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ITK C227: Desiring the Treasure that is Children

It’s me again.

Just before our farm entered its second winter, more good news came—Demon King Zedan’s second child was born to the second Demon Queen, Mrs. Glasya. It was just a few months after the first Demon Queen, Mrs. Astres, gave birth to the Demon Prince Goetia.
This time, it’s a baby girl.

The whole Demon Kingdom is abuzz with the birth of another successful heir.
The royal family came to our farm with the newborn princess, and everyone instantly fell in love with her. The birth of a new life is always worth rejoicing!
Mrs. Glasya’s baby is named Marine and will be raised as a demoness under special education.

As we were swooning for little Marine, I felt the hem of my shirt being tugged by someone.
It’s Platy.

“Oh? What’s wrong?”

But she didn’t reply and just kept dragging me away by my shirt’s hem.
As I let myself be dragged away…

We reached the back of the warehouse with no one around.
This makes sense since everyone’s too busy adoring the baby.
What do you want to do with just the two of us here, Platy?

She looked hesitant for a while, wondering whether to say something or not, but eventually, she spoke.

“I want a baby too.”


“I want to have a baby just like Astres and Glasya! Our baby, of course!”

Well, we are married, after all.
It’s natural for a married couple to have a child.

Be that as it may, it’s been more than a year since we had our wedding ceremony.
Normally, now would be the time to drop the big bomb, but no stork has come to us to date.

This is not to say that we’re neglecting the steps.
As a married couple, we do that often, which is the preliminary stage of pregnancy and childbirth.
But still no sign of a stork.
What in the world is taking it so long?!

“I thought I’d be satisfied just living happily on the farm with you, but after seeing their babies, I got jealous…”
“I see your point.”
“Don’t you want your baby to be born by me, Dear?”

I can’t say no even to pleading eyes like that, even if I want to!

“I do! Of course, I want one too!”

I want one from the bottom of my heart.

“Okay! Then, starting today, we’ll work harder towards procreation for an entire month! Every morning and every night!”
“An entire month? Every MORNING?!”

Can’t we at least reduce it to every night?

However, Platy’s eyes are sparkling with the unstoppable desire to have a baby.
Thus, I worked in the fields for the next few days, almost half-dead.

“Don’t you look awfully haggard lately, My Lord?”
“You think?”
“Why don’t you get some rest?”
“But I am. I’m spending more time under the covers lately…”

I need to get as much stamina as possible in my meals and head to bed early today.
Getting under the covers isn’t equivalent to immediate bedtime, after all!

“Are you here, Lord Saint?”

While I was daydreaming, Sensei the Lifeless King came to visit me.

“Oh? What’s wrong? You look even more dead than I am.”

Hehehe, you’re such a jokester, Sensei.
If I looked more dead than you, I would’ve been a mummy by now!

“Anyway, what can I do for you today?”
“Oh, I don’t have any particular business per se… Can you please call your wife first?”

It’s unusual for Sensei to mention her.

Platy came soon after I called her, with glowing skin in stark contrast to mine.
She also seems to be in a good mood.

“How do you do, Sensei? Were you looking for me?”
“Well, not quite…”

Sensei’s saying the same thing again.
I wonder what he’s trying to say?

“It’s this person who wants to see you… Whoop-dee-doo.”

After Sensei chanted a sloppy spell, time and space were distorted, a door opened, and a magnificent being from the spirit world emerged.
Did you summon a deity again?!

It’s a goddess.
A mature yet youthful beautiful woman, her dark blonde hair reminds me of the sea surface glittering in the setting sun.

“Oh, I remember seeing her before.”

Amphitrite, wife of the sea god Poseidon.
She was present at the gods and goddesses’ banquet.

“Holla, mine own lovelies, long time nay see! ♡ ♡ ♡”
“Amphitrite! Why are you here?”

For a mermaid like Platy, Amphitrite, the sea god’s wife, is the very center of her worship.

