C354: The New Emperor’s Growth – Part 1

My name is Ardheg, the man chosen to be the new Geyser Dragon.
…Not really. I was sort of forced into it halfway through.

I defeated Father, the previous Geyser Dragon, and succeeded him because of my achievement.

In terms of competence, Brother Alexander and Sister Veil are more suited for the title, but neither of them is interested…
And that’s how I came to be the Geyser Dragon.

A new age of dragons.
I want to herald an era in which dragons are in harmony with humanity and other races as their ruler.

That’s why the first thing I need to do after my enthronement is to build a castle.
If I don’t have a stronghold, I’ll set a bad example for others.

Here we are at the Dragon Emperor’s Castle.
It’s a huge dungeon where my father had made his home.

…But now it’s just an empty land.


I stand there, overwhelmed by its miserable state.

There’s nothing here. Just a plain of bare earth.
The world’s only and largest castle dungeon used to be here, standing tall and majestic.


“Well… I had a feeling it was gone, but still…”

Father’s mana materialized in this dungeon.
Normally, terrain creates stagnation in the circulating mana, which then settles, distorts space, and brings forth a dungeon.

However, this process can also be recreated by the mana of a single life form—the Geyser Dragon.
My father distorted time and space with his mana, materializing it into a giant castle.

That’s why the Dragon Emperor Castle disappeared after I and my companions defeated him.
When the source disappears, it is only logical that the outcome follows suit.

Now, there’s just wilderness where that dungeon is supposed to be.

“I thought I’d sit in the castle to feel more like an emperor…”

Since I hold the title of emperor, I believed I should live in an extravagant den.

I succeeded Father as the Geyser Dragon, so I thought I’d take over the castle as well…
But how could it have just disappeared into thin air like that?!

“Why are you so stunned by the obvious?”
“Ah! Father?!”

Suddenly, someone spoke to me from behind, and I turned around to see a small speck-like dragon.
This little dragon is my father and the previous Geyser Dragon, Al Gor.

He lost his omnipotent powers and became this small after we defeated him.

“Father, when did you get here? I thought you stayed behind at the Saint’s Farm?”
“I was going to stay there and enjoy my life sleeping and eating, but then the Saint told me to work. I don’t want to, so I ran away.”
“Please work…”
“Bah, pea-brained saint. Why must I work when Veil is practically eating and sleeping?”

Maybe he didn’t want to make any more special exceptions precisely because Sis Veil was already there?
So, in the end, he came to me?

“But why come to me of all people?”
“You’re my successor, so I’m certain you’ll show respect.”

This dragon’s just being selfish.
But I don’t feel like turning him away either, so I’ll leave things as it is.

“It’s an honor to have you rely on me, but I don’t have time to entertain others right now.”
“I suddenly went from dungeon-less dragon to Geyser Dragon, after all. It is imperative I find a home soon.”

As you can see, the Dragon Emperor’s Castle is gone.
It’s no good having a homeless imperial dragon.

“What are you talking about? If you don’t have a home, why don’t you make one?”
“You don’t understand how transcendent you’ve become, do you? You’re a Geyser Dragon now.”

But that’s why I’m struggling.

No one should ever be given a title beyond their league.

“Why don’t you use your power to generate a new Dragon Emperor Castle?”

No, wait a minute.
Making a dungeon out of terrain that doesn’t support mana stagnation out of the normal mana concentration is impossible.

“The only life form capable of releasing highly-concentrated mana is the Geyser Dragon, right?”
“And what do you call yourself?”

Oh, right…

“You know that it’s not only the name you have inherited. You also have the Dragon Ball in your system. Thus your power is equivalent to a Geyser Dragon.”

Now that he mentions it…
When I fought Sis Bloody Mary, I felt stronger.
…Though I think Sis Veil did most of the fighting.

Anyway, I was strong beyond expectations.

“All that happened because I have the Dragon Ball?”
“Why don’t you try releasing some mana? I’m sure you’ll be able to create a Dragon Emperor Castle to your liking.”

…I’m still skeptical, but I guess I’ll follow Father’s advice for now.
Mana release!


It’s really starting to materialize.
The Dragon Emperor’s Castle of my desires!

“So this is my castle…”

My Dragon Emperor Castle stands where my father’s Dragon Emperor Castle once was.
The castle where I will reign and make my majesty known is here, but…

“What is this?!”

It’s not a castle at all.
Not even a building of any sort!
It’s like a pile of some unknown material.

“You lack imagination,” chides my petite father. “You won’t be able to make a proper dungeon unless you materialize it under a clearer image. You’re still lacking in many aspects, it seems. You can’t claim to be the Geyser Dragon just because you possess tremendous power.”

Oh, Father…
You talk like an admirable superior.

“You must accumulate more than your inherited power to become the real deal. Looks like it’ll be worth training you.”
“What are you going to do, Father?!”
“You’re going to have a tough reign. After all, many ordinary folks are as powerful as a full-fledged Geyser Dragon. You have to be like your siblings Alexander, Bloody Mary, and Veil as soon as possible.”
“Do I have to?!”
“It’s only natural as the Geyser Dragon. Now, let’s create that image! Produce a massive and complex Dragon Emperor’s Castle!

I don’t understand how things led to this, but I’m being lectured by my father, whom I defeated once, about being a Dragon Emperor.

Being a Geyser Dragon is harder than I thought.

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12 days ago

Flees having to work for Kidan but decides to train (torture?) his successor?

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