C100: Remodeling Plan

Thanks to the elves coming to our farm, the range of items we were able to make has expanded. All that we’ve made up until now were made with the Hand of Supremacy’s support as well as the very little knowledge I have with me. Nonetheless, it still had its limits. We weren’t able to eradicate the technical flaws. Well, my gift still helped cover those, but it still wasn’t perfect.

And that’s where the elves come in.
With their knowledge and skills as forest-dwellers, combined with my knowledge from the previous world, we were able to achieve our ideal results.

Back then, every time I thought I was only one step away from succeeding, I was only met with a dead end. Now, things have finally come together.
Even now…

“The shield is complete!”

An orc and an elf came together to show me something.

For some reason, their combination is making me think of something entirely different…
No, I must get rid of the corrupted mindset I got from my world.

The orcs and elves on my farm are in charge of the construction work and production of small articles, respectively.
Due to the nature of their work, it’s only natural that they would collaborate every now and then!

“What was completed again?”
“This shield!”

The orc and elf hold up a round and large tortoise shell.

“Ah, is that what I think it is?!”

It’s the shell of the tortoise monster we defeated at Veil’s remodeled dungeon some time ago.

We examined them closely whether or not they could be prepared as food, but their insides were so grotesque we established them as inedible. Their shells, however, were hard and had a nice shape to them, so we thought of using them for something else. After multiple attempts, we finally arrived at a result.

“A shield?”

Or rather, a shell shield. Quite an orthodox way to use it, if you ask me.

“Yessir! It’s the strongest part of the monster. Not only is it hard, but its hemispherical shape is also very effective at deflecting attacks!” says one of the orc recruits.

Compared to his seniors, he gives off the impression of being young and lively.

“…That being said, the gaps between the shell have become brittle after the monster inside it died. “
“And just when we thought that we won’t be able to use it on anything…”


“Everything changed thanks to their wonderful cooperation,” says the orc as he and his group pose to highlight the elves.

…Um, aren’t these elves from the woodwork group?

“No, um, all we ever did was…”
“Varnishing the gaps of the brittle shell, thinking it would enhance their durability…”

Come to think of it, something like that also existed in my previous world. It’s some kind of sap that’s used to cover woodenware to give it a shiny finish and make it durable. It was even used as a substitute for glue in the past.

“We found varnish trees from a distant forest, so we took some of its sap with us!”
“That’s why this shield evolved into the most durable armor after being varnished, all thanks to the elves!”

They then gave each other a high-five.


The orcs and elves on my farm get along well, and that’s what matters the most.

“We’d like to ask you, Lord Saint, to assess its quality!”

All right.
The tortoise shell had a handle on the other side of it, just like any other shield.
It felt incredibly heavy when held and seemed difficult to manage, but its quality as protective gear is legit.


The orcs suddenly rushed at me, but I was able to defend myself with the shield.
The elves also fired their arrows, but the shell shield repelled all of them with its inherent hardness.
Not one arrow was able to make a scratch, let alone pierce through it.

“I understand your intentions, but don’t just charge at me like that, it freaks me out!”

Still, it was quite a fierce attack, yet I got out of it unscathed. This is amazing.

I wonder what tier would this be classified as according to the standards of this world?
I don’t expect it to be some kind of legendary armor, but I still think it’s a piece of fairly high-ranking equipment.

“Lord Saint!”

One of the goblins shouted from afar.

“Prince Arowana has come to visit us!”

Prince Arowana came to visit us just like he always does.


Aaaand he’s addicted to sumo as usual.
Some of the orcs and goblins immediately gathered near him and wrestled each other, only to be flung away one by one.

“…Isn’t Prince Arowana a little too strong?”

I, who have avoided getting into a bout with him for some time now, thought to myself as I watched his grappling skills.

The newer orcs and goblins who have mutated into Warrior Orcs and Spartan Goblins with the help of the Hand of Supremacy are supposed to be strong. Even their seniors, Legatus Orcs, and Great Goblins, are more powerful and are said to defeat heroes in one hit.

Yet they still lost to Prince Arowana in sumo.
Gobusaemon, our sumo veteran and also one of the Stage-Two mutated goblins, got hurled just now.

“Oh! Lord Saint! Forgive me for rampaging around before I even said my hellos!”

Would you please refrain from addressing me while you’re in a ready stance?
You’re also going to hurl me the moment you see an opening, aren’t you?

“Hm? You seem to have something interesting with you,” says Prince Arowana as he immediately takes notice of the shield I’m holding.

I unconsciously kept it with me even after our little experiment.

“This looks like a fine shield, indeed. It has the perfect weight and stability to it.”

…Huh? When did the shield go from my hand to his?

“Do merfolk use shields?”
“Aside from using magic potions, as part of merfolk’s basic tactics, we use our swimming momentum to rush at our opponents, hence a shield is important to parry them,” says Prince Arowana as he moves the shield as if he were trying to dodge a harpoon coming at him.
“Why don’t you take it home with you? It’s still a prototype, though.”
“My goodness! Are you sure?!”

He says that, but he seems pretty delighted.
A man’s heart will always race upon getting new armor and weapons, regardless of the world he’s in.

“Prince Arowana!”

Oh, if it isn’t Puffer, our prince’s admirer.

“If you’re going to come here, at least tell us in advance! Don’t you think you’re troubling Lord Saint?”

Er, not really.

“Y-You’re right! My apologies Lord Saint, it seems I have become casual with my visits that I have forgotten to inform you…”

And that’s exactly what I’m hoping for, so please keep being casual about it.

“Whatever. Now that you’re here, I want you to be my guinea pig for my new recipe.”
“Guinea pig?”

That sounds dangerous.

“I made a new type of pickles at the brewery called nukazuke. Don’t you and Lifeless King share the same favorite? That’s why I thought it would be better to break up that demand and make you develop another one.”
“I’m sorry you had to pay attention to my needs like that. You’ve put your heart and soul into making this, so I’m sure it’s delicious.”
“… ♡♡♡”

Her face went beet-red and smoke started fuming out of her head.
She really is like an open book.

“So, these are nukazuke, huh? They do look delicious.”

What Prince Arowana held in his hand were round pickled cucumbers.
He took a bite out of the cucumber and looked like he really was enjoying it.


Wait a minute.
Looking at Prince Arowana made me think of something.
He’s into sumo, is holding a shield made of a tortoise’s shell, and is deliciously eating cucumbers…


“He’s becoming more and more like a kappa!”

Arowana, prince of the seas, is slowly transforming into a kappa every time he comes here!!!

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6 months ago

If there are male-only orcs always fathering orcs and female-only elves always birthing elves, then what would be their shared kid? Not sorry for my corrupted mindset asking this kind of questions.

2 years ago

Once that Kappa reference came and I imagined it… I lol’d… Aren’t kappas supposed to be bald?
Imagining bald Arowana with a shell on his back and eating cucumber with his beak… Brought tears to my eyes XD

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
2 years ago

Thanks for the translations!

I wonder if Prince Arowana introduced sumo to the underwater and practicing with some guards or something to stay number 1.

2 years ago
Reply to  lecora alzuras

seeing how gung-ho he is about it, I can see that happening lool

2 years ago

Thnx for the Translations~

Lmao, he indeed have those kappa trait doesn’t he.

Anderson Sanchez
2 years ago

Jajaj jaja no le falta si no ser calvo, o era calvo? Gracias por el capítulo me saco unas risas

2 years ago

jajaja tiene pelo largo como su hermana en el manga

2 years ago

Ty for the translations!

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