C30: It’s Fine to Like Sweet Things!

We have arrived at our destination, a hotel in Tokyo, and from tomorrow onwards, it’s Comiket!
…Ooooor, not. We arrived pretty early, so we have the entire day to ourselves tomorrow.
But since it’s already evening, we’re searching for a restaurant to enjoy some delicious food.

Every place seemed enticing as we went through various pamphlets about Tokyo’s eateries.

As I ponder, Kaoru-san asks, “Yuki-kun, what do you like?”

“Well, I can eat most things as long as they’re not too bitter, but if I had to choose, I’d say… sweet stuff?”
Just as I was about to mention that it’s inappropriate for dinner, Kaoru-san and Yura-san exclaim, “Oh, sweet treats! I love them too!”
“So do I! Yuki-kun, let’s indulge in a dessert feast tonight!”

“Really…? Are you sure…?”
“Of course! Let’s experience the luxurious quality of Tokyo’s desserts together!”
“I don’t often buy desserts in Tokyo, so I’m looking forward to it…”

“Then, how about this place?”
I showed them a shop that caught my attention.

“Oh, a specialty shop for strawberry desserts… And would you look at that, they’re still open!”
“Indeed, they look delicious… Wait! There are other enticing shops nearby!
“Yeah! This one also looks delish too…”
We excitedly discuss where to go.

Ultimately, we decided to visit the strawberry desserts specialty shop I had initially suggested and a nearby Italian restaurant known for its sweets and pasta.
It seemed backward since one would typically have dessert after dinner, but the strawberry shop had shorter operating hours, so it couldn’t be helped!

And so, after a 10-minute walk from the hotel, we arrived at the shop.
It wasn’t too crowded, probably because it wasn’t a leisurely dining time.

We were seated and handed the menu. I noticed a mini cake plate, which featured several different cakes.

“You can try various flavors with this!”
“Ooh, goody! Nice catch, Yuki-kun!”
“I think I’ll choose this too.”
Since we were all going for the same plate, we ordered it as a set.
We all opted for iced tea.
It goes well with cake!

After a few minutes, the plate and iced tea were served.

On the plate are classic cakes like strawberry shortcake, cheesecake, and a delightful tart with crispy pastry and delicious strawberry filling. There’s also a cake called Frasier, which we aren’t familiar with.

I immediately take a bite of the shortcake.
“Mmm! ♪That’s definitely a shortcake right there♪”
Without realizing it, my true self emerged.
It was just too delicious to contain my excitement.

“Mmm! Yeah! It’s delicious!”
“Mm! This Frasier is also amazing, Yuki-kun!”
Both of them have flushed faces. Did something happen?

“So, this is Frasier? Awm.”
At that moment, I was overwhelmed by a sensation.
The cream that appeared like custard was actually buttercream, but not just any ordinary buttercream.
It had a hint of custard-like flavor, suggesting that the two were mixed together.
The rich yet refreshing cream paired perfectly with the strawberries. It was an exquisite combination.

A bright smile spreads across my face.

“S-Seems like you like it!”
“He looks so happy. How cute…”

I was engrossed as I stuffed the next cheesecake bite into my mouth.

“This is delicious too♪”
“Ah, Yuki-kun is so cute…”
“Huh, strange, this cake is incredibly sweet.”
For some reason, Yura-san seems like she’s looking into the distance, but it must be my imagination, right?

After finishing the cake, we immediately headed to the Italian restaurant famous for its pasta and desserts.

There, I ordered the Roman-style carbonara and the recommended tiramisu for dessert.
Both were rich in flavor and filled my stomach.
My two companions also seemed satisfied, so we returned to the hotel.

But of course, we had separate rooms!

When I woke up the following day, Yura-san called me, so we talked while having breakfast at the restaurant on the ground floor.
Apparently, Kaoru-san had something to do and had left early in the morning.
I would have helped if I could. I hope she’s okay.

“Anyway, what I wanted to talk about…”
“If there’s anything I can do, I’m all for it!”

N-No, calm down, Yura, it’s just a figure of speech…
Well, I’d like some time to practice your makeup for Comiket tomorrow!”

“I see. In that case, it’s fine!”
“Thank you! I don’t want to take up your time later, so shall we do it now?”

“Yes, please. I’d appreciate that!”

Then, we returned to the room, and Yura-san, who had brought her kit, slowly started applying makeup on me.

“All right! Done! How does it look?”
Having said that, I looked in the mirror.
Yeah… cute…
As much as it pains me to admit it, I look cute…

“Hey, Yuki-kun, why don’t you try these on?”
With that, Yura-san starts handing me different clothes.

Ah, this is one of those dress-up doll moments.

Sure enough, I was made to try on an absurd number of outfits.

“Hey, Yuki-kun, do you have plans to go anywhere after this?”
“I haven’t decided anything in particular…”

“In that case, how about we go to a famous dessert shop? I’ve been wanting to try all sorts of things!”
“Oh… but I’d feel awkward walking into a famous shop as a guy…”
It takes courage for a man to enter a famous shop among women, unlike a shop with a diverse clientele like yesterday’s.

“What are you talking about? You’re fine the way you are now, aren’t you?”
I forgot that option existed!!!

After that, we ate to our heart’s content.
The fact that our lunch was also dessert is a secret.

I had been on a particular errand first thing in the morning, hurrying to pick up Yuki-kun’s costumes, which I had commissioned on short notice.

It was due to the company’s intentions mid-transaction, which caused the completion to be down to the wire.
But thanks to that, the result was of very high quality.

The costume for the first day looks close to Yuka Shirahime’s default clothing and is an improved version of the outfit that was highly popular with the viewers during the stream.

It’s a modern and gothic lolita interpretation of a certain Wonderland outfit and is planned to be sold under the brand name Alice of Darkness.

“I can’t wait to see him wear it…”
My excitement only grew, but there were still two more outfits.

Although it’s too good to wear outside, there’s this black dress.
It has a distinctive design with a silhouette that clearly outlines the legs yet also conveys a sense of cuteness.

And then, onto the last outfit.

This one is a surprise for the moment.
Personally, I love it a lot.
I want to hug him in it and sleep.

I’ll do my best at Comiket tomorrow.

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