C300: Otherworldly Fertility Plan

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post-april fools update: this section is the gtranslate version, youre free to skip this and move forward with the real chapter in the next page (navigation at the bottom)

I came back to the farm for various reasons.

Prati’s homecoming and greetings from her parents went off without too much trouble.
“Success is the result.”

The mermaid king and his wife said, “Come and visit us again anytime.”
“Prince Arowana will of course remain in the land of mermaids.” He is said to be preparing to succeed to the throne.

Even though I went all the way to see the Demon King, the second half was hanging in midair. He left at the same time as us. He returns to the Magic City and seems to sign a formal peace treaty with the Mermaid Kingdom.

Hakkai, a traveling companion who accompanied Prince Arowana in his training, first returned to the farm and returned to work on the farm with the other orcs.

Mr. Ardhog the dragon continues his journey and seems to fly around the world.
“Even if there are no trials, I will watch over the hero and the king!”

The angel Songokwon also accompanied them.
I don’t know why, but “Oh, I’m Freedom” was the throwaway line.

“If the two of you feel like it, they’ll come visit the farm or the land of mermaids, so you can leave them alone for the time being.”

And finally fall in love with Prince Arowana…

“Come on, let’s start class!”
“Please don’t tell the throwing puffer”

“You will continue to live on our farm.”

She was engaged to Prince Arowana and intended to enter the mermaid royal family in earnest, but she was not allowed to enter due to her criminal record as a witch.
In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to create a track record that dispels the image of the past, and Puffa is a teacher as part of that.

Currently, many young mermaid schoolgirls are studying at the farm under the name of Mermaid Witch Academy Farm Branch School.
The theory was that if she was raised to be an excellent magician, her achievements would be recognized, and her marriage to Prince Arowana would go smoothly.

“If you expose your ulterior motives like that, it will have the opposite effect.”

That’s not all.
This farm is currently conducting a study abroad project for young human resources, and other than mermaids, demonic students are staying and learning various things.
In that sense, it’s a great environment for instructor Puffa to receive high praise, so please do your best on the new stage.

“…I thought so too…”

“… hey saint”
“It’s about teaching children, but I’m a little worried…”
“That is correct”

“I’m curious about Puff, but I was also curious.”
A change in the situation that everyone is worried about has begun to happen to international students.

That is…….
“It’s a couple festival.”

“Walkina-san, there was something I didn’t understand in today’s class, so let’s review it together.”
“Mr. Stark! Would you like to go with me to the dungeon practice tomorrow!? It’s scary alone!”
“It’s handmade chocolate! Please eat it if you like!”
“Don’t you have a fiancé?
“Do you like big boobs, do you like small boobs?”
“This is a popular fortune-telling among demons, and if the skull is cracked, the compatibility between the two is the best.”
“Don’t get me wrong! I absolutely love you!!”

A strong pink whirlwind is blowing among young people.

“Everything is the color of love…”

How did that happen?

“Well, if you mix men and women in their teens, I’m sure it will be like this.”
“Young man…!?”
“Yes, youth.”
“You’re so young…!?”

“When young men and women are in the same place, there’s no way they can’t fall in love.”
“This seems to be a common principle everywhere.”

It seems that it was originally triggered by the establishment of a couple between Lytheseus and Eringia, but it seems that this has led to the establishment of interspecies couples one after another among international students.

“But well, isn’t this also good for achieving your goals?”

Puffa analyzes the current situation.

“what do you mean?”
“I think the purpose of studying abroad is for the three races to interact and deepen their friendship.

of course.
“It’s not the kind of friendship I envisioned, but is this also a form of deepening ties?”

I’m a little concerned about lust, but if the children who study here can get married and have children in the future, and the next generation of hafu can play an active role, that would be peaceful. Let us help you in these difficult times.

“Ah, it’s troublesome to show off. I want to get married quickly, I want to get married…”

Pafa talks about resentment.

april fools! i know what youre thinking, yes this is gtranslate haha. i didnt mtl the entire chapter lest it be mistaken for the genuine release lol.
please head to the next page for the actual chapter!

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5 months ago

Novelupdates omits this chapter entirely, which is kinda wrong, don’t you agree?

5 months ago

You got me. I was actually believing it. In my head I was thinking, “yeah that makes sense.” Although I do wish that the demon woman who is obsessed with bacteria, and the other one the self proclaimed useless one, would be 1nd and 3rd wife of MC.

5 months ago

I’m a fan of Praty 😂

5 months ago

Thanks for the Chapter ^^ seeing the pure gTranslate make me appreciate the proper Chapters even more. Happy April Fools 😀

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I may come back again tomorrow to check if this was MTLed, invented or just full of typos.

Happy April’s Fools.

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