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ITK C176: Hakkai’s Lamentation of Divergences

I am Hakkai, a Warrior Orc granted permission to accompany Prince Arowana on his pilgrimage.

Originally, my role was to help Lord Saint on his farm, but it seems that something makes me stand out from the other orcs.

I have always wanted to see the outside world with my own eyes and broaden my knowledge.
The opportunity presented itself when I heard that Prince Arowana, who frequents the farm, was going on a pilgrimage. I appealed to the prince to which Lord Saint and Leader Okubo readily agreed.

My Lord even gave me a new name, ‘Hakkai,’ and I was deeply moved by the congeniality of my friends.

And so, Prince Arowana and I set off. But as soon as we did, a new companion had already joined us.

It was Miss Puffer, a mermaid friend from our farm.

“Puffer, how did you get here?!”

Prince Arowana was bewildered by Miss Puffer who suddenly showed up using teleportation magic.
Apparently, there’s a mechanism in the pendant that she gave him as a farewell gift, and as long as he wears it, she could use magic to teleport to him at any time.
As for her return, she can just use the farm’s designated waypoint.

It seems Miss Puffer is planning to lead a double life by accompanying Prince Arowana while still working at the farm.

Prince Arowana was puzzled, but…
…He could only accept the situation.

They say the tenacity of a maiden in love is out of this world.

And so, our journey began with us three.

The first place we arrived was the Demon Kingdom’s capital.
Having destroyed its archnemesis, the Human Kingdom, it has now become the heart of the land.

This was our first destination simply because it was the easiest place to reach using teleportation magic from the farm.

The capital is also Demon King Zedan’s base.

King Zedan, another frequent visitor of our farm, is on good terms with Prince Arowana.
He welcomed him to the capital with open arms.

The welcome was kept private at the prince’s request. Nevertheless, the leaders of the Demon Kingdom took turns meeting him throughout the day, suddenly making our journey take a political turn.

In the meanwhile, Miss Puffer sat next to Prince Arowana and sometimes lightened the mood with her sophisticated jokes.
I was also present as a bodyguard, but I overheard part of the demonfolk’s conversation who were leaving the conference room after it had ended.

“…My, my, the prince of the Mermaid Kingdom has quite the beautiful wife.”
“Not only is she beautiful, but she’s also intelligent. Just like our Queen Astres.”
“After seeing that mercouple engaging in national politics, we demonfolk can’t just hang about, now can we?”

I see they’re laying the groundwork.

After that, we went sightseeing around the capital.
Prince Arowana and Miss Puffer walking side by side down the streets looked just like a couple on a date.

They intimately looked around the stores and sometimes bought things they liked.


Wait a minute. Aren’t the clothes that they just bought the same branded clothes Miss Batemy makes?
It seems they paid a lot of money for it, but they’re actually being distributed for free at the farm!

After a few days in the capital, it was finally time to leave.
Upon parting, King Zedan gave Prince Arowana a gift.

“I have written on this transport note that you are an important friend of the Demon King. Now that the former Human Kingdom is under my control, there is no place on earth that you cannot visit with this.”
“Time and again, I am indebted to you. I will continue to learn all that I can about the land with your generous gift.”
“We shall sumo wrestle upon your return!”

And so, the sea prince and the demon king part after a tight embrace.
…This can only foreshadow peace, huh?

Anyway, from here on out, we will be genuinely traveling across this vast world.
We’ll visit all sorts of places and meet all kinds of people, and these experiences will help us grow both in mind and heart as an individual.

…However, Prince, I know it’s a little late to ask now, but why are you pilgrimaging on land?
Wouldn’t it make more sense to go on a marine pilgrimage since you’re a merprince?

“…The merfolk perceive land as a dangerous and distressing place, which is why I can obtain extraordinary strength and growth by pilgrimaging here!”

I guess the prince has a point, the land is a completely different world to merfolk.
Still, I don’t think it’s likely that we’ll face unimaginable challenges.


I take it back.
An unimaginable challenge showed up!

“Greetings. I am Hermes, a celestial deity who doth govern wisdom and knowledge.”

Did this gentleman literally just fall from the sky?!
Still, he paid no attention to this and started talking as if nothing unusual happened.

Naturally, the three of us were all speechless.

“I am cutting straight to the chase. Thee who doth follow Poseidon! I entreat thee for a boon! Couldst thou taketh this stupid lass with thee on thy journey and grant her a chance to learn a thing or two?” he says as he presents a girl with an unusual body proportion.

Her lower half is plump in comparison to her skinny upper body.

“This lass hast just been reactivated after 4,000 years. Her mental state is still unstable. I expecteth the lass shall grow mentally by accompanying thee on thy journey and gain various experiences! Wahaha!!!”

It is clear to me that the man is trying to get us to go with the flow.

“It is as thee mortals do say. ‘A pampered child learns little; the best education is to be forced out into the world!’ Huh? I am not trying to impose upon thou! The lass is useful in so many ways! Thou shall not regreteth having her with thee!”
“…Useful? In what way?”
“The lass can destroy the world.”
“Take her home with you!!!”

That’s on the same level as Sensei, Lady Veil, and Horkosfon back at the farm!
Still, we ultimately decided to take her with us.

Prince Arowana said that since this is a pilgrimage to become a magnificent king in the future, the more hardships he faces, the better.

“Very well. The lass is all yours. I am certain thy journey shall show fruitful with her around.”
“Yeet, les geddis show on the road!”

The way she spoke made everyone, including me, ever so slightly irritated.

“So, onto the main point…”

It seems Prince Arowana has already accepted his fate.

“What is her name, if I may ask? If we don’t know her name, we won’t be able to do much for her.”
“An insightful query. Though the personalities of Neikosfon, Ponosfon, Hysminaifon, Logosfon, and Limosfon are fused within her, it wouldst not show prudence to designate one name over another…”

What is this god talking about?

“…It would then be most appropriate to giveth her a new name. Ah, aye. In accordance with the saint’s sentiments…”

She was named ‘Songokufon.’

And so, a fourth companion joins us on our journey.

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Ricardo Aguilar
Ricardo Aguilar
1 year ago

Puffer asserting dominance over the prince.

1 year ago

We have the pig, we have the water saint/kappa and we have just gotten the monkey. Does that make Puffer the monk?

1 year ago

Good job author, I didn’t see that name coming.

1 year ago

Seriously? Songokufon? Even I get how ridiculous that name is. Ugh…. Lol

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Leave a Reply
1 year ago

A genderbend thicc thighs goku? No, just no!

1 year ago
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This will be a challenging fap!

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