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IBV C25: An Off-Collab with Mama Yuru While Crossdressing! (Second Half)

[Er, erm, Yuru-oneechan?]
“Yes, Yuka-chan?”
My embarrassment was at its limit that I had to call out to Mama Yuru.

[Um, this is getting really embarrassing for me… so…]
“Hm? I can’t hear you.”
I could only speak in a small voice out of extreme shyness.

[I feel embarrassed, so… could you please let me down already…]
“Just ten more minutes, no, five is enough!”
I mustered up the courage to ask her to let me down in a slightly louder voice, but she asked for five more minutes, so I decided to endure it a little longer.

At first, I was so embarrassed that I felt like I was going to die, but when I saw Mama Yuru happily patting my head, I couldn’t say no.

But I have to do something about my intense emotions, or I’m really going to kick the bucket.
Something needs to be done to fix this.

If you just look at our situation, it probably looks like a wholesome sisterly moment, but I’m a guy.

Oh, I see, I’m Mama Yuru’s, no, Yuru-oneechan’s sister right now.

I’m the little sister; Yuru-oneechan’s little sister.
As I kept repeating that in my head, my consciousness became a little hazy.



Was I sleeping? I felt like I was having a really good dream.

“Thank goodness, you finally came to your senses…”
[Huh? Came to my senses?]

“Well, um, like… don’t you remember anything?”
I tried rummaging through my memories.

I remembered everything I said and did to Mama Yuru when I was feeling woozy.

I…I didn’t mean to say any of those things!]

Yuka-chan’s panicking so much

it must’ve been the most embarrassing thing for her

but just watching that scene made me happy

I could watch it over and over again

sigh, i thought i was gonna die

[What made me think I was Mama Yuru’s little sister?!
Stupid me! I’m a guy, what am I even thinking?!]



a sudden gender reveal, whooo!!!

A real-life traaaaaaap?!?!!?

Fuwari Ukigumo: Eh?

I’m so glad to be alive…

ah… this is the first time I’ve seen such a pretty trap

is…is this whats it like to feel moved?

that took so damn long!!!


what is even going on anymore lmaoo

“Yuka-chan?! We’re still live! Your stream is still on!!!”

Reading the live comments, I realized it.

[I-It’s over…]

nah, it’s not over

If anything, were only getting started

ppl will root for you even more, yuka-chan

I mean, as a dude, being cuddled and patted by such a pretty girl is straight-up torture

props for holding it together for that long, tbh

haa… tee-tee…

Fuwari Ukigumo: Are you really…a guy?

[Hn…! Okay, I admit it! I’m a guy!
But if possible, I want you to continue perceiving me for what Yuka Shirahime is.]

guy where…

nah if you ask me, all I see is a girl

but then why’s his voice so damn cute for a dude?

it def doesnt sound like theres any voice changer

[This voice is my real one. I just tweak it a bit when I’m Yuka-chan. But it’s still my real voice, okay?]

Is it like one of those people whose voice changes when they sing?

id say its more similar to acting

Eh, whatever. Doesn’t change the fact that yuka-chan is cute as hell

obviously. she has become more of my fave now

Hey, won’t you let your other onee-chans pat you too?

n-no fair! I wanna give yuka-chan head pats too!

Fuwari Ukigumo

Thank you for being born. I’ll disclose the rest of our off-collab’s details on Tweeter.

fuwa-chan’s broken wwwwww

she’s already thanking him for being born lmfao

she’s even nonchalantly using the promise from earlier as ammo LOL

[Um, are you okay with how I am? Do you not feel disappointed or betrayed?]

I feel deeply moved. I’m gonna keep supporting you!

disappointed? oh, no, we were actually anticipating this

I’m in despair. How can you be so darn cute?! I’m obsessed now.

i thought that was a hate comment at first glance, lol. that was weird

did my fetish…just show itself out…?

some of yall are seriously twisted lol

[Well, in that case, it’s a relief…I guess?]

dont worry, the majority of the people here are super stoked abt this

its like a reward for us

Yup, you’ve won this

Just keep being you, Yuka-chan

“Well, now that the big announcement’s over, let’s go change clothes.”

[Ugh… now that everyone knows I’m a guy, changing clothes feels like some kind of punishment game…]

hey, ur really a dude, right…?

now also I’m starting to doubt myself…

He’s even cuter than me. It’s a blow to my self-confidence…

the only aspect where I would win is when it comes to masculinity, its just sad

Fuwari Ukigumo: This is like a reward for us, so don’t think of it as a punishment game!

Yeah, what Fuwa-chan said!

well said, fuwa-chan!!!

[Mmh… O-Okay then, I’ll go get changed for a bit!]

she ran away lel

aaagh so cute

This is the best day of my life

“Haha, I’m so jealous of Yuka-chan being loved by everyone.”

Fuwari Ukigumo: As for me, I’m jealous of you the mosttt



Me too

me three

Mama Yuru kept chatting for about ten minutes, but then a knock signaled the end of the idle conversation.



Shit I feel nervous

waku waku

My hearts racing

[Umm…What do you guys think?]
There stood Yuka Shirahime in a white frilly dress, not with a tiara like a fairytale princess, but wearing a black headband instead.


are u a freakin’ princess or what???

so purty…

A story about a proper princess who starts loosening up and acts more boyish when she’s alone with that special someone… or something…

Someone’s already cooking up a situation here

someone make a manga out of that!

“This is…the best…”

mama yuru XD

no surprise with mama yuru. i mean, how could anyone not react like that

Fuwari Ukigumo: My consciousness left my body for a seconddd

fuwa-chan’s pretty intense herself lol

This is almost like drugs /baffled

[Mmh…It feels a little breezy, so I’ll go get changed again!]

Haa…words you expect to hear from an actual guy…

Fuwari Ukigumo: Why am I even at home right noww

we feel you…

Why am I even at work… Can’t I just finish this already and take a break…

everyone’s struggling, huh…

And from there, Yura Shirahime, dressed in various costumes, finally brought something mind-blowing.

[So, um, this is the last one…]

dont go yet

stop it…imma die…

a… a….

Fuwari Ukigumo: I can’t go on, I’m gonna die

The final outfit is a modernized version of the iconic dress from A**ce in Wonderland.

She’s even holding a huge stuffed rabbit to go with it.


The!!!! Ultimate!!!!!!! Cosplay!!

this is unfairrrrR!!!!

Fuwari Ukigumo: Aaaaaaaaaa! You look adorbs, Yuka-chaaaaaan!!! Let me hug you!!!!!

So cute…can I hug you pls…

where can we… hug you…?

Be onee-chan’s little sister…wait, should it be little brother instead?

[What do you think? Is it cute? It’s also my favorite among the ones we tried out today♪]

its v cute…

It’s too damn cute, I’m gonna die…

Fuwari Ukigumo: It suits you perfectlyyyyy!!!

this is the best…

I’m tee-teerribly happy to be alive right now…

I see what you did there

[Well, it looks like our time’s up, so… Lis-niis and Lis-nees, wait, no.]

[Onii-chan, onee-chan, come hang out with me at Comiket, okay? That’s a promise!]

im going

im goingggggggg

im deffo gonna go!!!!!!

Fuwari Ukigumo: I’m already on my way to the connn

I’m going, just you waittttt!!!

I’m going too!!!!!!!!

[Um, it’s still too early for that, Fuwari-oneechan!]

===The live stream has ended.===

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