“Thy actions lately has’t been a matter of most wondrous interest to me, so I hath asked the Immortal King to summon me.”

You’re being used so conveniently, Sensei.
A god who uses the Immortal King on a whim, and an Immortal King who summons a god nonchalantly.
Both outlandish relations enough to make my brain mush.

“What…we’re doing?”
“Doth thee not remember, Platy? I did bless thee with something as thanks for the feast thee did prepare for us.”

Right, that happened.
Hades and Poseidon’s little dispute turned into a deity merrymaking event before we knew it.
And for some reason, our farm was chosen as the venue, and we almost ran out of food.

In return, the gods and goddesses gave blessings to all the farm residents, regardless of who they were.
Platy was among those who received their blessings.
She was blessed by Amphitrite, a sea goddess, who is right in front of us at the moment.

“I did get word through the Sea Mother’s Blessing I bestowed upon thee that thee has’t been working hard every morning and every night ♡♡♡”

Platy turned bright right after hearing this from a goddess.
Sure, it’s a regular activity for a married couple, but it’s hard to remain unfazed when someone blurts it out in the open.
Sensei is also trying his best to pretend that he didn’t hear anything.

“H-Huh? Did you come all the way here just to say that? Aren’t you being too much of a gossiper?”
“Of course, what I wanteth to bid thee is something else: that thee shouldst not waste thy time.”
“Wasting our time?”
“Nay matter how hard thee tryeth the normal way, thee shall never be able to conceiveth a baby with the Saint.”

With just those words, the atmosphere around me changed instantly.
I could hear the cracking of thin ice in my head.

“Thy beloved is a visitor from another world. A clever person like thee can connecteth the rest of the dots, hm?”
“That gent may behold similar to the mortals living here, but he is still different. Beings from different worlds can’t procreate successfully.”

The moment she heard that, the sparkle vanished from Platy’s eyes and became as dark as the deep sea.
Just looking at her breaks my heart.

“I am truly sorry. I knoweth not being able to conceive a child with the person thee love the most is heartbreaking… But doth not loseth hope just yet.”
“That is not the only thing I has’t cometh to bid thee!” says the goddess lightheartedly. “The blessing I bestowed upon thee is the Sea Mother’s Blessing! Those blessed by me, one of the three mother goddesses given omnipotent power by Gaia, the mother goddess of all, can conceiveth with the person they love!!!”
“It is just that right now, thou art not yet able to useth mine own blessings to their full potential! But thee can train thyself to!!!”
“Oh, Sea Mother Goddess!!!”

The color of Platy’s eyes changed, and they started sparkling like pearls.

“Please train me so that I can use 140% of your blessings! I’ll be able to bear Dear’s child after that, right?!”
“Of course, and that is wherefore I am here! I will train thee. The sea god’s ten-billion-year (exaggerated) history tells us about a technique of prosperity handed down from one generation to the next! Its name is…”
“Its name is?!”
“The Lamaze technique!”

I can tell she isn’t being a hundred percent serious.
Still, she’s our one and only hope who can help us have a baby!!!

volume 7 let’s goooo

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1 year ago

I thought it was some ultra secret technique that requires sacrifices and rituals. Turns out irr was just lamaze.

Derp Cherp
Derp Cherp
1 year ago
Reply to  dadamori

Death by SEGGS!

1 year ago

Speaking about otherworlders, I wonder what has happened to the scythe-wielding schoolgirl that was introduced at the start…

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
1 year ago
Reply to  jorgelotr

I would like to know more on her. Even more so that she no longer has to fight the demon lord.

Last I remember, she was going to search for the Saint prior to before the demon lord won the war against the humans.

Angel de Jesus Sanchez Gonzalez
Angel de Jesus Sanchez Gonzalez
1 year ago
Reply to  lecora alzuras

I don’t know if this is cannon, but according to a side story she’s in fear because she thought now is a criminal and is a more or less real source because there’s a side story about her but the difference is that in the side story she’s portrayed as a JK but in the Manga is a normal student

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