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ITK C301: The Mother Goddesses’ Meeting

I’m tasked to help an interracial couple, the human Dalkish and the demoness Varlina, who are struggling to have a child.
I have no concrete idea as to how I can help them, though.

“Actually… Something’s been weighing on my mind.”

The couple proceeds to express their concerns.

“As you already know, Varlina and I are of different races. I’m a human and she’s a demoness. History has no record of a marriage between these two races.”
“As such, there has been no child born between them. Which brings us to our concern—maybe two different races aren’t meant to have one in the first place…!”

The couple, especially Varlina, is in tears, weighed down by the anxiety.

“There is no way for us to find out what is really the case. But we’re hoping that the all-powerful Lord Saint knows something!”

I see meow.
…I’m not some all-powerful being, as they say, though.

Still, I want to do the best I can for this couple who turned to me.
Of course, I can’t answer their questions because I also lack the knowledge.

But I do know someone who might be able to.

“…Thus, thou hast summoned me for this purpose?”

I called Sensei the Lifeless King, and then I had him summon a deity—the Mother Sea Goddess, Amphitrite.

“Why me, pray tell? Art not the humans and demons the ones in turmoil? As a protector of the merfolk, it concerns me not even in the slightest.”

Yes, it is as you say.
However, you’ve guided my wife, Platy, who was also struggling with fertility issues in the past, until she successfully gave birth to Junior.

So, we thought you’d have a better understanding than us, at least…

“Though I am glad as a deity that thou hast turned to me for aid, it is not within mine own power to offer much assistance in regard to the troubles of humans and demons. However, I shall do what I can with the knowledge I possess.”

That’s a relief.

“From the conclusion speaketh, the begetting of children betwixt different races is an impossibility.”

That was too straightforward!

Varlina’s eyes have gone hollow out of despair.

“Verily, ‘tis impossible for different kindreds to beget offspring, for they are creatures wholly different. Created by distinct gods, their souls doth vary, and thus even if two parents of such distinct origins shall mate, their bloodlines shall never mix.”
“Please wait! What could be the solution then?”

Someone else came to intrude.
Oh, it’s the students.

“You mean that not only the humans and demons but also we mermaids can’t have children with other races?!”
“Indeed, my child.”

Goddess Amphitrite’s affirmation shook the teens’ world.
Currently, there’s a love storm sweeping over them.

Many girls must be on cloud nine, dreaming of marrying their lovers in the future.
Too bad Amphitrite’s declaration crushed that.

“Is there anything Your Radiance or we can do something about it?!”
“If we can’t have children, we’ll never be allowed to marry!”
“I’ll offer a sacrifice, so please!”

With the girls clinging to the goddess, this is no longer just a matter between Dalkish and Varlina.

Interracial marriage should be greatly encouraged in this age when the three races are harmonizing. But it will not work out with the way things are.

I want to do something about this, too.

“Tis true, indeed…”

The goddess starts pondering the issue.

“The root of the issue lies therein. ‘Twas similar to what happened to the Saint and Platy the other day. Thanks to the blessing I bestowed upon Platy, ‘twas resolved…”
“So, should we just seek your blessings, O’ Amphitrite?!”
“The task at hand seems too vast for our numbers. If I dole out too many blessings, their value shall diminish, and above all, ‘tis worth noting that mine own blessings as the Sea Goddess only apply to the merfolk.”

In other words, it won’t solve the problem of these human-demon couples.
Dalkish and Varlina, who were the first to come for advice, are feeling more and more hopeless.

“…This seems to require a fundamental solution.”
“Do you have a plan in mind, Your Radiance?”

Looks like Amphitrite is struck with an ingenious idea.

“As thou sayest, the world hath changed and the strife doth abate. Therefore, let us gods also change the hues of the world to match. However, that is not possible for me alone.”

What does that mean?

“Because it will affect the entire world. As a goddess who holds sway only over the flotes, I cannot hope to tend to such matters. We must come to terms with the other deities who hold dominion over the heavens and the earth… Saint.”

The goddess’ tone changes and says, “If true thee wanteth to contribute to the world, thee wilt also doth thy part and prepare a place for the mother goddesses of the flote, earth and heaven to gather.”

And so, I prepared a venue as Amphitrite ordered.

“Are we supposed to summon the three Mother Goddesses here?”
“It seems that way, Lord Saint…”

Goddess Amphitrite returned to the divine realm later that day, so we’re summoning her again today.
Of course, we’re asking for Sensei’s help again.

