Chapter 2: The Blonde-Haired Stepsister Neglected by Father

“Hawkieeeeee! Is my wittle Hawkie all wight?! Oh, you poor little angel! Here, Papa bought you your faaavorite cake!!!”

It is said that parents have a massive impact on a child’s development. Love from parents positively influences the child while any form of abuse or abdication affects them negatively. It is also said that children are like a mirror of their parents. However, as you can see, my father is like this.

Had I not regained the memories from my previous life, I probably would have replied like so:

“Waaaaaaah! Papa!!! My boo-boo huwts so much!!! I will nevew fowgive that bully maid! Pwease wuin hew life fow making me suffew like this! Boo-hoo-hoo! Oink!!!”

Now, do you understand why the blue-haired maid questioned my identity last time? Hawk Gold is a God-forsaken scum that’s a pig in and out. I feel sorry for all the actual pigs out there, honestly.

“Now, now. Just think of it as me having been bitten by a dog. I’ll be more careful around the females from now on.”

“What?! My little Hawkie seems rather aloof, Papa is in shock! Is this what they call an early rebellious phase?!”

Being embraced by this greasy middle-aged man as he rubs his cheeks against mine is nothing short of torture. But I cannot afford to offend him, a business tycoon, so I could only give a bitter smile.

Otherwise, I would be treated the same way as Mari Gold, my step-sister. My father, late mother, and I all have blond hair and blue eyes. It is only Mari who has purple eyes, which made my mother suspected of cheating.

A woman of undeniable beauty, my mother was supposed to marry a man whom she loved, but my rich and powerful father forced her into rape and got pregnant with me instead. After giving birth, she suffered mentally and had an affair with her old lover, giving birth to Mari later on. When my father asked her about this, she gulped down poison and died there and then.

Hence, Mari is being treated like a parasite in the Gold household even at the age of three. Oh, right. I forgot to mention this last time, but I’m currently five years old. It’s not every day you hear about a five-year-old sexually harassing his maid.

As a result of forcing the woman he loved into his arms with money and power, he was cheated on. Left with a second child who isn’t even his after her mother committed suicide in front of his very eyes, he wonders whether he should just kill her or toss her in a convent.

It’s surprising how he has a serious past when his existence is almost like a joke in itself, but I won’t tell him that. He must be morbidly doting on me as an insinuation to my sister who’s under house arrest and probably has no plans of sharing the cake with her, either.

“You can come out now.”

“Thank you, big brother.”

After I got rid of my father, I called out to my sister who was hiding in the closet. Living the first three years of her life bereft of her father’s affection who is in fact harboring hatred towards her, with maids treating her as if she were air, and her dumb brother tyrannizing her with a shit-eating grin, I’d say she’s doing exceptionally well for someone her age.

If I was in her shoes, I would’ve wished my retarded brother dead after he fell down the stairs. And yet, here she is, sneaking out of her own room just to check on me. If the maids find out, they will definitely drag her back to her room and lock her up again.

Even I, a misogynist, have nothing to say against this jumpy and timid three-year-old girl. I’m not that much of an asshole. She’s always cautious of the gazes around her yet at the same time, holds on firmly to the belief that her father or brother will learn to love and accept her one day.

“I guess the rumors about you changing were true, big brother.”

“I did not. I just learned the need to keep appearances.”

That’s a lie, of course. I’m practically a different person now. If I really was the scum she knew, this is what he’d tell his little sister who took great pains just to see him:

 “I bet you only came here to ridicule me, to tell me I got what I deserved-oink! I’m telling Papa you snuck out of your room to laugh at me-oink!!!”

But, well, for my own little sister, who’s locked up in a gloomy storeroom they call her “room” all-year-round, to hear about the rumors of me suddenly changing in this short period of time means it has spread throughout the entire mansion already. I don’t think it was the blue-haired maid who did it, though. Maybe someone was eavesdropping on our conversation earlier?

Because my fat father is an oblivious prick who cannot stand there being a filthy man in the house, most of the maids who work for us are his mistresses. In other words, someone out there is aiming to become the president’s wife.

He seems to love women fondly, but the trauma with my late mother must have turned him into a woman-hater if anything. That’s why he devours the maids as if he’s taking his revenge on the entire female gender, seducing them with sweet words even though he doesn’t mean it, and enjoying the sight of the idiotic women falling right under his thumb.

Nonetheless, the greedy females feign ignorance to his real intentions. Living in a house where there’s a lot of fighting going on in between them is more than enough to make me sick. You’d think that I’m lucky for being reborn in a wealthy household, but there are just so many rich people problems that it’s so bothersome.


“Yeah. That’s why I’ll be nicer to you. That doesn’t mean you should take advantage of it, though.”

“…Okay, big brother.”

She hung her head low, understanding that her big brother not changing means that he still hates her. Even then, she showed subtle signs of joy, as her face lit up slightly upon hearing that her brother will treat her nicely, albeit an act.

She’s sensible for a three-year-old. If a sister-character like her only develops a brother complex in the future, then it won’t be as bad. If that gets out of hand though, there’s a possibility she might turn into some typical yandere who will follow me wherever I go, so I don’t want to treat her all that nicely, to be honest.

You’re probably thinking that I shouldn’t be mixing my perceptions of reality with that of anime, but I was reincarnated as the Mar(t)y Sue protagonist of this world, so there’s no guarantee that the people here are real. I mean, I literally have a blue-haired maid and a purple-eyed younger sister, does any of that sound realistic to you? Not to me.

But what’s real is the unpleasant atmosphere in this household; what with slapping a five-year-old and making him fall down the stairs as well as shaming a three-year-old girl. Hell, this house is filled with my father’s mistresses who aren’t even afraid of eavesdropping.

I suppose I’ll do some major cleanup once I’m well enough to be up and moving around.

Note: I’ll see whether I can keep three or four releases every month. I’m having my uni finals till June (crazy, I know, but so is the world right now) so I can’t say for sure until then.

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2 years ago

Ah things make sense now

2 years ago

Thanks for the chapter 🙂

Muffin Man
Muffin Man
2 years ago

Bruh, I’d rather travel in Sen’s Fun house from Dark Souls 1 than live in that house.

2 years ago

Thank you for the update. I didn’t expect him to be only 5 years old o.O Keep going!

2 years ago
Reply to  sweed

haha don’t worry, he ages throughout the story, indicated by the sub-categories in the table of contents

2 years ago
Reply to  sweed

I also didn’t expect 5 years old…
I mean, if it’s a reactionary slap that sends a guy flying, I’d expect it to hit a teen, but a child?
Are the women pygmy? Or was it supposed to be a slap to bat the hand away but instead it landed on him?

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