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IBV C20: 10,000 Subscribers Special Stream Festival! (Second Half)

[Everyone, stop! Stopppp!!!]
She calls out in a slightly raised voice for the Super Chats to stop.

[We can’t move forward like this, so please stop for a moment!]

oh well

cant be helped ig

Guys, you can still send more later, chill lol

i wanna…super chat…

She proceeds with her live stream, ignoring the viewers who still want to send more.

[I was thinking of eating some marshmallows today, do you not want me to?]

pls pls

eat some

Shh, silence, guys!

fineee, i guess ill wait

[Okay, great! Well then, I’m eating the first marshmallow! Here we go!]
“Yuka-chan, spaghetti or Napolitan?”

[Spaghetti is a type of noodle, you know?
So, Napolitan spaghetti is just Napolitan made with spaghetti noodles!]

whew, someone’s well-informed

I didn’t know that

hm, now that you put it that way…

[By the way, I prefer carbonara over Napolitan!]


its good right

i feel like having some now

Whoever invented that dish is a god.

[Okay, next marshmallow!]

“Are there any news regarding your cosplay at Comiket?
Also, do you have any plans to live stream while in cosplay?
As a corporate drone who cannot attend Comiket, you are my will to live. I will continue to support you.

P.S. If you say, “Thanks for all your hard work, onii-chan,” I will not hesitate to Super Chat my overtime pay!”

Lol this sly dog voicing out his desires like that

But I’m curious!

a cosplay live stream is essentially watching the real person behind the avatar, so im kinda scared.

if it’s a cute girl, itd be a reward


[No need to Super Chat,
but thank you for all your hard work, onii-chan!
By the way, we’re confirmed for Comiket!



I will take the day off even if it costs me my job

Same, if my leave’s not approved, I’m quitting.

what the

some people here are wild lol

seriously though, it’s Obon, give us a break from work, pres!

I work in customer service, so no day-offs for me

[As for the cosplay live stream… I’m not quite sure yet.]

it is what it is

youd have to go live in real life, after all

So those who wanna see it should just attend the con

Can we take pictures?

[Pictures are okay!
Oh, but no selfies. I hope you understand!]

Its borderline impossible to take selfies in that venue

yeah. If anything, it’s obvious

to all the lis-niis and nees here, do take note of that!

Yup, it’s common sense.



Here’s my overtime pay. Please accept it.

[Huh? He really sent a Super Chat?!]

overtime pay lolololol

he deadass did XD

as a student, I can’t tell if 50k overtime pay is high or not

hmm, so-so i’d say?

An hourly wage of 1k yen would mean 50 hours of overtime

I haven’t even sent enough yet. The capped amount is in the way…

[M-Moving on!!!]

She gave up haha

i mean, you can think of it like donating to a street performer

Well said…

[A-Anyway, next!]

“Can you please tell us what you’ll be releasing at Comiket?
I’m so curious that I can only sleep at night…”

so you CAN STILL sleep

yep, they can sleep alright


[I plan to release an ASMR audio pack!
I’m thinking of giving them out in the form of serial codes to lessen what I need to carry!]

ASMR confirmed!!!!

What kind of content will it be?

I cant WAIT for comiket

i am so gonna buy them!!!!!!!!

serial coded products are what’s in now huh

It does help in reducing the number of physical things you need to prepare

its just that piracy and stuff still exist

Yyyeah, theres no escaping that one

[Oh, and I plan to make separate versions for onii-chans and onee-chans.]



thank you… thank you……..

So no random senpais or kouhais, yes!

onee-chans would be called onii-chans and vice-versa, after all!!!!

[All right, so you’ve got some ASMR goodies waiting for you on the day of the convention, okay ♪]


okie dokie


got it!

[Here’s our last marshmallow for the day!]

“There are speculations about you being a trap, Yuka-chan. But what’s the truth?”

who sent this

I like this one

I’m curious!

[Um… What do you think, Mama Yuru?]

Yuru Kakizaki: Huh? Me?

a sudden baton pass lol

bruh lmao

Yuru Kakizaki: Well, we’ve also got that lined up, so how about you let everyone have a look?

huh? meaning?

let us have a look????

that don’t make any sense bro

[Oh, you’re right!
Okay, onto our third announcement for today!]


third eh

what is it

[Mama Yuru and I will be collaborating offline next Sunday!!!!!]


for real????????

no way???

move aside, mama yuru, that’s my cue… oh but it’s tee-tee so I don’t mind either way

I wonder what kind of stream it’ll be /shaking

[And that brings us to announcement number four!]

[For some reason, we’ve got a corporate project…]


time out, this is all too much for us

wait from who lol

my mind cant keep up looool

[Um, so, it’s with an enterprise named GloryCute…]



No way!

(crap man, i don’t know what that is)

(what a coincidence, comrade. me too)

They’re a fashion brand aimed at girls, it’s the latest brand of a big company!

it’s so famous, it’s the talk among every middle and high schooler!

[Is that so…]

you mean you didn’t know either, yuka-chan!?!?


now thats funny

[Well, they want to shoot an image video with me…I think you can guess the rest?]

so you want us to judge based on that…

when will you upload it?

OR we could see for ourselves at Comiket!

there are even more things to look forward to now!

aaa, I cant wait for comiket…

[The IV will be uploaded sometime around August or September, so mark your calendars!]

ive found another reason to enjoy life more

How many are there now lol

loads, I bet

And then, after playing games with the viewers for about 30 minutes, the livestream ended for the day.

Apparently, the total amount of Super Chats exceeded 700,000 yen.

Thus, the festival-like stream to commemorate the channel’s monetization ended.

turns out this chapter was quite short (~1k words) so i thought id finish it. : ) see you on the 4th with another upload(s?)! i read your comments in the previous chapter, im glad you enjoyed the formatting! *happi happi cat dance

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