C175: Remodeled Angel

“I-I loveth rice balls…”

I am Hermes, the God of Wisdom.

I am currently visiting mine own brother Hephaestus in the celestial realm.
I doth honor the gent as mine own brother and as a fellow god, but meeting this one face-to-face is still hard to face.

“I am sorry, brother. I didst not bring any rice balls. How is the adjustment of the patched-up angel going?
“T-The child of man to whom I bestowed my gift offered me a rice ball the other day. It did have something red and spicy inside, it was very delicious. Fin.”

This vexation will be the end of me.
Perhaps it is because mine own brother Hephaestus, the god of modeling, t’is an artisan whom tends to flutter hither and yon at his own pace and cannot discern the mood.
I understand this is also part of his personality, but it is still hard to converse with the gent face-to-face.

“I am very much sorry I did giveth thee another job when thou art already busy building the Temple of Shackles for our father Zeus.”
“T-That is not true. I am joyous working on one of mine own creations again.”

My words reached the gent for once.

“I has’t already finished building Dad’s temple and fixing the angel. I wanteth thee to check the workmanship.”

The gent works fast.

“Really?! Not only didst thee adjust the angel, but thou also did finish making Father’s temple of shackles for his housebound confinement? Wouldst not our no-more-brain-than-a-stone father escapeth a hastily-made barrier?”
“I-It is not a temple of shackles.”
“It is Binding Adamantine Blackthorn Eternal Labyrinth (Cocytus Ver.)”

His deep-seated rancor towards our father is showing.

Our jerk of a father didst look down on the taciturn and upright craftmanship of Hephaestus, after all.
Father, it wouldst been better for thee to be cast into Tartarus.
Oh well, serves that gent right.

“D-Dost thou have any rice balls?”
“Nay, I do not.”

“This is the adjusted angel as thee did request. I shall not alloweth thou to refer to her as a patched-up angel again.”

The gent is right!
The angel lying in Hephaestus’ workshop is sparkling-new, a full 180 from its prior countenance right after the lass hadst been excavated and was repaired hastily.

It looks like the lass is not activated yet, as she lies on the pedestal, seemingly asleep.

“I madeth her whole body evenly proportioned afresh. Before, it almost did look grotesque with its irregularities…”
“It is because each angel used for her parts had a different body size. The lass hadst Ponosfon’s arms and Limosfon’s long legs.”

This angel was first formed by combining the parts of several angels destroyed four thousand years ago, after all.
And although the Saint did get the gift from Hephaestus, that mortal’s way of thinking is beyond the imaginings of a god.

“But thou didst not alter her main body yond much, didst thee?”
“Hysminaifon’s perfectly loli-like chest and Logosfon’s voluptuous, feminine buttocks! This unbalanced plumpness is like none other!”
“The heavier the bottom, the better. It has been such since ancient times.”

I firmly shook hands with mine own brother.

Brother! Thee very much art the god of modeling!
Thee knoweth exactly what thou art doing!

“I-I also purged some of her armaments and did replace them with new ones. I did pursue precedence of user-friendliness and convenience over turning her into an annihilation machine.”
“I seeth thou also did remove her wings.”
“E-Eris forced me to attach them. Sure, they look fancy, but they wouldst only get in the way of her daily life.”

True. Having those huge wings upon one’s back t’is a hindrance.
Thee cannot lie upon thy back whilst one sleeps.

But even though the gent pursued convenience, he still did make sure to incorporate armaments.
As expected of Hephaestus.

“Okay, I shall initiate her actuation forthwith… Char… Siu… Rice ball!”

Hephaestus then presses her switches after a mysterious chant. I couldst sense the high-dimensional mana emitted from the power compartment of the prone angel filling each of her parts.

“…Whee,” sayeth the angel.

Speaking of which, brother. Thou has’t adjusted the exterior a lot, but what about her interior?
The prior time the lass was activated, the personalities of the various angels used for her parts did overlap, so she demonstrated herself a mess inside and out.

