C34: Comiket Day 3! (First Half)

Having returned to the hotel early yesterday, we slept in to recover our lost energy and woke up early.
After finishing our makeup, we headed off to the venue.

“Yuki-kun, today’s costume is much easier to wear, so don’t worry,” says Kaoru-san as she hands me the outfit.
“Easier to wear?”
“You’ll see!”
I take the costume and head to the dressing room.

As I entered the dressing room, the atmosphere became tense.
“He’s here…”
“What’s he gonna wear today…?”
“I’m so excited….”

Ignoring the whispers, I check the costume.
“A cat hoodie…?”
What lays before me is a thin, tail-adorned cat hoodie.
It’s pretty long, so it can be worn as it is without a skirt.
It’s almost similar to pajamas, and just like Kaoru-san said, it’s easy to wear.

“A cat…hoodie…?”
“That’s it. I don’t mind swinging the other way now.”
“Bro, wait! Think it over! You won’t be able to get married!”
“Cute is justice, it’s okay. Besides, things are more relaxed these days…!”
“I’m done for…”

Once again, the room was abuzz. But because I could quickly get dressed today, I just picked up my belongings and headed to the meet-up place, switching personas on the way.
Since the meeting point was the same as yesterday, I found them quickly.

“That one looks great on you, too, Yuka-chan!”
“Yeah, a cute kitty cat.”
[Thank you! But is this really a cosplay?]

“It’s fine. It’s cute. That’s what matters.”
“Yeah! You look cute as a cat, so it’s fineee.”
“By the way, I’ll incorporate that hoodie into your model, so it definitely counts as a cosplay!” suddenly adds Yura-oneechan.

[Huh? Really?!]
“That hoodie is actually an original!”
“My senpai and I worked on the design.”

[Thank you for this super cute outfit, onee-chan!]
“Just hearing that makes all the hard work worth it…!”
“I’ll also do my best rigging your model, okay!”
[Thank you too, Yura-oneechan. But please don’t overdo it!]
“Mm! I’m getting pumped up! But I won’t overdo it, promise!”

“We’ve been talking for a while, but I say we head to the venue now,” says Kaoru-san, so we make our way into the venue.

We could hear voices from all around when we entered the cosplay area.
“Waaah, there’s a cute kitty!”
“I want to hug such cuteness…”
“A white cat…”
“Can I take a photo?”
“Ahh, so cute!”
“Oh, she’s cute. Maybe I should ask for her photo.”
“Nice. I’ll go too.”

“Yuka-chan’s so popular.”
[Fweh?! S-Sure, go ahead!]

“Oh, guess that’s our cue.”
“Haha, let’s go, Yura.”

After that, we were swamped with photo requests.

Around the time we had our photos taken, Hana-oneechan showed up.
“Good morning, Yuka-chan! I came again today♪You’re as cute as ever!!!”
I wonder where the vibe I felt when I first met her went.

[Thank you, Hana-oneechan!]
“Hey, do you want to nap with me right now?”
She’s completely lost it.

“Hey, hold it!!!”
“Come back here!”
“But she’s wearing such cute pajamas! Can you really blame me for wanting to nap with her?!”
Yura-oneechan and Kaoru-oneechan are desperately trying to stop Hana-oneechan.

“This is the cosplay plaza! C. O. S. P. L. A. Y!”
“Looks like she’s finally back to her senses…”

“I-I can’t believe I did something so disgraceful…”
“I understand how you feel, but control yourself.”
“Well, that’s what happens to first-timers.”

“I-I’m sorry, Yuka-chan… I surprised you, didn’t I?”
[Y-Yeah, a little.]
“Now, now. Let’s just say it’s okay now that she’s calmed down, all right?”
“People make mistakes.”
What’s with the enlightened tone, Yura-oneechan?

“Hi, ladies. Shashin okay?”
“I’d like to join too. Is that daijowbu?”
Suddenly, a foreign couple approached us.

“Oh, arigatow!”
“Please come too. Onegai!”
“Huh? Me too?!”
“Shashin with everyone is tanowshii!”

A cosplayer nearby kindly agreed to take our photo.
I was surprised by the foreigners’ communication skills.

“Oh! Arigatow! You’re all very kawaii!”
“Thank you!”

[T-Thank you!]
I’ll go with the flow and repeat what they say; surprisingly, it gets through!

“Ogenki de, ladies!”

“W-What intense people they were…”
“It was overwhelming, all right…”
“I didn’t expect to get dragged into it…”
[But it’s peaceful and nice to take photos together like this, don’t you think?]

“It’s one of those moments when I’m glad I was born Japanese.”

While talking, Kaoru-oneechan says, “We were thinking of returning to the hotel soon as the heat is about to peak. Care to join us for lunch, Hana-san?”
She invites Hana-oneechan to lunch.

“Huh? Are you sure?”
“It’s fine with you too, right, Yuka-chan, Yura?”
[Yeah! I’m looking forward to having lunch with Hana-oneechan!]
“I’m okay too, oneesan.”
“I-I’ll take you up on your offer…!”

And so, we decided to go back to the hotel and change.

Back at the hotel, I changed into my regular clothes and realized.
“Wait. Am I seriously about to have lunch with my favorite VTuber right now?”
It hasn’t completely dawned on me just yet, but this is quite an achievement, isn’t it?

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