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ITK C307: Incoming Dragon | Domination

A dragon has come to our farm.

But their barging in isn’t that much of a big deal to us anymore.
I mean, it has happened so many times already, starting with Veil.

Our senses have gone so numb from it that I can’t tell if this is still considered good or not.

Nonetheless, the new dragon was a surprise to all the other farm residents and me.
That’s how much he stood out from the others.

First of all, his size is different.

I’m used to seeing Veil and Ardheg’s dragon forms, but this one…is about a size larger, particularly his wings.
His wingspan must be about three times larger than his body, almost as if cloaking the sky when he flies.

What’s more, his scales are pure white.
Veil and Ardheg’s dragon scales were silver and gold, respectively.
But this dragon’s scales are as white as the perpetual snow that pile up on steep terrains.

And above all, a commoner like me could tell that his aura was the kind a conqueror would emit.


Even our farm residents, who are supposed to be used to such an imposing aura, are taken aback, desperately trying to look for cover.
The exchange students fainted on the spot and foamed at their mouths.

“No, it can’t be…”

Standing stock still in a daze, I look up at the dragon.
As soon as I saw him, I was convinced.

“I’m sure about it… That’s the Geyser Dragon!”

The strongest dragon, called the Emperor of Dragons!

I’ve heard his name mentioned several times before; that’s why it came to mind.
He is the creator of all the dragons in Veil’s family and rules them all.

Dragons are considered the strongest race by nature, and to still have the strongest dragon among them… well, I’m at a loss for coherent words.

Still, why did he suddenly appear at our farm?!
Did we do something wrong?!

Come to think of it, we sometimes do something bad unconsciously.

I need to get ready to get down on my knees and apologize!

Amidst my soliloquy, the Geyser Dragon (?) continues circling in the air.

But just when I thought he was finally going to come down, he landed on the farm’s outskirts, far away from where we were.
Why there?

I dashed toward where he landed.
Once I got there, the strong dragon’s solemn figure was enveloped in light and began to shrink, taking a human form.
“I apologize for disturbing you during your work.”

A dragon’s human form is something I’m used to.
But his overall presence is still befitting a ruler—an old man with a thick beard.

Though I described him as old, he looks nowhere near senile, has his head held up high, and radiates the same energy as a man in his prime.
His beard, which goes all the way to his navel, is white, as if implying he’s an old man. However, it looks so well taken care of that it radiates a silvery shine.

His hair and beard are thick, as if he deliberately made himself look old to preserve his dignity and amicability.
A man of extraordinary youth and strength.

That’s the vibe he gives off.

“I would like you to let your guard down. I did not come here to fight.”
“Oh, okay…”

The Dragon Emperor (?) is surprisingly friendly.

Nonetheless, he is the strongest of the strongest. Suppose he did come to wage war; we’d have no choice but to disarm him because there’s nothing else we could do.

“First, let me apologize for my sudden visit. I knew I should’ve asked beforehand, but I had no means of making contact, so I had no choice but to come uninvited.”

Did he just apologize?
The strongest dragon is awfully polite…

“No, no, please do not worry yourself over that…”
“The view of your land from the sky is magnificent. Not only is it huge, but the vivaciousness of the crops can be seen from a distance. They must be tended to with great care.”
“Oh, no, not at all!”

He even complimented me!
I get so pumped up when someone praises my fields!

“I don’t want to trample over your precious fields, so I landed here. I presume that is all right with you?”
“Absolutely! This land is vacant!”

I wondered why he landed so far from our farm, but it was because he was being thoughtful?!
This Geyser Dragon (?) is amazing.
He’s a lot more gentlemanly than I imagined he’d be!

I wish Veil could also learn a thing or two from him.

“My name is Alexander the Grauglintz Dragon.”

His name is different from what I had in mind.
And I thought I hit the bullseye…

“I sense the presence of a dragon from here. If you don’t mind, could you usher me in?”

I had no reason to refuse, so I complied with his request.
He must be referring to Veil when he said he sensed a dragon’s presence.

“Oh! If it isn’t Alexander! Long time no see!”

As soon as they met, Veil greeted the visitor dragon light-heartedly.
So, they do know each other.

And then Veil adds…

“Go die.”
“Why are you cursing me out of nowhere?!”

Verbal abuse of the highest class right after a friendly greeting.

“I was in the middle of an important duty to watch over Junior as he slept. Anyone who interferes with it shall be put to death.”
“Aren’t you becoming too much of a Junior fanatic?!”

Ever since our son was born, Veil has been like this.
She endlessly dotes on Junior several times more than the parents: me and Platy.
I’m glad she adores our son, but there have been times when I’ve wondered if her attachment has gone too far.

“Now, now, Platy can take of Junior, so it’s okay… More importantly, can you introduce me to this dragon?”
“If that’s what you say, Master. This is my brother dragon, Alexander.”
“He’s your brother?!”

I thought he was the Geyser Dragon, but boy, oh boy, I was so wrong, it’s embarrassing!
“That’s because he’s a Grauglintz Dragon. He’s the first in line to become the next Geyser Dragon.”

So, he’s the heir.

“Moreover, he is the strongest dragon and is already more powerful than our old father. He’s probably the strongest dragon on earth today, even.”
“Spare me the flattery; I am just a dragon living peacefully after Father took away my rights to succession.”

Huh? Why?

“Because Father and I do not share the same views…”
“Brother is an oddball who is awfully fond of mankind. Father used to insult him for that all the time,” explains Veil.

This “Father” she mentioned is the Geyser Dragon, right?

“But I have no regrets. Father looked down on mankind as a stupid and weak race, but not me. I think they’re a solid race most capable of accomplishing great things.”

Oh, gee.

“While I do not deny that they are weak and capable of so much as individuals, they can overcome any difficulty by working in groups. Even if they can’t, they can build up their experiences in facing problems and pass them on to the next generation. And one day, they will make a breakthrough. That’s what mankind is capable of, and we dragons are not!”
“You sure talk a lot when it’s about mankind, huh, Alexander?”

Veil summed things up in one sentence.

“Aren’t you currently nesting in a dungeon in their sphere of influence?”
“Yes, I want to provide them with some assistance. In my dungeon, I allow adventurers to enter and loot as they please.”

Well, isn’t he a kind, mankind-loving dragon.

“Father used to make fun of Alexander’s fondness for them, but he already got the upper hand in terms of power, so he couldn’t trash-talk him. That’s why he stripped him of his succession rights.”
“Pretty petty of the Dragon Emperor, if you ask me,” I interject.
“And that’s how the struggle for succession spread to the other dragons… But what made you come here, Alexander? Are you going to get involved in the fight?” asks Veil to her eldest brother, who hasn’t been out in a while.

“No, I have no interest in the throne now. But it seems that something has happened that even I can’t overlook,” replies Alexander gravely. “Father has been defeated. Do you know anything about it, Veil?”

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7 months ago

Thank you for the chapter!

7 months ago

Wait did the Journey to the West Crew not tell MC and Veil that they defeated the Geyser Dragon? I thought it was weird when he was wondering if this was the Geyser Dragon. I thought maybe when MC was saying this is the Geyser Dragon that it was because they left him alive and forced him to go on an apology tour, not because they didn’t tell MC they defeated the it.

Dicky Satria
Dicky Satria
7 months ago
Reply to  Airantu

instead of Geyser Dragon, he’s more like Geezer Dragon :v

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