C35: Comiket Day 3! (Second Half)

“Ah, Yuki-kun’s here.”
After getting ready and going down to the hotel lobby, Kaoru-san and Yura-san were already waiting.
“Ah, is everyone already here?”

“Utsurogi-san said she’ll be ready soon, so we’re fine.”
“That’s a relief… I’m not used to removing makeup yet, so…”
As I’m not used to it, it often takes a lot of time because I end up leaving some makeup on, especially around my eyes.

“It’s bad for your skin if you don’t thoroughly remove it, so it can’t be helped.”
“Onee-chan often scolded me when I first started…”
“What are you talking about? You’re better at makeup than me now, Yura.”
“I guess everyone’s like that at the beginning…”
“Besides, you’re a guy, Yuki-kun, so we don’t blame you.”
“W-Well, I usually don’t put on makeup, that’s for sure… Although I hear many entertainers do it.”

While discussing makeup, we received a message that Hana-san has arrived at the hotel entrance.

“Oh, looks like she’s here.
All right, let’s start our Comiket after-party even though it’s still early.”
“I’m gonna eat lots!”

When we left the hotel, we spotted Hana-san checking the surroundings.

“Ah, thank goodness. I thought I made a mistake for a moment!”
“You’re at the right place. So, where shall we go?”

As Kaoru-san and Hana-san make eye contact, they nod and say,” Do you want to eat anything in particular, Yuki-kun? Anything at all!”
“Eh? Me?”
“Yes, yes, you’re today’s star, Yuki-kun!”
“I don’t mind eating wherever Yuki-kun likes.”
Urged by them, I started to think about it.

I thought that since everyone was tired, something hearty would be good, but considering the heat, something light might also be good, so I feel torn.

“Uhm, hearty? Light? Which one would be better…”
I inadvertently thought out loud.
“Yuki-kun, we’re all fine, so even something hearty is okay.”
“We weren’t at the plaza the whole time. Don’t worry. We’re fine!”
“I only went to the venue and returned straight away, so there’s no problem.”
Since everyone said they were fine, I suggested a place that came to my mind.

“In that case, how about yakiniku? It has that after-party feel, so… I think it would be nice…”
“Oh, that sounds good! I agree!”
“I think that’s a great idea!”
“I have no problem with that!”
Thus, we decided to go for yakiniku.

“Speaking of which, there’s a delicious yakiniku restaurant that members from my agency often go to when we have off-collabs in Tokyo. It’s a bit far, but how about going there?” suggests Hana-san and shows Kaoru-san the price on her phone screen.

“(It’s a bit pricey, but it’s really delicious here.)”
“(This much isn’t a problem, let’s go here.)”

Their voices didn’t reach Yuki.

When we arrived at the restaurant that Hana-san recommended, we ordered the set menu she suggested.

Looking at the price, my eyes popped out. FIVE THOUSAND YEN?!
What kind of meat do they use here?!

I’ve never had such an expensive lunch before!

“Five… Five thousand yen?”
“Ah, it’s a bit expensive, but it’s okay. It’ll fill you up, and it’s incredibly delicious!”
“No, it’s just… I’m a little taken aback… This is my first time seeing such expensive lunch…”
“No need to hold back, Yuki-kun. You helped us a ton at the booth!”
“A-Are you sure…?”
“Don’t worry about a thing and just eat, Yuki-kun!”
The price really makes me feel guilty.
But the sight of the meat coming out stirs a stronger feeling of anticipation for its deliciousness.

This set contains various parts of Wagyu beef in small amounts, and it’s quite voluminous due to the variety.
It’s definitely enough to fill the stomach.

Excited about my first experience with high-end grilled meat, I grill the beef and wait for it to be done.
The meat sizzles appealingly; once cooked, I dip it in the sauce and eat it.

“I-It’sh sho ghood…”
Grinning from ear to ear, I share my thoughts.

“(Could it be that Kaoru-san did all this just to show me this…?)”
Glancing subtly at Kaoru-san, I see her nod at Hana-san.
“(This precious scene is worth dying for! Thank you so much, Kaoru-san!)”

“This is so good… it’s just as good as the high-end yakiniku over there…”
“Right? I thought so too! This place is as good as those that cost around 10,000 yen per head!”
“It certainly is delicious…”
While having such a conversation, everyone’s gaze is on Yuki.

“Munch munch… Mm! ♪This is delicious!”
“I’m glad you liked it. It was worth introducing this restaurant.”

After that, everyone who ate a lot had to lie down back at the hotel.

“Good morning.”
I had a shoot scheduled for yesterday, but the girl I was supposed to shoot with got into a sudden traffic accident and apparently couldn’t make it.
Fortunately, she didn’t seem to have been seriously injured but decided to take a week off just in case.

“Ah, good morning, Haruka-san.”
“What’s going to happen with the photoshoot?”
I entered the Tokyo office and asked the person in charge of this shoot.

“That’s the thing, we can’t find a substitute, so we’re in a bit of a rush.”
“It’s not easy to find someone who fits the requirements, normally.”

“When’s the latest you can stay here, Haruka-san?”
“School’s coming up, so I have about three more days.”

“Got it, I’ll contact the manager and figure something out. You’re free to do whatever you want until I get in touch!”
“Understood. Please contact me if anything comes up.”
I leave the office and return to the hotel.

A holiday with nothing to do is rare; I have to savor it!

“Hmm, this is a pickle…”
Speaking is Haruka’s manager.
He’s also the person who requested Yuki for the IV shoot.
Although he’s called a manager, he also serves as the general manager of the agency Haruka belongs to and GloryCute’s vice president.

He’s troubled because the model, scheduled to shoot with Haruka, had an accident and, as informed over the phone, was forced to take a break.
There’s a limit to how long Haruka can stay in Tokyo, so there’s a pressing need to find a substitute as soon as possible.

“It’s difficult to find a girl with a similar atmosphere for a sibling-themed shoot… But if they share a similar hairstyle, we can make do somehow…”

However, the problem is that she has to be able to work during the Obon period and is in Tokyo.

“In Tokyo and with a similar hairstyle… huh?”

“There is one! I’ve found our perfect candidate!
I have to contact her before she leaves!”
He began to call a certain person.

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