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ITK C205: Rumors of a Utopia

My name is Shabe, a worthless adventurer living in the Human Kingdom.

Our nation was unexpectedly destroyed by the demons.
There was a time when I was unsure of what would happen to us, but now I’m managing to make a living somehow.

The demons only crushed the royalty and the religious order and kept everything else the same as before, which was truly reassuring.

Today, we’re going to enter the dungeons and make some easy money.

Adventurers like me go to the Adventurer’s Guild first before anywhere else.
I decide on my target based on the requests posted.

“Sup, old man. Got any good quests?”
“How about this one: ‘Defeat 3 Beelzebub’? You have until the end of the day to complete it.”
“Them again? I’m tired of hunting Beelzebub all the time!”
“I know, but they’re weak, hang around near the dungeon entrance, and are easy to hunt. There’s nothing better than easy hunting, you dig?”

Despite my dissatisfaction, I accepted the quest.

Beelzebub Oil can be processed into a salve that works well on cuts and is always in demand, anyway.

“Old man, don’t you have a cooler quest? You know, something that would make my reputation go through the roof just by completing it? Like defeating a dungeon guardian, for example.”
“If a novice like you runs into a dungeon guardian, you’ll be killed instantly. You won’t even be able to run away.”
“Stop trying to look for a shortcut and diligently work your way through instead, one quest at a time. Just two or three more quests and you’ll be able to rank up and enter a one-star dungeon.”
“Seriously? Sweet!

This is the job of an adventurer: kill monsters in dungeons and get useful materials for people.

Dungeons are strictly controlled by the local Adventurer’s Guilds to ensure that monsters don’t escape and that no one other than authorized adventurers can enter them.

I recently learned that the Demon Kingdom doesn’t have an Adventurer’s Guild.
I wondered how they manage their dungeons, but it seems they’re all under the Demon King’s direct control.

Well, our nation has been destroyed by the Demon Kingdom, so now their king is also our king…

“The Demon King’s Army uses anthropomorphic monsters like orcs and goblins as their military force. It’s more convenient to manage them directly that way.”

We go into dungeons, hunt the monsters we’ve been asked to hunt, complete quests, and end the day with a drink at a tavern.
Such is the standard routine for adventurers.

The old man meets up with me to have a drink after finishing his work.
No one’s more reliable in the adventuring world than him.

“Their army has been disarmed after overthrowing its archnemesis, the humans. They entrusted dungeon management to the private sectors and even proposed more liberal access.”
“And then?”
“It might be possible to establish an Adventurer’s Guild in the Demon Kingdom. Who knows? You might even make your way into their dungeons. They’re still unexplored territory and may contain more treasures than you can imagine.”

That sounds promising!

For a while, I thought the Human Kingdom’s future was looking bleak after its destruction, but in reality, it’s opening new doors for me!
Long live the Demon King!!!

“I have one more mystical story to tell you if you’re interested.”
“I’m all ears! Waitress, more drinks!”

One tip per drink is the deal between the old man and me.
It seems he uses this trick to extort money from adventurers while getting free drinks every day.

“There’s a rumor going around these days. It’s said to be somewhere in this world, but no one knows where.”
“The Saint’s Farm.”

I’m more interested in hearing about dungeons than some farm.

“Listen till the end. I’m talking about a mysterious place situated somewhere.”
“Isn’t that just a mere fantasy?”
“There are a few things that prove otherwise. Have you ever heard of the Maidens of Bacchus?”
“The pretty babes peddling alcohol? Yeah, I know them.”
“Yeah. They’re part of a private cult that believes in the demigod Bacchus. Just the other day, I heard this urgent news came through their network.”

Calling to all Maidens who want to go to the Saint’s Farm.

“Bacchus, the head of the cult, is half-human, half-god, born centuries ago. He’s the only god we can see in person in this day and age. If it’s a notice from someone like him, then it must be true…”
“What’s the proof?”
“Why, the Maidens of Bacchus who responded to the call disappeared and haven’t been seen since. An eyewitness stated that they saw Bacchus take them away with a dragon!”
“The heck?”

