C32: Two People’s POV on Comiket Day 1

I’m absolutely exasperated.
I wasn’t originally scheduled to appear at the event today.
By the way, the event is Comiket, short for Comic Market, which is held here. However, VTubers operate in separate rooms in our Tokyo branch.
I planned to attend the convention today on my day off.
Yuka-chan and the others have their booth on the first day, after all.

Our company, Imananji, runs a campaign at the corporate booth, selling merch and giving away tickets to a special event by raffle from those who apply on social media.

That special event is a virtual handshake event.
Though it’s more like a service where you can chat with a VTuber for about three minutes.
You choose your bias from among the ten selected talents each day and apply for the raffle.
Just go to the corporate booth on the day and meet your bias.
It’s only available for a specified time, so it’s best not to forget.

I was scheduled for the second day.
Yet! Here! I! Am!
“Why have I been suddenly moved to the first day?!”
“I’m truly, truly sorry!”
The manager is desperately apologizing, but not being able to buy Yuka-chan’s book and voice pack at their booth is plain cruel!

“I already went through the route repeatedly, haa…”
I feel like crying now.
“I’ll somehow get you the new book and the serial code you wanted! Please, I’m begging you!”

“Besides, why is the date of my handshake event different from the date you told meeeeee?
…My next two days are free, right?”
“Yes! I promise!”

“Then please secure the new book set somehow… but don’t buy it from a reseller. I want to be thorough about that. If you can’t get it, I’ll hold a grudge!”
“I know someone who’s attending the con. I’ll ask them…”

“I’m counting on you, Manager!
Well then, I’m off…”
“I’m truly sorry!!!”

“I’ll never forgive this!!!
…But I won’t skimp on my performance for the people here. After all, I’m a big VTuber.”
With that, I enter the room that has been prepared for me.

Taking advantage of the Obon holiday, I decided to attend Comiket for the first time.
Of course, my aim is to get Yuka-chan’s book and her ASMR voice pack, which I’ve been dying for!
What else would I buy if not these?!
However, I tricked my parents by telling them I have a modeling job in Tokyo.
I do have one, but it’s tomorrow!
I didn’t lie to them! Yup!
I just came a day early!

But after looking up the information on the internet beforehand, I was petrified.
The number of visitors this time is expected to be a million.
I had no idea this many people attended Comiket…

But I won’t lose!
I’m determined to get my hands on Yuka-chan’s book!

“Ugh…so hot…”
Where do you think I am right now?
Huh? Tokyo Big Sight?

I’m in hell.
Hell amidst a crowd under the glaring sun.

“I shouldn’t have worn these clothes just to avoid getting sunburnt…”
Yes, as a model, sunburn is a no-no for me.
I’m in long sleeves and a long skirt even in this weather.
Of course, I’ve slathered sunscreen on my arms and face for double protection.

“I made the right choice to get here early, but I wonder if I can last.”
I’ll be waiting in this hell until the venue opens.

After waiting for several hours, I commended myself for bringing a lot of fluids for heat stroke prevention.

Why, you ask?
Because people around me who underestimated the heat started dropping like flies.
Seeing that made me realize the importance of precautionary measures.

And then, I almost gasped when I saw the current temperature.
38 degrees Celsius?! That’s even hotter than my body temperature.

As I was engaged in soliloquy, a round of applause erupted around me.
I don’t understand what it’s for, but I’ll join in.

Then, the line started moving forward.
Finally, I can get in!
But I don’t really want people to see me all sweaty…

After an hour, I finally reached Yuru-sensei’s booth.
There were a lot of people waiting, and I was worried that they might sell out, but it’ll probably be okay.

The line moved faster than expected, and it was my turn in about 30 minutes.

I don’t recognize the girl in front of me.
She doesn’t seem to be Yuru-sensei. Who is she?
Maybe one of their assistants?

“One set of the limited-edition book, please!”
“Got it! That’s one set of the limited-edition book! That will be 1500 yen!”
I hand over the 1500 yen I’ve prepared.

“Thank you! Here’s your order!”
“Thank you!”

Euphoric, I leave the venue.
I wanted to meet Yuka-chan, too, but if I stayed here for a long time, I’d surely die…
I snapped a quick photo while she stood there, but I really wanted to take one up close.

Back at the hotel, I took a shower and then settled down to listen to the ASMR voice pack.
I’ll listen while my phone is charged in bed, so things should be fine even if I fall asleep midway.

My heart is racing with excitement already.
As soon as I press play…
[Onee-chan, good work today.]
I hear Yuka-chan’s voice.

[You look exhausted, are you okay?]

[Huh? You want to sleep together? I can’t tell anymore who’s the onee-chan here.]
Yuka-chan giggles softly.
I feel like I might faint.

[Okay, come here!]
I hear the sound of the sheets rustling.
It feels as if Yuka-chan is right next to me.

[Thank you for always working hard for me, onee-chan.]
[I’m sorry all I can do is comfort you like this.]

[Onee-chan, stop it, that tickles!]
What is voice-pack-me doing to her right now?!

[You weren’t tickling me? Well, if you say so…]
I hear a sound like someone caressing hair.

[Don’t just suddenly pat my head like that, onee-chan, ehehe.]
That must be the sound of me patting her head.
[But thank you. I love you, onee-chan♪]

Ahhhh, I can’t take this anymore.

[A-All right, onee-chan, good night!]
I hear the sound of her quickly pulling the sheets over, and then Yuka-chan’s breathing comes through.

Next thing I know, I’m asleep, my breathing matching Yuka-chan’s.

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