C19: 10,000 Subscribers Special Stream Festival! (First Half)

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Yesterday, I fell asleep without even realizing it.
I have part-time today, so I woke up earlier than usual to the sound of my alarm.

I rub my sleepy eyes and pick up my phone.

“What’s this?”
My screen is flooded with Tweeter notifications.
I nervously flick down, and the notifications keep scrolling.

Notifications stating, “XXX started following you!” arrived so abundantly that they were too many to count.

I pinched my cheeks, thinking it was a dream, but it hurt like normal.

“I’m not dreaming…”

I take a deep breath and open Tweeter.
For some reason, I have over 10,000 followers.

After coming back home from part-time work, I did some brainstorming.

“I remember accepting a corporate project, but I don’t recall hearing any details other than we’re doing it during summer break…what should I do?”

As I was thinking about a solution, I received a message.

Subject: Regarding the Corporate Project Details

Message: Just in case you don’t remember, you went home as Yuka-chan yesterday.

Moving on, we’ll be shooting an image video for GloryCute.
This will also be uploaded on your Yuka Shirahime channel.
The shooting date is scheduled for early August, and I’ll contact you one week prior.

Oh and, you’re streaming tonight to celebrate reaching 10,000 subscribers, right?
They said it was okay to announce this project at that time, so if you want, feel free to mention it.

P.S. I’m looking forward to our offline collab next week.

Kaoru-san kindly sent me all the details via email.
I was considering asking her about it, so I was grateful.

Except, I don’t remember anything about an offline collaboration. Did I randomly blurt something out? Well, Kaoru-san is pretty, so I’d be happy to see her again…

Also, I just realized my monetization application was approved.
I can now earn ad revenue and receive Super Chats.
Still, I can’t shake the feeling that things are going too well… Is this okay?

[Good evening, everyone! Yuka Shirahime’s here!]

wooooo! its our fresh yuka-chan!!!

yuka-chan’s here yayyy

ive been waiting for this very moment!!!

Good evening!

Fuwari Ukigumo: Good evening, Yuka-channn


Congrats on 10k, yuka-chan!!!

Yuru Kakizaki: Congratulations on 10k subscribers, Yuka-chan!

youre amazing, yuka-chan!

I came from the onee-san heart attack ASMR clip.

A variety of people showed their reactions in the chat.
Some were greeting, others were congratulating the channel for reaching 10,000 subscribers, and there were those whose IQs dropped because of the cuteness. Everyone was commenting in their own way.

[Wow! We have so many Lis-niis and Lis-nees today! Thank you for coming too, Fuwari-oneechan and Mama Yuru!
5000 viewers?! I’m happy to see so many of you here ♪]

[To the first-time viewers, nice to meet you! My name’s Yuka Shirahime! Remember that well, okay ♪]

sho kyut

haaa cant get enough of that voice

no one can beat yuka-chan now

what have I been doing all this time, letting a cute girl like this escape my radar?

You’re so cute, Yuka-chan! Be my little sister!!!

[Not to rush, but! I have four announcements for everyone today!]

damn, that’s a lot


wonder what theyre about

I’m curiousss

owo whats this

i can guess two, but idk about the rest ahhh

[I’ll be announcing two of them right now! I’ll announce the rest at the end, so I hope you stay tuned until then!]

What a tease

bring it on baybehhh

I’ll still keep watching even after the stream ends!

[First announcement! It looks like we already have Lis-niis and Lis-nees who guessed it!
We hit 10,000 subscribers!
It’s all thanks to everyone’s support. Thank you guys so much!]

people would freak out if they knew she just hit 2k four days ago

Whew that’s fast

sanic fast.

u sure,,, ur an indie?

[The second announcement is that we’re monetized now!
I will use the money to buy games and stuff, so look forward to those!]

youre even monetized now!


Ive been watching ur vids like crazy!

What about super chats?

if you haven’t tweaked the settings yet, you can turn it on from there!

enable super chats plss

I wanna super chat!

super chaAaAAaaat

[Super Chat? Is this where the settings are? Oh, I think this is it!]


its here /clatter

im first!

No me!

no me!!!

I wont lose!!!

Yuru Kakizaki

Congratulations, Yuka-chan!
Fuwari Ukigumo

Congratulations, Yuka-chan!
Meiko Naname

You’re so cute, Yuka-chan!
Anon Onii-chan

i’ve been waiting for this moment! congrats
Anon Oil Baron

Just my feelings

Hmmm, you’re cute.

i already pressed send before i could even think about it!

ugh, you’re too cute. Be my little sister already, please
Anon Onee-chan

Yuka-chan, it was worth making your video go viral!!!!

faaaaaaaaaa xDDDDD

Ma www Ma www Yu www Ru www

Sending the max amount already? XD

even fuwa-chan casually did the same lool

the featured comments are insane lmfao

there was even an oil baron tf lmao

some ppl are also sending maxed-out super chats from their regular accounts xD

Bless the 3k super chatter

don’t tell me the anon onee was…

yall crazy tho… /shaking

Yuka-chan froze up

Super Chats kept rolling in one after another, and the stunned Yuka Shirahime finally snapped back to reality.

[Huh? What’s…going on?]

Welp, anyone would react the same way

a dazed yuka-chan is cute too

of course shed be

calm down guys xd

keep ‘em coming bois!

Refill Man

If you insist, nya…

[No, no, no! That’s enough, everyone!!!]

[Let’sh jush chalm down, oke?!]

Youre not even saying it right yuka-chan XD

Lool you calm down too, yuka-chan

letsh chalm down, yes

[Is this a dream? It’s got to be.]
With that, she pinches her cheeks.


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! /sigh

Of course it just had to sound cute


ill see you on the other side, guys

dude no don’t go towards the light!!!

Im coming with him, dw

[Um, thank you so much, everyone! I really appreciate this!]

aw shucks, its nuffin’

Keep up the great work!

so whats on the agenda for today?

Almighty Chikuwa


who is this almighty chikuwa?!

Lmfao help

[The chat has gotten so chaotic!]


it’s a festival today!

a festival!!!

Boom! (Fireworks)


now fireworks are somehow sending super chats themselves…

i cant even anymore

A Yakisoba Stall

Please use this money to buy yourself some tasty yakisoba.

how about you get it for her, you’re the stall XDD

my stomach hurts lolololol

A fucking stall LMAOOO

[Oh no, what to do, this has gotten quite out of handdd!]

All right! The festivities have begun!

tfw formatting this chapter took longer than translating the chapter itself.
a small announcement from my side, though. ive got finals coming up, so this might be my last upload in a while. ill see if i can do the live stream’s second half this weekend, but i cant make any solid promises. then again, i only intended to do 3 pages of this chapter, but here we are.
ill be back on the 4th/5th, though! if you wanna keep in touch with me till then, hmu on my twt or in the comments, its always a delight to see your reactions/inputs : )

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