That’s indeed quite the scoop…
But it still comes off as a dubious tale to me!

“You had me until the dragon showing up part!!!”
“Which also brings me to another story I just remembered. There were a lot of eyewitnesses, so this one’s definitely true,” pompously says the old man. “Have you heard of the dragon intervening between the humans and the demons’ war before the Human Kingdom was overthrown?”
“It’s a different world from us adventurers, but it’s still a big deal, so you should know about it. Being updated with worldly affairs is one of the requirements for a good adventurer.”
“So, what happened when the dragon intervened?”

According to the old man, this is what the dragon said:

– I am a servant of the Saint.
– Those who offend the Saint will be mercilessly burned to ashes.

“If that dragon and the dragon that took Bacchus’ cult are the same, doesn’t that make the existence of the Saint’s Farm more plausible?”
“It sounds like a stretch, but if that’s what the dragon said, then maybe this saint does exist at the very least.”
“In fact, when our previous king was informed of the uproar at the front lines, he sent his men to search for the Saint. He said that if the Saint were his retainer, it would be enough to wipe out the demon race with his dragon.”

However, before the Saint was discovered, the demons invaded and destroyed the Human Kingdom.

“Rumor has it that some of the search party members are still carrying out the king’s orders and continuing to search for the Saint.”
“What? Why?”

The Human Kingdom is gone, so no one will reward them for completing their mission, right?

“I guess they’re just that loyal. There are plenty of other people who want to go to the Saint’s Farm.”
“Do you really have to ask? It’s the land ruled by the person who has tamed a dragon! They say you can find anything there and can grant any wish!”
“Says who?”
“Just look at this detailed promotional line about the recruitment post Bacchus’ cult spread…”

—The Saint’s Farm has all your needs!
—Delicious food, beautiful clothes!
—Most importantly, a rare brew you’ve never tasted before!
—Calling to all Maidens who want to live a life of luxury like never before. Come with Bacchus to P A R A D I S E!

“A life of luxury!”

That’s music to my ears.
Hearing something like this would pique my interest as well. It still feels a little scammy, though.

“And, you know, this dragon keeps popping up in gossip. Which makes me think of one thing.”
“That maybe the Saint’s Farm has a dungeon with the dragon as its guardian.”

Aren’t dungeons with guardians rated five stars and higher?!
The risk level and the estimated amount of treasure are also far greater!

“Such dungeons depend entirely on the nature of their guardian. Some dragons, such as Grauglintz Dragon Alexander, take the initiative in accepting adventurers.”

I know that.

Alexander’s Mountain of the Sacred White Maiden is the largest, strongest, and most difficult dungeon in the Human Kingdom with the highest profit margin rated six stars, breaking the Adventurer’s Guild rating standard!

“Are you saying that there may be a dungeon of the same standard in the Saint’s Farm?”
“It’s highly possible. Dragons only live in dungeons, after all. If a dragon is the Saint’s servant, that means the dungeon is ruled by the Saint.”

A dungeon ruled by a person…
It must be well-managed and organized…

“That’s why the guild has secretly sent out emergency quests to a limited number of skilled adventurers.”
“To find the Saint’s Farm?”

And take advantage of the potential profits it has.

“…Old man, I’ve made up my mind.”
“What do you mean?”
“I’ll find the Saint’s Farm and go down in history as the first person to discover this utopia!”

This isn’t the time to be dawdling here!
I’m going on a journey and won’t return until I find the Saint’s Farm!

“Huh?! But what about your payment?! I came here expecting my portion to be covered! Hey! Hey!!!”

The old man’s loud voice grows inaudible and distant, but I’m sure they’re words of encouragement!

Wait for me, old man!
I promise you I’ll find the Saint’s Farm and come back!!!

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1 year ago

Couple of hints for the next adventures we are most likely about to see.

Dragon Alexander’s dungeon and the quest for the summoned heroes to find the saint is still ongoing.

I’m excited to see what is going to happen when the summoned heroes finally meet the Saint.

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