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ITK C154: Brand Name

“I sincerely ask for your forgiveness, Lord Saint,” were the first words that came out of Mrs. Astres’ mouth after arriving on our farm.

For some reason, Batemy is right beside her, all tied up in ropes.
…If I’m not mistaken, she went to the capital in high spirits this morning to scout the latest fashion trends.
So, why is she back so early and in such a horrible state?

“This stupid girl has exposed the secret!”
“What secret?”

I ask Mrs. Astres about the situation in further detail.

It has been a long time since Batemy went back to the capital. There, she reunited with her friends from her military days.
As they were reminiscing, they began to talk about what they’ve been up to lately…

…and Batemy told them that she was making clothes here.

Mrs. Astres then beat her up as punishment for it.

“The mistakes of my subordinates are also my mistakes as their superior. I believe I’ve given her enough scolding, but I still felt that we needed to apologize to you in person, so I came here with the guilty person in tow!”
“I understand that part. Still…”

Apparently, Batemy also went to the royal palace, barged into Mrs. Astres’ room, and dove straight into a dogeza pose, apologizing over and over.
It was a commendable act, but Mrs. Astres was in the middle of a business meeting with the intermediary who sells her products at that time.

Batemy ended up exposing the secret there by accident as well.

“That’s why you gave her another beating?!”
“I really don’t know how to make it up to you, Lord Saint! If you’d like, you can beat up Batemy yourself to vent your anger, so she finally learns her lesson!”
“Pass! No, thank you!!!”

Maybe Batemy just wanted to brag to someone about her great success in the field she’s dreamed of for so long.
…That’s not it?
She couldn’t keep appearances in front of her crush after he guessed it right?
Hearing that does make me kind of annoyed…

“We succeeded in making those who knew about the farm to swear silence. But we can’t put a lock on a person’s mouth. To make it more fool-proof, it’s better to lock up the people themselves.”
“Please don’t! It’s okay, you don’t have to worry about it. I never asked anyone to keep it an absolute secret in the first place, anyway.”

Weren’t they the ones who decided on their own accord to keep this farm hidden from the world?
…I think. If memory serves me right.

“I appreciate your discretion, but there’s no need to implement an omerta (code of silence) here. Death from talking is just too morbid!”
“Well, if you say so, Lord Saint…”

Mrs. Astres was puzzled but still untied Batemy.
I never expected her to be this scary.
I thought her marriage and pregnancy soon after had made her mellow out, but she’s still the brutal general she was when she was a Heavenly One.

“Well, there are some things that must never be exposed to the public, though, such as Letasreit’s existence, but if those around are being too highly strung, it’ll start affecting me too.”

The moment we decided to do business with the outside world, it was all a matter of time before inevitable problems like this popped up.

“I am ever so obliged for your broad-mindedness, Lord Saint.”
“If you don’t mind, there’s one more thing we’d like to discuss with you, Lord Saint!”

Batemy, who’s free as a bird once again, is already back on her feet.
She sure is full of life as always.

“Remember when Miss Astres was talking to the intermediary when I was busy confessing myself?
“They were talking about deciding on a brand name.”
“Uh… Huh?”

A brand name?
As in names like Chael, Tiffany & Co., and L.*. back in my world?

“According to the merchant who sells my clothes, he wants to brand high-quality, high-end products so that their value can be recognized at a glance.”
“I see.”

Brand names do convey the value of an item to the customer with just a few words, making them go, “It’s Brand XXX, so it’s gotta be good!”

“The ex-comrades I met in the capital appreciated my clothes and even called them a ‘mystery brand.’ By having a brand, all of my works will have value, and not just one or two pieces.”
“The merchant suggested that we brand not only Batemy’s clothes but as well as the elves’ crafts,” follows Mrs. Astres.

As in the pottery, leatherwork, glasswork, and woodwork made by them?

“The merchant was amazed at the high quality of the goods provided by the elves. He wants to market them all as a single brand to add value and target a boost in sales.”
“With the number of people imitating the design of my clothes is increasing, branding will prove to be effective in distinguishing them from the counterfeits.”

I’m not really that much of a businessman, but if it’s a scheme that reaps them more profits without being too greedy, I’d say it’s okay.

“I think it’s a good idea.”
“Thank you very much!”

And so, our discussion reached a conclusion.

“Therefore, all we need is a brand name.”

Batemy is burning with more desire than ever.

“We want you to come up with the name as the owner of this farm!”

Before I knew it, even the elves had gathered to plead to me.
Well, I guess it’d be fair for everyone if I think of the name.
I’m not going to go for anything eccentric here, just a simple, straightforward name…


You know, from ‘farm.’
It’s only natural to call it that since Batemy’s clothes and the elves’ crafts are made here.

“I like the sound of it! It’s a good name!”
“From now on, anything that is sold from this farm will be labeled as ‘Noujou-made’ to increase its brand value.”

Please don’t say it out loud; it embarrasses me.

The branding of our products was carried out at a rather rapid pace.

Surprisingly, even Veil helped out…

“Yep, I’d say it’s done,” she says as she finishes making something that resembles a stamp.
“It’s a special stamp created with dragon magic. You can stamp it on any surface and it will never fade.”

That’s such a helpful item. Thanks, Veil.

This stamp is engraved with the word “Noujou” in the language of this world and is the unshakeable proof that it was produced on our farm.
I immediately stamp it on all of the products Batemy and the elves made.


My wife, Platy, looks at me with a complex expression.

“What’s wrong, Platy?”
“…Nothing, it’s that stamp. Even if it’s not in Veil’s grasp, her dragon magic remains imbued in it. Anything stamped by it will have a small portion of magic transferred!”
“Wouldn’t that make it a magic item that has the dragon’s blessing?”

You mean our brand’s going to increase in value again?

Oh, well. Whatever.

No point in overthinking about it.

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We shall call it, “Saint Stuff!” sponsored by Dragon Loli Veil!

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