C251: Ship Modification Project

I want to start working on more things this spring, like modifying the ship, for example.
Last winter, the ship we built made its maiden voyage, but it’s not genuinely complete yet for two reasons.

One: Awfully wasted space.

Its steam engine is equipped with a magical heat source provided by Sensei the Lifeless King.
Therefore, it can sail eternally without any refueling, and the space for loading coal, which was the proposed fuel, has been left untouched.

Other facilities have a similar history, like the refrigerator for storing caught fish.
However, Platy’s idea was to use teleportation magic to toss the caught fish into our farm’s refrigerator, so we also discarded the ship’s fridge idea.
Hence the dead space on the ship.

Two: Few decorations.
Or rather, none at all.

The Hand of Supremacy is a miraculous gift that can create anything I want semi-automatically.
Our magical steamship was mainly created due to my ability. Still, even such a versatile gift has a weakness—it is utterly ineffective in artistic fields.

Creative painting and sculpting? Out of the question.
Even if I had a brush in my hand, I wouldn’t be able to draw a masterpiece.

It seems that such works of art, which people all have different opinions of, aren’t the Hand of Supremacy’s forte.
…Or maybe my artistic sense is just that catastrophic.

This is why my ship has none of the decorative elements that it should, like a goddess statue on the bow, intricate carvings on the parapets, or coating on the hull.

During its construction, my main concern was to get fish that could be used to make bonito flakes, so I didn’t pay much attention to its aesthetic aspect…
Now that this purpose has been accomplished, the lack of decoration has become a concern.
I’d like to improve the interior as well as the exterior of the ship.

“…But we need to ask someone else to take care of the exterior.”

I’ve already accepted my own hopelessness in that field, and there’s nothing I can do about it unless I leave it to another person.

Putting the interior aside for the moment, I have to figure out who to ask for the ship’s exterior.

“How about the elves?” says my wife Platy when I asked her for advice.

She’s in the early stages of her pregnancy, but she’s as wise and great. Hence, she’s the best person to ask.

“Isn’t that the elves’ expertise? Why don’t you go and choose five or six of them?”

I thought about that too.

It’s just that, Aileron, the elves’ leader, recently said;
— “Decorating the ship? What for? The act of decorating takes away its true beauty. After baking dishes day and night, I have concluded that there is no beauty greater than nature. Beauty created by human artifice is nothing more than a petty trick compared to nature’s beauty. The act of decorating is an artifice in itself. Nature is beautiful without decoration. The more we decorate, the more we stray away from nature’s beauty. The search for beauty means to be imaginative and creative in how to make beauty with human hands closer to nature’s beauty. That’s why I try to abstain from any decoration as much as possible. The moment the audacious creations by human hands and the coloring born from chance fight each other to create the ultimate, unparalleled beauty…!”

…She’s been pottering too much that she has awakened the artistic sense in her.
That’s why we can’t ask the elves.

“Besides, elves are best at making small articles that fit in their hands…”

Making large structures such as ships would certainly be outside their expertise.

But if that’s the case…
I can’t think of anyone else on our farm.

Batemy has shown some creative talent in clothing and accessories, but I don’t think she can do carpentry.
The orcs are professional carpenters, but not so good at artistic work.

“…I guess we’ll have to outsource.”

But who should we ask?

Maybe it’s safe to ask the Demon King to introduce me to some random people.
I’m afraid I’ll owe Shax, our business partner, big time if I ask him.

“Huh? Bacchus, what’s wrong?”

Bacchus, the god of alcohol, is standing right next to me.
For some reason, he’s making a difficult face.

“I may be able to help you with that…”
“What? Really?”

I suppose we can trust the recommendation from a demigod who has lived for thousands of years.

“Should I bring him here?”
“Sure. It should be fine if it’s someone you know. But is it just me, or have you been smiling bitterly ever so slightly for some time now?”
“No… Well, I can vouch for his skills. His race is the world’s best at manufacturing things, so they should be good at architecture too. But how should I say this… It’s like his zeal for making things tends to backfire.”

How rare for Bacchus to beat around the bush.
Anyway, I’m sure we’ll meet him soon.

Bacchus has brought a dwarf with him.

He must be the one who made the still for us.
It was well made, so I think I can trust him with today’s job…


The dwarves’ leader, a.k.a. ‘Pops’, has come to see the ship in person.

I’m embarrassed to show my amateur-made ship to a professional dwarf, but…
I hope he doesn’t nitpick details.
However, as soon as he sees the ship up close, he stiffens up then and there.

“…Um, hello?”

He’s not moving an inch, so I try calling out to him. Still nothing.
Actually… Is he even breathing?

“He’s deaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!”

Pops has died while standing.

I hurriedly called Sensei and made him bring him back to life.
If we had been later by a second, it would’ve been impossible to revive him.

“The Revival Technique won’t work if the soul has gone to the underworld or the body is too damaged.”

Sorry for the trouble, Sensei.
But why did you suddenly die, Pops?

When I asked him, he said he couldn’t accept that a ship made entirely of mana metal exists.
He was both astonished and impressed that his heart stopped.

…C-Can I really entrust this job to him?

I finally understood why Bacchus was hesitant.
If I ask him to decorate the ship, I don’t know how many times he’ll die of a heart attack, so I’ll just ask someone else to do the job to avoid a bad ending…


Pops suddenly clings to me.

“By all means! Please let me do this job! Processing such a huge amount of mana metal! Will be the best job I’ve ever had! If I miss this opportunity, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life. So much I’m going to dieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!”

He’ll still die either way?!

We’ve hired quite a troublesome person…
I ultimately decided to leave it to him, so even if he died along the way, he would at least be able to ascend to heaven.

But he already looks so happy right now that he might ascend at any moment.
The road ahead is looking very uncertain.

Anyway, the work began and Pops brought a few assistants to start decorating our ship.

The other concern is remodeling its interior. I was thinking of doing this myself, but the dwarves were also adamant about it…

“We beg of you! Please leave that to us as well!!!”
“We won’t charge you anything extra! Nothing makes us happier than to be involved in the construction of this splendid ship!”

And so, I ended up entrusting the ship’s entirety to them.
I look forward to see how their work will turn out.

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9 months ago

Do you remember the sauce? If so can you give it?

4 months ago
Reply to  Shadow

The only thing I found from a very cursory search is My maids are all Antagonists. One of the chapters is named Mithril Castle

lecora alzuras
lecora alzuras
10 months ago

Reminds me of another series where someone’s castle is almost made completely out of mithril.

10 months ago

so kidan can kill without do anything now

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Yeah. Where are the other heroes anyway?

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I’m still waiting for the hero to show up and see the near-modern life she’s been missing out on.

10 months ago

Was my comment eaten or something?

10 months ago

A form true to function is the highest form of beauty. Superficial ornamentation only adds gaudiness, not beauty.

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

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