C36: Online Forum Episode (Extended)

This is a famous anonymous forum site that exists in the world of the internet.

Various information is spreading today, and people are enjoying casual conversations as they please.

[Comiket] Summer Comiket Cosplayers Thread [Pics welcome]

1: Name: Anon
This thread is for discussing cosplayers who were at this year’s Summer Comiket.
Let’s drop those pics.

2: Name: Anon

>>1 kudos

3: Name: Anon

>>1 kudos for the thread

4: Name: Anon
It’s that time of the year again, huh?

5: Name: Anon
Well, it’s an annual tradition, and it only happens twice a year

6: Name: Anon
Those of you going to the venue, make sure you stay hydrated.
They say this year’s Summer Comiket is gonna be a scorcher.

7: Name: Anon

thx, will keep that in mind

8: Name: Anon
I’m heading to the venue now, wish everyone good luck

9: Name: Anon

safe travels!
i live outside the city, so i’ll just be cheering from here

10: Name: Anon

Look forward to some souvenir pics

11: Name: Anon

thanks, i’ll be waiting

——End of Day 1——

246: Name: Anon
Didn’t realize the thread advanced so much, just got home anyways

247: Name: Anon

oh, welcome back!

glad to see you made it home safe

248: Name: Anon
ya boi here almost got a heat stroke. nearly died
glad I made it back safe, I’ll be more careful on the second day

249: Name: Anon

glad youre okay
seriously, be careful, okay?
people sometimes die from this where i’m from

250: Name: Anon

“People sometimes die” – what kind of hellhole do you live in?

251: Name: Anon

chubu region. you can guess from that, right?

252: Name: Anon

A place where it gets over 40 degrees is crazy
No wonder people die

253: Name: Anon
Alright, I’ll start posting some pics
The file names are the same as the cosplayer names, so if you’re interested, look for them

254: Name: Anon


255: Name: Anon

Roger that

256: Name: Anon

257: Name: Anon

omusubi kororin?
isn’t that one of the main heroines in a mobile game?
also, i can’t help but laugh at “boxdam”
they just put a cardboard box on lmaooo
this yuka shirahime is cute, though, what cosplay is this?

258: Name: Anon

Yuka Shirahime is cute.
I like Dandesu, that’s some crazy quality.
And Boxdam is just hilarious, if I saw that IRL, I’d be rolling on the floor.

259: Name: Anon

oh, it’s the vtuber yuka-chan
she was really there, huh

260: Name: Anon

u know her, >>259?

261: Anon

deets, now!

262: Name: Anon
okay, okay…
yuka shirahime is an indie vtuber
she’s famous for her super high-quality 3D model, cute design and voice
but, she’s a guy

263: Name Anon

Huh, I’ll look her up.
A guy? …Wait, what?! A guy?!

264: Name: Anon

no way, there’s no way such a cute girl is a guy…

265: Anon
Uh, I’m a male cosplayer, so…
That Yuka Shirahime y’all talking about?
She was in the men’s dressing room, so it’s legit.

266: Name: Anon


267: Name: Anon
I’m a cosplayer and I also saw her
My buddy started saying things like he wouldn’t mind swinging the other way for yuka. it was crazy

268: Name: Anon
yeah, what’s insane is not just the quality of her costume,
but also how pretty the women she was with were.

269: Name: Anon

time to become a hater

270: Anon

Don’t become a hater out of jealousy, lolol

——End of Day 2——

369: Name: Anon
gj today peeps

370: Name: Anon

371: Name: Former Low-Angler Samurai
Well met.

372: Name: Anon

woah there, it’s the low-angler samurai… wait, former?

373: Name: Former Low-Angler Samurai
I have done unforgivable things.

374: Name: Anon

You’re saying that now? Being a low-angler is a breach of manners in itself
Well, I won’t lie I’m grateful you’ve decided to change

375: Name: Former Low-Angler Samurai
Please feast your eyes on this.

376: Name: Anon

are you sure you’re the same low-angler samurai?
whats with this angelic shot?

377: Name: Anon

are you gonna vanish?

378: Name: Former Low-Angler Samurai
Madam Yuka’s verbal abuse gave me intense feelings of guilt.

379: Name: Anon

Wtf did you do LMAO

380: Name: Former Low-Angler Samurai
I propped to take my usual low shot, and she said this in the most jaded eyes and voice, “You’re into that stuff, onii-chan? Creep,” as if she were looking at filth.
It made me feel things indescribable by words.

381: Name: Anon

i wish she would say that to me too…

382: Name: Former Low-Angler Samurai

Cease the thought, kind sir.
It’d make you want to die.

383: Name: Anon

that bad?

384: Name: Former Low-Angler Samurai
I have mended my ways.
Should we meet again, I fully intend to boldly capture her visage, facing forward in all her glory.

385: Name: Anon
i-i guess that’s a good thing, right?

——End of Day 3——

651: Name: Anon
heyo, anyone alive?

652: Name: Anon

Yeah, barely hanging in there

653: Name: Anon
Feels kinda sad that it’s ending today

654: Name: Anon

fr. I totally feel ya

655: Name: Anon

Yea, too real

656: Name: Anon
Alright, lemme post my accomplishments then.
foreignerandyuka shirahime.jpg

657: Name: Anon

Dude, you’re too into Yuka Shirahime wwwww
Wait, what’s with that outfit?

658: Name: Anon

i was laughing my ass off at the magical boy, but what was that precious creature at the end?

659: Name: Anon
Is that yuka-chan?

660: Name: Anon
Speaking of which, I visited Yuka Shirahime’s hate thread yesterday.

661: Name: Anon

that’s random

662: Name: Anon
Well, the past log was gone, but there were barely any haters, it was kinda scary

663: Name: Anon

isn’t it great there are no haters?

664: Name: Anon

there were some, but after watching her streams, they got brainwashed into liking her.

665: Name: Anon

Ok, that is kinda creepy

666: Name: Anon

Ah, I’m from the main thread, and even I was puzzled by that

667: Name: Anon

Even a main thread member is confused?

668: Name: Anon

Well, she’s cute, I do want people to take a look
But that change was undoubtedly scary

669: Name: Anon

Really? mb I’ll check it out
So, is she really a trap?

670: Name: Anon


671: Name: Anon

It’s a huge world we live in…

final chapter of the comiket arc!

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Thanks for the chapter.

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Thank you for the chapter! Yep, just a casual brainwashing. Nothing to see here.

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Okay let’s be real
Does any of us mind swinging the other way for Yuka?

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