“We even changed our location this time…”

Right now, we’re in the former Human Kingdom far from the farm, in Dalkish’s territory.
The travel was a cinch, though, because we teleported via the waypoint set up at Orkubo’s Castle. But why here?

“We could’ve just summoned them at the farm as usual, right?”
“Amphitrite was very insistent that this summoning be done somewhere other than the farm.”

Yeah, she said she wouldn’t approve of the summoning if we don’t comply.
I wonder what’s the reason behind it?

“Isn’t it because I’m summoning not only the earth and sea goddesses but also the heaven goddess?”

For that, Sensei was also asked to come with us.
The surrounding people are looking at the scene with anticipation.

“Why are there so many spectators?!”
“Forgive me, Lord Saint!” says Dalkish who arranged the place. “It’s an honor to have my territory chosen as the venue for summoning the three mother goddesses! The only thing is, as we ran about preparing for it, information got leaked here and there! It’s not like we can afford not to notify the occupation government, either, so…”

So, people came here to see for themselves if it was true or not.

They’re looking from a distance, but I could tell from their expressions that they were glad to come here upon seeing Sensei.

“Good afternoon, everyone. Thomack More has returned to the Human Kingdom after thousands of years!”

Sensei’s just amiably waving his hands at them?!
Is he perhaps in high spirits after remembering his real name after so long?

“Well then, let’s start the ritual without further ado. First, I’ll be summoning the Mother Sea Goddess Amphitrite and Mother Earth Goddess Demetersephone.”
“Huh? Just two of them?”

Weren’t we supposed to summon the mother goddesses of heaven, earth, and sea?

“Amphitrite has strictly specified the order in which they’d like to be summoned. She said I must start with the two of them first, and the Mother Heaven Goddess following them next…”



In response to Sensei’s incantation, time and space begin to distort, and appear two gorgeous goddesses.

“Hello, Demetersephone!”
“It doth bring me joy to see thee again!… Oh, hast thou changed thy manicure?”
“Ah! Thee can tell? Mine own husband doth not notice at all! Surely, it is only betwixt us maidens that such things are important!”

They’re as light-hearted as ever.

I’m not surprised since I’ve seen the two of them before, but as for our spectators…
They’re in an uproar.
Some of them have bubbles foaming on their mouth, while others are on their knees in tears, praying.

Demetersephone says, “I has’t hath heard the gist of things. ‘Tis a lovely notion, that all of humanity may conceive children without regard to their race, and that the three mother goddesses of heaven, earth, and flote have agreed to amend their decree. I shall happily lend my aid to the cause.”
“Ahh! I knew thee would say that, Demety!” says Amphitrite, hugging her. “However, the problem lies with her.”
“Indeed, thou speakest true. The Immortal King hath yet to summon her as requested. Impressive, impressive.”

The two mother goddesses both have cautious looks on their faces.

“If that lady doth throw a fit, all shall be lost. We must proceed with caution…”
“Indeed, we must. Let us discuss this matter thoroughly, including our little saint.”

Who is this person they’re being cautious about, you ask?

It’s Hera, the Mother Heaven Goddess and wife of Zeus, God of the Heavens.

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7 months ago

i just wondered why Veil didn’t try wanting a child with Kidan if she was attach to Kidan Jr. seeing how it was now possible for interspecies to have children but i guess as long as she was in that loli body of hers i even doubt Kidan would make a move on her and she never acted like a woman in front of Kidan that she was being treated as a pet instead

8 months ago

“I see meow.”

Why that meow? April Fool’s is long gone now.

8 months ago

Ah yes, Hera. The goddess of pettiness. This should be fun

8 months ago

Kidan’s gift is from Hephestas, a natural born son of Hera. Who upon taking one look at her child threw him off Olympus he came back and got revenge (the myths of how vary,) but I can see the possibility of the Hand of Supremacy being able to put her in her place if she acts up…

8 months ago

Zeus’ wife, Hera, hated women the most because her husband, Zeus, always came down to Earth and ‘played’ with all women and had children (demigods). 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😡😡😡

Last edited 8 months ago by nand
8 months ago
Reply to  nand

Being mysogyistic toward women, when you are a woman herself. ~ Hera

Last edited 8 months ago by Jack
8 months ago
Reply to  Jack

Well she can’t go against Zeus because he’s more powerful than her, she already tried that once, and failed, so she takes her anger out on the mortals since they’re weak.

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