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ITK C201: Account of the Pilgrimage Part 4: Rulers of the Night


We’re known by many names—apostles of the night, the rulers of darkness, the harbingers of terror.

Some say we’re a kind of monster that spawned from the dungeon.
Some also say we’re a sub-species that evolved after branching off the demon race.
Others say we’re undead like the Lifeless King.

But only a few people know exactly what we are.

That’s okay, because the unknown is their source of fear.
And we vampires must be the most feared beings in the world.

We fly around silently in the pitch-black night, our prey oblivious to us sinking our fangs into their necks.

And once all is said and done, we make the living succumb to fear by leaving the carcasses of our victims.

Who killed them?
How did they do it?
Why has the blood been drained?
Will they eventually become a target?

All of this is part of the “unknown.”
It’s because they know nothing for certain that they fear the dark and create in their minds the most terrifying existence imaginable.

That is the image that represents us.

An existence worthy of the greatest fear, and that, my friend, is what we vampires are.

Pardon the late introductions, but I’m Mosquita, one of the Six Mavens of the Misty, Moonlit Night, a prestigious vampire alliance.

Tonight, all six Mavens will be meeting together for the first time in thirty-eight years.

Look, here they come, a swarm of bats flying in the moonlit night.
They enter my castle’s prized rose garden and transform into their human form.

Screech. Good of you to come, my brothers and fellow Mavens.”
“How could we not? A call to arms is a call to arms.”

Other bats also landed and gathered to transform into their human form.
There are now six of us in total, the six best and proudest vampires.

Our true identity is shrouded in mystery with various theories abounding, but the truth is that we are indeed former demons, now transcendent beings who have gained immortality through a contract with the elder spirit Varcolac.

Varcolac would, from time to time, haphazardly give power to outstanding alchemists like us and transform them into immortal monsters in exchange for never being able to step out into the sun again.

However, such things are of little importance.

A never-ending lifespan. The advanced magic absorption art of blood-sucking. The ability to completely drain the mana in offerings without the slightest loss. And the ability to infinitely increase our magic through these means.

Some people consider us vampires ranking equal with Lifeless Kings because of the way we are and the power we have, but it’s honestly quite offensive.

We don’t want to be lumped in with those immortal bone-dry freaks.
We have gained eternal life and immense magical power while retaining our supple bodies.
So, it goes without saying that we are a far more transcendent species than them.

And now, we will have the seat worthy of our superiority at long last.

“First of all, comrades, I, as the host, would like to thank you for responding to my appeal,” I say to the five other Mavens.

“Is it really happening, Sir Mosquita?”
“Are you reluctant? You’re being uncharacteristically prudent for a ruler of the night.”

The great news that shook the entire universe has already spread to the realm of the night where we reside.

Demon King Zedan has overthrown the Human Kingdom and has unified the earth.
It is said that the current demon king has accomplished a one-of-a-kind feat since their emergence as an insignificant race.

The vexing Sacred Barrier even disappeared at the same time.
To say that the entire world is now in the hands of one king is no exaggeration.
Power has been monopolized.

“Don’t you think this is the perfect opportunity to make the world ours?”

The six of us will attack the Demon Capital, suck out everyone’s blood, and conquer it.

We have the ability to dominate and enslave our victims like the living dead.

We’ll create an army of our own with the king and anyone outstanding we can find as our servants.
And we, the vampires, will reign as the true rulers of this world!

“Rumor has it that The Emperor, the most malevolent of all Lifeless Kings, failed just as he was about to raise his army.”

This was a huge scoop that I had secretly obtained which unsurprisingly shook my comrades.

“The Emperor?!”
“I can imagine him to be the type to make the very first move after the unification of the earth, but still-”
“If he had gone toe-to-toe with the Demon King’s army, it should’ve been an all-out war!”
“How is it possible for The Emperor to have fallen without news of it spreading?”

Heh, they’re confused.
I’m going to seize this initiative and take control of the situation.

“Either way, it’s good news that he’s gone, because there’s no one left to compete with for supremacy.”

The other Lifeless Kings have no interest in this mundane world, let alone conquering the earth.
Sub-races such as elves, dwarves, and therianthropes pretend to be independent forces, but they can also be crushed in one go along with the Demon King’s army.

“No obstacle in this world can stop us vampires! Wouldn’t it be a sin for the strong not to claim the throne when it’s within reach?!”

Yes, I will become king.

The five other Mavens that I have selected over the years are, by standard, weak-willed, shilly-shallies, and incapable of doing anything without my instructions.
Hence, they will become my pawns and obey my orders for conquering the earth.
In other words, when the Demon Capital falls into my hands, the world will not belong to the vampires, but me alone!

I will be the ruler of not only the world of darkness but the entire world!
For I am the vampire who is qualified to do so!!!


But just when I was basking in my own supremacy with a bright future ahead of me…

“…Hm? What is this light? Ack, my eyes!”

I lost consciousness.


Yep, it’s me, Hakkai the orc, travel companion of Prince Arowana.

Songokufon has done it again.

“Ahhhhh!!! Songoku! Why did you fire another preemptive attackkk?!”

Prince Arowana is flustered.

Smoke billows from the grand castle far ahead of us after being hit by Songoku’s converging mana cannon.

“Confirmed direct hit an da taaarget! And my mana cannon? It’s burstin’ wit holiness from divine blessin’s! A buncha vampires ain’t nothin’ against it, a slight graze from it n’ they’re alllll goneee!!!”
“Don’t give me that! You only took one of them down! What are we supposed to do with the remaining vampires?!”

It’s just as Prince Arowana said.

We received information from a neighboring feudal lord that malicious beings are holding a meeting, so our group came to investigate just to make sure.
We overheard their plans to raid the Demon Capital thanks to Songokufon’s exceptional hearing and immediately decided that mercy was futile.

“But that doesn’t mean we should take action right away! The vampires haven’t been wiped out yet! Puffer! How are things going?!”
“Wait a minute, okay?”

Lady Puffer spies on the castle with a telescope made at the farm.

“There are still a lot of them left. But maybe it’s because their leader was killed that they’re in a flurry right now. They’ll probably just get spooked and run away at this point, don’t you think?”
“I doubt that. Vampires are evil that threaten demonfolk. We have to settle things here and finish off every last one of them!”

As expected of the prince.
I agree with his opinion.

“Songoku, use your mana cannon to put up a barrage and keep them pinned down so they can’t escape! In the meantime, Hakkai and I will march in and fight them in close combat! Puffer, you stay here and get a bird’s eye view of the situation!”
“I reckon it’ll almost be dawn, so we can win just by prolonging the fight. They’re bound to turn to ashes when exposed to sunlight, after all.”

I bravely charged in with Prince Arowana.

Thus, we eradicated the evil force that has been threatening the Demon Kingdom.

a shame, i thought vampire sub-race was cool. but now they’re all dead lol

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1 year ago

Aside from the vampires…what happened to the other heroes that were summoned? Don’t they have their own side stories to tell aside from the high school student who was looking for Saint Kidan?

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1 year ago
Reply to  domekano6444

I think the moment those fellow earthlings meet Kidan, It will also a big revelation to Letasreit that Kidan was actually Saint Kidan all along.

dicky satria
dicky satria
1 year ago

omae wa mo shindeiruu~~

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