C31: Comiket Day 1

At last, today’s the first day of Comiket. Unlike the congoers, we have some leeway to enter in the morning.

I get my makeup done at the hotel, then go to the venue with a temporary wig on.
I’ll put on the costume Kaoru-san gave me in the dressing room.

Around me are other male cosplayers changing into their respective costumes.
The moment I walked inside, I saw people’s eyes widen in surprise.
They’re probably amazed by the quality of my makeup.

“Huh? A girl?”
“No, this is the men’s dressing room, right? That’s a guy.”
“That’s some insane quality.”
Voices like these can be heard while I put on my costume.

“Dude, this is unreal.”
“I must be high.”
“So that’s what a real trap looks like…”
“Staff, get back to work!!!”

While hearing these comments, I change my wig.
I was wearing a random blond wig, but now I’m going to put on one that matches Yuka Shirahime’s hair color.

“Wait. No way…”
“So, she really was a guy…?”
I thought I heard comments that seemed like they recognized me, but it could also have been my imagination.
Lots of people are talking, after all.

When I look at myself in the mirror I brought, I see a charming reflection.
I’ll be Yuka Shirahime for a while.

I have to enjoy my first-ever Comiket♪

[Kaoru-oneechan, Yura-oneechan, sorry to keep you waiting♪]
“Oh, Yuka-chan!!!
Mm! W-Welcome back.”
“Welcome back, Yuka-chan!”
Yuki, dressed as Yuka Shirahime, returns to Kaoru’s booth.

[Hehe, how do I look? Do I look good?]
“Yeah! You look amazing.”
“Really cute!!!”

[I’m happy to hear that♪ So, what should I do?]
“The convention will open soon, so could you help us sell things?”
[Sure, leave it to me!]

After setting up the display, the three of them waited for the opening time.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, the Comic Market will start now!”
The venue is filled with applause.
Yuki, Kaoru, and Yura also applaud along with everyone else.

“All right, Yura, Yuka-chan, are you ready?”
[Yup! I’m ready!]
“I’m used to this, so I’m okay, onee-chan!”

“The war begins!”
Otakus swarm Kaoru’s well-known circle to buy copies of her work.

At a glance, one could guess that around 100 people are heading towards her circle in the first wave.

“I think those people will be here soon based on their walking route, so brace yourselves!”
“Copy that!”

And so, they begin entertaining the people who lined up in front of their circle.

“I’d like two of the new book sets, please.”
“Sure, that’ll be 3000 yen for two new book sets!”
“Here you go.”
“Thank you very much! Here are your two new book sets!”
“Thank you, and I’ll keep supporting you, Yuru-sensei. Keep it up!”
“Thank you very much!”

“I’d like three of the new book sets, please.”
[Three new book sets, right? That’s… 4500 yen, onii-chan!]
Despite taking a mental hit, the man managed to hand over the money. After receiving his orders, he left.

“I’d like four of the new book sets, please.”
“Sure, that’s four new book sets! That’ll be 6000 yen, please!”
“Here. The exact amount.”
“Thank you very much! Here’s your order!”
This kind of interaction went on for three hours.

“Phew! We’re sold out!”
[Good job, onee-chan!]
“Both of you did well!”

“We only have the old books left now, so we should be able to relax. Maybe I should announce on Tweeter that we’re sold out.”
[Handling a circle booth is exhausting. Today’s the first time I realized that!]
“I’m used to it, but today was particularly busy. Having you around really helped, Yuka-chan!”
While they talked, four people came to their now quiet and sold-out booth.

“Um, this is Yuru Kakizaki-sensei’s booth, correct?”
“That’s right.”

“Oh, thank goodness! We managed to get your new book through an acquaintance, but we thought it’d be less bothersome if we came to see you after you’ve sold out!”
“We appreciate you going out of your way to come see us!”

“And actually, we were hoping we could take a picture of Yuka-chan!”
[Huh? Me?]

“We always watch your streams!
Your 3D model is cute, but seeing you in person is just as adorable, it’s almost unfair!!!”

“I’m always watching too!
You’re so cute in person… Are you really a guy…?”
[Mhh, I am more or less a male, onee-chan!]


“Hey, hey, I watch your streams, too!
But wow… Hmm, that’s a great costume.”
[Wait… are you perhaps Rin-oneechan who sent me a red Super Chat?]

“No way. You remember me?!
Wow! I’m so happy!!!”
“Why is your cover always blown immediately…”
The man who said that is dressed like an oil tycoon.

[Your clothes… are you Mr. Oil Baron?]
“Ah, I was bound to get caught, huh? I always watch your streams, thanks for the wholesome videos! I’ll continue to support you, so keep up the good work!”

[Mm-hm! Thank you, Oil Baron-oniichan!]

“I’m the only one left out…”
[I-I’m sorry about that, onii-chan.]

“Just those words alone brought me back to life. Thank you.”
[No, I should be the one thanking you! I’m so happy you came to see me!]

“Ah… You’re too cute to be a guy! Right, fellas?”
“This unanimous agreement kinda makes me laugh.”

[Oh, you wanted to take a picture, right, onii-chans?]

“Can we?”
[Mm-hm! What pose do you want me to make?]

“Could we have you smiling and doing a peace sign?”
[Like this?]
The sound of the camera shutter echoes.

“Looks great! Thank you!”
“Ah! I’ll treasure this foreverrrrr!!!”
“Thanks, Yuka-chan.”
“She’s too cute…”

“Thank you, Yura-sensei, Yuka-chan. Please keep up the good work!”
“We’ll be cheering for you!”
“See you in the Super Chats!”
“We’re supporting you, so keep at it!!!”

[Yeah! Thank you, onii-chans, onee-chans! I plan to go to the cosplay plaza tomorrow, so we might meet again!]

“We’re hoping to see you there!”
With that, they wave their hands goodbye and walk toward another booth.

“How do you feel right now, Yuka-chan?”
[I’m thrilled they came all this way to see me!]
“Right? Let’s keep doing our best, Yuka-chan.”
“Leave the costume modeling to me!”
[Thank you too, Yura-oneechan!]

Once the clock struck four, it was time to pack up.

In addition to the previous group, several other people came specifically to see me. I was so happy.
I hope they enjoy my voice packs.

[Cuteness overload] A Yuka Shirahime Thread 3 [A trap]

346: Name: Oil Baron
Just returned to my hotel.
I’m going to download and listen to the voice packs immediately.

347: Name: Anon Onii-chan

oh, youre here too, oil baron? i’m about to listen to them as well.

348: Name: Anon Onee-chan

I just got back as well.
I’m going to download it immediately.
Still, Yuka-chan’s book is peak tee-tee…

349: Name: Anon Onee-chan
Short time no see, I just got home too.
I finished downloading mine a while ago, so I’m off to listen.

350: Name: Prophet
lemme join too…
why couldn’t i be there today…
i mean, im going tomorrow, but yeah…
could you at least share with me your thoughts on the voice packs…

351: Name: Oil Baron

Sure thing.

352: Name: Anon Onii-chan

ight, give me a bit

353: Name: Anon Onee-chan

I only have the onee-chan version, is that okay with you?

354: Name: Prophet

thanks guys. this makes me feel warm and fuzzy somehow.

6 hours later…

419: Name: Prophet
how was it, guys?

420: Name: Prophet
huh? did everyone seriously vanish?

421: Name: Prophet
oh well, guess ill sleep…

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