.
“If I were in her place, I wouldn’t be able to say no either.”
“I understand. You’re very mature, onee-chan.”

“You think?”
At the very least, I would be happy if he could enjoy his day.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Senpai!”
“No, no, I just arrived myself.”
I called out to Senpai, who was waiting at the station, and noticed that she looked different from usual, dressed beautifully but not too flashy, reminiscent of her modeling appeal.

“You give off a completely different impression from when you’re at school. It surprised me a little.”
“Haha. Does it suit me?”
She twirls, showing me her outfit with a swish of her skirt.
A white shirt paired with a clean, light blue skirt.
It suits her incredibly well, but I was too shy to say it directly and ended up speaking in a roundabout way.
And yet, she asks me if it suits her.

“It suits you… very well.”
“You’re blushing a bit. Were you embarrassed to compliment me?”

“N-No, of course not!”
“Hmm… If you say so. Where should we go now?”

“I actually have a place in mind that I want to visit,” I say, sharing my desired destination with her.

“Interesting. I’ve also been curious about that place.”
“Right? So, shall we go?”

“Sure, let’s!”

And with that, we headed towards a large complex in Akihabara, U*X.
It’s conveniently located just a short walk from the station, which is nice.

Within this complex, two major VTuber agencies, V Live and Imananji, have rented a space for their own event for a week following Comiket.

“Wow! Senpai, this is amazing! There are merchandise from various VTubers! They even have stuff from Fuwa-chan!”
“You’re right. Ah! It’s Shiro-saburo, the white cat VTuber!”

“Oh! A plushie! It looks so fluffy and comfortable…”
“Ah! And there’s Uru-chan, the wolf girl VTuber too!”



Afterward, we went on a serious shopping spree.
I couldn’t resist buying a plushie of Shiro-saburo. It was so soft to the touch.
I decided to have it shipped home, so there was no issue with the luggage!

“Excuse me, since you’ve purchased a qualifying item, we offer a service where you can enter a lottery for a chance to have a brief conversation with a VTuber. Would you like to participate in the lottery?”

“What?! They have such an offer?!”
“For customers who spend over 10,000 yen, the chances of winning are relatively high.”

Senpai and I eagerly hoped that we would win the lottery.

—???’s POV—

“W-Why is Yuki here of all places… And who’s that girl walking with him… No, maybe I’m mistaken…”

He was casually observing from a café within U*X.
Suddenly, Yuki and his companion caught his attention.

The man quickly finished his coffee, paid the bill, and began to follow Yuki.

“It really is Yuki… I haven’t mentioned my job to him… What should I say…”
Hoping that staying silent would somehow resolve the situation, he decided to end his break and return to his own space. But at that very moment…

“I finally found you, Himemura-san.”

“Why are you hanging around here when it’s almost time?”
“Well, you don’t expect to see your son, who should be living in Nagoya, in a place like this, do you?!”

“Huh? Your son?! Where?!”
“Um, there. The shorter one among the two people shopping over there.”

“Son…? Don’t you mean daughter?”
“Heh, heh, heh. I admit he’s cute, but he’s definitely my son.”

“Ahh, seeing you, Himemura-san, I can understand why.”
“Even I’m aware of how I look, you know. I still get ID’d… and I’m almost 40.”

“Hahaha… Should we head back?”
“I suppose so…”

With that, he returned to his station, put on his headset, and took a deep breath.
His gaze and voice underwent a significant change as he began to interact with the participants of the event.

People refer to him by a particular name—

Glint of Schwartz.

Author: This was a detail I had decided on when I came up with the name Glint of Schwartz.
I wonder when Yuki-kun will notice.

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