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ITK C18: I’m Back to Myself Again!

Before I knew it, my channel had reached 10,000 subscribers.

Come to think of it, I haven’t checked the subscriber count for the past couple of days.
I wonder if anything happened during that time that affected it?

[My channel just reached 2,000 subscribers recently. Did something happen after that, I wonder?]
“I’m not sure, but isn’t this a good thing?”
“Yeah, I think your channel is drastically gaining momentum, Yuka-chan.”

[I’m happy, but is this really okay for a channel like mine…]
Things are going a little too well that I feel anxious.

“It’s okay. You’re doing your best, Yuka-chan.”
Kaoru-oneechan comforts me by patting my head and giving me words of encouragement.

[Yeah…I’ll work even harder.]
“Just don’t push yourself too hard, okay?”
“She’s right, love. Don’t overdo it.”
Both of them were so kind that my heart felt warm and fuzzy.
I need to cheer up.

“Enough of the gloomy stuff!
Yuka-chan, can I take a few pictures of you? Having them when I report to my bosses about you would be nice.”
[Yes, please!]

After the shoot and getting my pictures taken, I went home with Kaoru-oneechan.

“Should I drop you off here, Yuka-chan? Do you want me to walk you home?”
Kaoru-oneechan asks me with a worried look.

[No, it’s okay, Kaoru-oneechan!]
“Okay, well, if anything happens, just call me, and I’ll come right away,” replies Kaoru-oneechan, handing me her business card.

“All right, see you next week.”
[Thank you for today, onee-chan.]

And then I went home.

…That’s right.
I arrived at my house…
…still dressed as Yuka Shirahime.

I came back to my senses.

“What am I doing?! A corporate project?! And that, too, crossdressing?!”

“Why did I keep this outfit on till I got home?! I even brought the clothes I was wearing earlier with me! And now, my channel has over 10,000 subscribers?!?!?!”

“There’s just too much information for me to processsssss!!!”

“…But, I sure look cute right now.”
It’s embarrassing to admit, but my reflection in the mirror looks cute.

It’s fun to twirl around and strike poses.

“Ahh, but I’m a guy! A guy!!!”

“…I’m home.”
“Welcome home, onee-cha- are you okay?!”

“Yura, I might die.”
“What happened?! Didn’t you go out to submit the costume design?!”

“You know, Yuki-kun turned into Yuka-chan.”
“W-What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Well, Yuki-kun was cross-dressed by the staff at my senpai’s company.”
“Do you have pictures?”

“Wow, Yura, you’re pretty honest with your desires.”
“Just show me the pictures!!”

“Okay, okay! Here!”

“Hey, onee-chan.”
“Yes, Yura?”

“Who’s this super cute girl?
How did a 3D model come to life?
Wait, this is reality? No way, that can’t be true.”
Yura is confused and doesn’t know what to do or say.

“All good now, Yura?”

“Sorry, I got so confused by the cuteness.”
“Not only that, but Yuki-kun went straight home in Yuka-chan’s outfit.”

“I thought I was gonna die from cuteness overload in the car.”

“Maybe I should’ve gone with you…”
Yura’s words of sorrow echoed through the room.

“Thank you for today.”
After finishing my shoot, I returned to a certain office building.

“Oh, Haruka sweetie, good work todayyy!” greets my unusually energetic manager.
For someone so handsome, why does speaking in an endearing manner suit him well?

“Did something good happen?” I ask, curious about my manager’s high spirits.
It has been a while since I last saw him like this.

“Oh, I see you’re interested! The thing is…”
As he says that, he shows me a picture.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.
It’s Yuka-chan in the photo.

“Huh? Yuka-chan?”
“Oh? You know her, love?”

“She’s a new VTuber! I only learned about her a week ago, but she’s suuuuuper cute!”
“H-Haruka-chan, you’re awfully lively all of a sudden.”

“I-I’m sorry, it just slipped out of my mouth,” I respond, realizing my energy levels have skyrocketed.
“No worries, sweetie. I admit she’s cute.”

“So, Manager, how come you have her photo?”
“A corporate gig. Surely, you can connect the rest of the dots?”

Yuka-chan is doing a corporate project?

“So, this girl…”
“Is the real person behind her.”

“Heaven has blessed us with two gifts…”
“(It might rub her the wrong way if I say she’s actually a boy, but I guess I don’t need to tell her that.)”

“What kind of project is it?”
“We’ll be doing an IV for the new brand.”

“IV? An image video shoot… for GloryCute?”

“I remember you saying you’ve been looking for someone. I’m happy you finally found a model, Manager!”
“Ufufu, thank you, love.
But you seem pretty happy about this, too, from the look on your face.”

I couldn’t hide my excitement, and it seemed to show on my face.

828: Name: Anon Onee-chan

829: Name: Anon Onii-chan


830: Name: Anon Onee-chan

It went viral! It really went viral!!!

831: Name: Anon Onii-chan

wait, is this about that clipping you mentioned before?

832: Name: Anon Onee-chan

Yes, that clipping!
It’s blowing up like crazy, and my notifications won’t stop coming in lmaoo

833: Name: Anon Onii-chan

ey we got a celeb in the making lol
anyway, did it have any impact or something?

834: Name: Anon Onee-chan

Don’t freak out when I tell you this, but…
Her channel has over 10k subscribers now…

835: Name: Anon Onii-chan


836: Name: Anon Onii-chan
I just got here, but tweeter’s crazy rn
the tweet has over 20k retweets and 60k likes. that’s like a famous VTuber alr

837: Name: Anon Onee-chan
I was surprised cause it even reached my irl account.

838: Name: Anon Onii-chan
it showed up on my alt’s timeline too.

839: Name: Anon Onii-chan

a dude having an alt account…?

840: Name: Anon Onee-chan

Women’s alt accounts are scary, but I’ve never seen a guy’s alt account before.
What’s it like, actually?

841: Name: Anon Onii-chan

to be honest, it’s not that different from my main
wait, whats the point of having an alt then

842: Name: Anon Onii-chan
Youre analyzing that now? lmao

843: Name: Anon Onee-chan
Yuka-chan’s influence has reached far and wide…

844: Name: Anon Onee-chan
I’m guessing the special live stream for hitting 10k subs and the monetization celebration will happen simultaneously.
What do you all think?

845: Name: Anon Onii-chan

there. will. be. casualties.

846: Name: Anon Onee-chan

either fuwa-chan or mama yuru will die.

847: Name: Anon Onee-chan

No, that’s not what I meant… but okay.

Just a little longer until the festivities start.

yuki uses the male pronoun 僕 (boku) when hes referring to himself and ボク(also boku, but in katakana) when hes in his yuka persona. on the contrary, a gender-neutral pronoun would be 私 (watashi) but it can also lean more toward feminine, such as atashi, atai, or atakushi; although, more often than not, these are written in kana. theres not much of a workaround to this with the absence of gender nuance in english first-person pronouns, but i hope this provides more context to the reaction of the people around yuka, especially when it concerns her irl person’s gender.

next chapter is a live stream with super chats! im excited to format those, haha

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Kanna Kanna
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