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ITK C54: The Aides’ Time to Shine

The royal demon couple is getting all the attention lately, but they’re not the only new residents here.
I’m talking about the two aides accompanying Mrs. Astres—Batemy and Belena.

These girls also have their own stories to tell.

“Lord Saint, there is something I would like to discuss with you.”

There comes Batemy, alone, which is a rare sight since she’s usually always with Belena in whatever they do.

“I heard the saint desires clothing.”
“I’m surprised you knew. Who told you that?”

But to be more precise, I need stylish clothes that suit Platy.

I can make clothes, but with my zero-fashion sense, not even The Hand of Supremacy can save me when making stylish ones.
Since there’s nothing else I can do, the ultra-basic clothes I made have been kept for exclusive use between me and the orcs.

We’ve been getting more and more female residents lately, with Mrs. Astres, Belena, and even Batemy, who’s right in front of me, so the matter of purchasing stylish clothes which I put on hold till now is becoming more urgent.

“My family used to run a needlework shop.”
“That being said, it was more of a small mending shop that operated in the countryside. Now, that shop has been demolished, and for the sake of putting food on the table, I joined the demon army, eventually catching Miss Astres’ attention, leading me to become an aide to a Heavenly King.”
“I see.”

I’m having a good feeling about this.

“Despite all, I still haven’t forgotten the sewing techniques I learned from my parents, and while I’m working as Miss Astres’ aide, I’d still like to realize my dream of popularizing the clothes I design one day. I was thinking of opening my own clothing store with the severance payment I get after serving in the army.”

Nice, I like where this is going.

“So, would you please let me make clothes that will please Miss Astres and Miss Platy?”

Now this is what you call a lifesaver.
The answer to my problem that I’ve been putting away for so long has arrived.

“You’re free to make as much as you want! You can even stop doing field work if you’d like to focus on making clothes since that’s what we’ve been looking for all this time!”
“Thank you!!!”

We’ve made a deal.

“Let me know if there’s anything you need, anything at all! I have all the basic tools—needles, scissors, thread, and even cloth!”

The cotton fabric I weaved from the cotton plants I cultivated!

“About that, Lord Saint…”
“Hm? What’s with the change of tone?”
“The cloth weaved from the mysterious plants you cultivated aside, there are others, right?”

And what keen eyesight! She noticed that too?!

It all started when Sensei let me adopt egg-laying bird monsters, yoschamo, from his dungeon.

I was struck with an idea when I found the yoschamos that maybe other helpful monsters reside in the dungeons. And so, I went through each and every monster that’s indigenous to Sensei’s cave dungeon and Veil’s mountain dungeon.
Then, that’s when I found it.
Platy and Veil regarded it as a useless monster and left it as it was, but that’s where it piqued my interest.

At first glance, it looks like a normal caterpillar. A slow, ugly, and inedible caterpillar monster with no use whatsoever. Its size is slightly bigger than that of a normal one. But since it is a monster, it will never metamorphosize into a butterfly, so it comes off as a nonsensical creature that spends their entire life just crawling around the dungeon.

A caterpillar monster whose existence is so meaningless it wasn’t even given a name.
But then, that very same monster spewed out thread.

Back in my world, silk is considered the top-quality for making clothes.
It’s made from the cocoons of silkworms, a species of moth, created during their larval stage.

Seeing that caterpillar spew thread similar to a silkworm gave me the most fascinating idea. So, I decided to bring some with me and raise them back home.

Naturally, I can’t keep them in the nearby garden where the yoschamos dig out the soil to feast on earthworms, so I raised them in one room of the mansion. And sure enough, it was filled with the thread they spewed.
Then, I weaved the thread into silk goods.

In fact, I already have the finished product with me!

“Good job noticing that, Batemy!”

It’s not that I intended to hide it, but Platy and Veil told me that they find bugs disgusting and that I shouldn’t be using one of our rooms for such a reason, so I’m pleased that there’s finally someone who understands what I want to do!

“As expected of the saint. You can even turn the thread spewed by bugs into fabric! Your ideas are truly out of this world! After looking at the fabric, it seems more beautiful and durable than any high-quality fabric back in the demon capital. Please let me make clothes with it! “
“No problem!”

I had no reason to refuse.
There’s no point in having the finest quality of silk if there’s no skillful tailor to make use of it, anyway.
And they showed up right at my doorstep without me looking for that tailor!

So, I decided to leave everything to her.

Batemy, I entrust my silk fabric to you!

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2 years ago

Thanks for the chapter.

It’s a bit irritating that almost the entire supporting cast is female despite this not being a harem.

2 years ago
Reply to  Gautam

hahaha, it really is. i just finished translating the latest chapter of the manga today and let me tell you, theres gonna be more where they came from

2 years ago

Meatbun Delivery~
Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

For the dragon, the bug comment fits.. but isnt platy an alchemist? Surely there’s some weird recipes that involves bugs..

2 years ago
Reply to  GonZ555

A mermaid alchemist. Not a lot of bugs in the ocean, although you can argue that crabs, lobsters, etc. look like bugs.

2 years ago
Reply to  GonZ555

do remember the land is pretty much uncharted territory for most if not all mermaids, so shes probably not habituated with seeing land critters such as bugs.
keeping aeolas’ comment in mind, i guess you can think of Platy as Misty from pokemon?

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