“YoOoOo. Hunh? I wake up ‘n see two gloomy gods next ta each other. Issin this jus’ the worst?”

The lass is still broken.

“What is going on, brother?
“I didst not make any particular changes to her thought processes.”

For what reason?!
It is the first thing thee must rehabilitate!
Behold at how broken her speech is!

“T-This in itself is her newly acquired personality. F-Fate dwells in every being’s character. Her fate must not be made distorted by the hands of others.”
It doth seem to mine own brother that angels, though originally built as bioweapons, shouldst also have their personalities respected.

The gent is such a virtuous man!
Hephaestus is surprisingly compassionate amongst the heavenly deities and respects the free will of the children of men.

“H-Her thinking is jumbled up with the personalities of many angels. How to coordinate and temper them into a single personality shouldst be left to her future experience and prudence.”

I see.
Then I, Hermes, am the perfect instructor to polish her personality, for I am the god of wisdom!

“Ahem, I deem I shouldst greet thee first. Nice to meet thee, I am Hermes, the god of wisdom.”

From this day forward, I volunteer to be the teacher who shall guideth thee.
Such is the responsibility of the son who atones for his clotpole father’s wrongdoings!

“Hunh? Thanks, but no thanks.”

However, the angel rejected a god’s goodwill without hesitation.

“I wanna do whatever I want now that am revived. Ion care ’bout gods ‘n whatnot. Also, could ya not get too close ta me? ‘S gross.”

Wing, wing, wing, wing, wing!!!
I can heareth a high-pitched alarm setting off inside me.

“Very well. It does seem thee demands even more specialized training.”
“T-Thou art mad, are thee not, Hermes?”

Returning this saucy lass to the saint in this state wouldst only cause the gent trouble.
I has’t to use mine own wisdom presently to discipline her into a child who hast the basic manners and right conduct.

It is necessary to correct her character so that anon the lass may acquire social skills!

“Anyway, brother, I shall take this lass with me.”
“I has’t already done everything I did need to, so I have no objection. But umm…”

I grabbed the insolent angel and carried her entire weight upon my shoulders…

“One of mine own forty-eight techniques as the god of wisdom…”

Then slammed her down vertically before mine own feet.

“Brain Buster, Vertical Heaven Drop Style!!!”

The angel’s head crashes onto the floor.
But since this is the celestial realm, the floor collapses from the Brain Buster’s momentum, penetrates the clouds, and we fall straight to the earth.
The saucy angel and I descended from the celestial realm to…

↓ (Still falling.)


We did make a descent from the heavens and arrived on earth in one fell swoop.

From here, I did seek out a certain person and petitioned an entreaty to that gent.

“Thee who doth follow Poseidon! I entreat thee for a boon! Couldst thou taketh this stupid lass with thee on thy journey and grant her a chance to learn a thing or two?”

If you look closely, taking the first letter from the temple(labyrinth?)’s name would spell ‘babel’. It wasn’t on purpose, was only something I noticed while I was scheduling this post. Thought it was a cool coincidence.

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dicky satria
dicky satria
1 year ago

Hermes and Hephaestus really did agree that they both like em THICC huh…?

dicky satria
dicky satria
1 year ago

errr…. wat ? did i just see Hermes and Hephaestus saying that they like em THICC ?

1 year ago

Did she just now become the Peasant from the Journey to the West ???🤣🤣🤣

Patrick Joe Yap
Patrick Joe Yap
1 year ago
Reply to  deadtoxic

kinda feels like it for some reason. as a fan of the journey of the west, it kinda has the vibe to it for some reason

1 year ago

Instead of brain buster, the image that come to my mind is Hermes doing tombstone

1 year ago
Reply to  Yamijoma

I was thinking along the lines of the Heavenly Potemkin Buster from guilty gear tbh

1 year ago

Thank you for the chapter 👍

1 year ago

So these two gods are apparently fans of body type like the Elin from TERA Online, huh.

Leave a Reply
Leave a Reply
1 year ago

The angel become Goku/Wukong???

1 year ago

She’s going with the prince? That’s not gonna end well

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