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ITK C203: The Wine God’s Charity

Bacchus, the alcoholic demigod was pleased with our farm’s beer.

“I’ve had my fill.”

He has gone weirdly out of character.

“This alcohol is made from grain, correct? The Human Kingdom and the Demon Kingdom brew alcohol in the same fashion, but they use a completely different grain for it. This one, however, feels refreshing on the throat.”

I’m happy he liked it, but most of the credit goes to Garra Rufa.

“You must be a genius to have brewed alcohol as good as this, thinking about alcohol every waking hour.”
“No… Not really…”

In fact, Garra Rufa, who was instrumental in the development of beer, is not that much of a drinker.
What she really loves from the bottom of her heart is the bacteria that play an important role in brewing it.

However, she’s not involved in the brewing process and is busy with other work at the moment, using her experience as a doctor in the Mermaid Kingdom to provide medical services at our farm.

Her workload is so intense that she can’t attend to everything all at once.
Thus, she has been away from the brewery, stalling the development of another kind of alcohol after we succeeded in making beer, which is why we haven’t heard any news of a new brew.

Still, it’d be sad not to have alcohol on the table, so our brewery continues to produce beer on a fixed production basis with the help of orcs and goblins.

Similarly, only having beer for the rest of our lives would be too boring, so I tried making a new brew myself but ultimately failed because it coincided with making natto.

They told me not to enter the sake brewery once I’ve come in contact with natto.

But the mermaid team recently had some fresh recruits, so I suggested that we leave the brewery to them. However, it was flatly rejected since they’re still minors.

…Which makes sense. We can’t have minors brewing alcohol for us.

The complexion on Bacchus’ face changed when I made a slip of the tongue about our situation regarding alcohol.


Please don’t shout so loudly all of a sudden.
This is why a drunk’s behavior is unpredictable!

“I can’t believe the brewery that produces such wonderful alcohol isn’t running due to lack of manpower! How worrisome!”

Oh, he’s back to normal.
I guess the shock has sobered him up.

“Lord Saint! Could you please leave this problem to me?”
“What? Problem?!”

I wasn’t aware that it was a problem!

“This is unacceptable! You there, dragon!”
“Huh? Me?”

He calls out to Veil from among the people drinking with him.

The fact that he was able to figure out she’s a dragon despite being in human form is probably one of the many things that makes him a demigod.

“I need you to do me a favor! Take me to the Human Kingdom with your wings! It’ll take me just as long as it took me to get here if I go back on my own!”
“And why would I do that?”

A fair argument from Veil.
It’s impossible to get her to move without some kind of reward.

“You’ll be able to drink all sorts of fine alcohol if you do!”
“I mean, sure, booze is nice, but I prefer a sweet snack…”

This sweet-toothed dragon…
Well, she is a girl, so it’s to be expected.

“There’s also sweet alcohol.”
“Seriously?! Master! I’m going to drop this guy in the Human Kingdom for a bit!”

Before she could finish, Veil transformed into a dragon, picked Bacchus up, and flew away.

“What was that all about…”
“I’m back.”
“The heck? That was way too fast!”

Just when I thought she left, Veil has already returned.
Did she really send Bacchus back to the Human Kingdom?

“I was asked by that demigod to come back in three days to pick him up.”
“What is he going to do in those three days?”

He doesn’t seem like the type of person who’d stop if you told him to, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Three days later…

“The Order of Bacchus has arrived!”
“They multiplied?!”

Veil the dragon brought back not only Bacchus to the farm but also several other people.

All of them are young women. Except for Bacchus, obviously.

“These are the maidens who had agreed to become believers in my missionary work. Only young maidens are allowed!”
“Isn’t that heresy?!”
“I brought them here to help me. Lord Saint! Would you leave the farm’s brewery to us?”

His unexpected proposal bewildered me.

“I, the god of alcohol, will do my best to take over the brewery for I sense infinite potential in it to produce more and more wonderful drinks!!!”

Bacchus, a demigod, is an avid alcohol lover who even refused to return to the celestial realm to popularize alcohol on earth. No one can stop him from this passion of his.


I looked at Sensei who came rushing in to help and silently shook my head.

“…What do you think, Orkubo and Gobukichi?”

I need their opinion since the brewery is currently under them.

“Honestly, our main work is in the fields, but we’re also exploring dungeons, weaving, pressing oil, making salt, refining sugar, making paper, fishing, etc…”
“We’re packed with all sorts of work to do, so if someone could take at least one of those for us, that would be super helpful.”

Sorry for making you shoulder all the work.

“Then we have a deal! Bacchus, the demigod alcohol lover will make an innovation in alcohol!!!”

It’s as if he has already presented himself as the new resident on our farm.

Now, we even have a god with us.
Well, at least half of him is.

We immediately saw results after the demigod started living on our farm.

“We haven’t made alcohol yet, but we did make something else from the barley you gave.”
“Taste it,” says Bacchus as he holds out a mug full of a thick amber liquid.

Its color reminds me of whiskey.

It’s even more convincing since it’s made from barley…
But there’s no way they made whiskey in such a short time.

Oh, well. Guess I’ll know once I give it a try.


I boldly drank the amber liquid.
Klunk! goes the stein’s mug against the table surface.

“This is barley tea!!!”

A new addition to our farm’s repertoire of beverages has been made.

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