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ITK C41: Shelter→Food→Next

The days I spent ever since I settled in this reclaimed land have been quite splendid. I even built my own house and have access to various practical ingredients. You can say I have a fulfilling life right now.

But there’s no end to man’s desire, and his satisfaction only lasts until he wants something new again.


Garments you adorn your body. Proof of a civilized person. It isn’t even an exaggeration to say that it’s what differentiates humans from monkeys. And yet I’ve been ignorant about it all this time.

The nylon shirt and pants I had from before I was summoned to this world have been reduced to shreds.

I do a lot of fieldwork, after all. While I did anticipate this and bought a large number of clothes from the royal capital, they’re also on the verge of falling apart.

Above all else, the clothes my wife, Platy, wears on her lower half are overwhelmingly lacking. Actually, there’s nothing at all. When she was still a mermaid, the lower half of her body used to be a caudal fin that let her roam the seas freely.
Of course, you won’t need to wear clothes under those circumstances. If anything, it would be a hindrance.

So, to a mermaid, the concept of wearing things like underwear, shorts, or skirts doesn’t exist. If they don’t wear anything under the sea, they don’t wear anything onshore, either.

As a result, you get an immodest lady in commando.

In order to avert such a catastrophe, I made her wear trousers I patched up. Platy used to grumble about how tight and lame it was, but she’s totally used to it now.
It’s just that I feel ashamed of myself deep down for my beloved wife’s conformity to it, forcing her to put up with something like that.

Though she may seem like she’s used to it on the outside, she’s still a woman of appropriate age.

I’m sure she wants to wear a more elegant set of lower garments. And I, both as a cultured man and her husband, think the same. I want a gorgeous skirt or a pair of trousers only Platy can wear!

That’s when I decided on my next goal.

Now that we’ve built a house and have gathered ingredients, our next stop: clothes!!!

And so, I thought of making clothes.

As long as I have the Hand of Supremacy gifted to me by the god, Hephaestus, I should be able to create anything from food to utensils, even houses, immediately and with ease.

I’ve already prepared the necessary tools, such as scissors and needles and the mana metal I received from Sensei.
As for the essential fabric, I felt the need to prepare a complete bed set when I was furnishing the house, so I grew and harvested cotton and had the goblins weave them into fabric for me.

Anyway, I decided to make clothes as much as I could from what I had.

“I did it!!!”

I made a variety of simple shirts and trousers not only for Platy but also for me and the orcs and goblins.

“Oh! It fits well on the body!!!”

“Thank you very much, my Lord! With this, we can proceed with our fieldwork smoothly.”

When Orkubo and the others migrated from the dungeon to here, they had nothing but a shabby piece of loincloth on. It’s a mystery as to where those loincloths were made, but now they look dashing with the clothes they wear; they almost look like a typical villager. As for me, I feel pretty refreshed with my new clothes.

I just hope Platy would be overjoyed by this…

“The design’s too mediocre.”


For some reason, Platy has a confused look upon receiving the skirt I gave her.

“Wait! Don’t misunderstand! I’m happy that you went through the trouble of making clothes for me! …But to say that it looks fashionable if I wear this is just-“

From here, a significant fact was established.
A fact not even a god’s artistic skills or the thought-to-be-flawless Hand of Supremacy can cover: I have zero fashion sense!!!

This makes it impossible for me to make clothes that will please Platy.

“By the way, how do you prepare your clothes, Veil?” asks Platy to Veil standing next to her.

Come to think of it; whenever she reverts to her human form, she normally has clothes on.

“It’s made from magic, duh. Don’t underestimate a dragon’s powers.”
“Ahh, dragons really are on another level!”

Even with the Hand of Supremacy, someone like me with zero fashion sense can never make stylish clothes.

Now what?

Should I just ask someone else?

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