C41: The Feelings of One Another

Author: What in the world are you doing, Fuwariiii?!?!?!
Ahem. Sorry for the wait.
Things are starting to look more romance-like…

Today, I happened to meet Senpai.

She found out right away that I was a VTuber.

But the awkwardness was intense the moment we met.

As I spoke with her, I found out she doesn’t have a boyfriend.

But I wonder why.

I should be happy, but for some reason, I feel gloomy.

I don’t understand why I’m feeling like this.

However, when Senpai asked me if there was someone I liked, I realized.

No, I ended up realizing.

That Kaoru-san and Hana-san have feelings for me.
Whether those feelings are as a man or as something like a friend, I’m not sure.

Yura-san probably only sees me as a younger sibling, but that’s just me speculating things on my own.

If I were to say whether I like or dislike Yura-san and the others, I would definitely say I like them.

But I don’t know what kind of feelings these are.

“Ughhhh! This is so frustratinggggggg!!!”
I was alone on my hotel bed, flailing and kicking my legs around.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!!! That was too bold of meeeeeee!!!”
I was reflecting on what happened today in my hotel bed.
Confessing in a roundabout way and then suggesting we start as friends? Isn’t this something that only happens in romance novels and manga?!

A sense of shame tormented me in the empty hotel room.

“…But Yuki-kun still doesn’t have a girlfriend.”
As I thought out loud, I could feel my face heat up with embarrassment.
My legs started flailing on their own.

However, I feel like the gaping hole from when Yuki-kun disappeared is slowly filling up.

“My rivals are Mama Yuru and Fuwa-chan…”
I have confidence in my appearance, so surely…

“Hey, Yura, can we talk?”
“What’s up, onee-chan?”
I decided to have a drink and chat with Yura at the hotel bar.

I ordered a GODI*A liqueur, and Yura ordered a tea liqueur diluted with milk.
“It seems that the senior who caused Yuki-kun’s heartbreak was his modeling partner today.”
“Huh?! No way! What a coincidence!”
I told Yura what happened today.

“And then, the model asked who was the object of Yuki-kun’s unrequited love, and he said it was her…”

“But Yuki-kun and the model don’t know if their feelings are romantic or platonic, so they decided to start over as friends.”

“I realized something.”
“What’s that?”

“I truly like Yuki-kun.”
“Well, that makes sense. You like Yuki-kun a lot.”

“Huh? Is it that obvious?!”
“Quite a bit, yeah. What do you like about him?”

“It’s not just that he’s cute, but also his family-oriented side, how he can be passionate about something to the point of changing himself.”

“Plus, he probably wouldn’t normally crossdress, but he’s trying so hard to fulfill our promise as a VTuber, even as booth assistant. I can’t help but fall for him when I see him like that.”
“I see. There’s only one way, onee-chan.”

“What is it?”
“Snatch him before someone else does.”

“If you make Yuki-kun fall for you before anyone else, you’ll be fine.”

“Can I do it?”
“Of course you can! I’ll help too!”

“And then I’ll get him to call me Yura-oneechan!”

“Why are you laughing, onee-chan?!”

“It’s just like you, Yura.”
“Hehehe, so let’s make you more stylish, onee-chan.”

“Now that that’s settled, we must consult your senpai!”


I’m in a great mood because I’ve confirmed an off-collab with Yuka-chan, and guess what?

“I found a good book♪”
I found a Yuka-chan book at Suica Books!

And not just that!!!
“I know it’s a Fuwa×Yuka book… but…”
I stare at another book.

“Why is there also a Yuru×Yuka book from the same artist with such quality?! I still bought it, though!!!”

As for the content… perhaps it’s a bit too much to share here♪

Anyway, I’m going to treat these books like treasure! Yes, that’s what I’ll do!
I did buy two of each, but that can’t be helped.

—A Certain Doujin Artist’s POV—

“Hehe, it sold better than I thought.”
“I wanted to draw both, but it was definitely tough… I ended up making a photocopied book. If there’s demand for a reprint, maybe I’ll do offset printing…”

“Even though it was a photocopy, I wouldn’t have made it in time if Yuki-kun hadn’t given me Mama Yuru’s information…”

“I still have plenty of ideas for the upcoming Winter Comiket… I’ll spread the circle of oneesan x shota love even further…”

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2 months ago

Wut? No yuri doujin? Thanks for the chapter.

Diana Kurosawa
Diana Kurosawa
2 months ago

– Iida Poch has entered the chat~

2 months ago

Thank you for the chapter! Romance is great, sure, but I miss the vtuber shenanigans. Also wish the author take it more one step at a time. Feels like the “accidental meeting” and the found out of she being a model and he is Yuka/a vtuber is already good enough for this event. The other things can be put slowly over the next time.

Bobb Tenders
Bobb Tenders
2 months ago

It begins. I don’t know who to root for lmao

Thanks for the chapter!

Btw, shouldn’t it be Yuru at the end there with the book? Got confused since female student C wrote Yuru Yuka in ch 0 so I checked the raws

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Thanks for the new chapter!

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