C356: The New Emperor’s Growth – Part 3

And so, Sis Bloody Mary scared away the dragon that came to threaten me.

“…Ugh, he’s got a loose screw if he’s aiming for the title of Geyser Dragon like that,” she says, utterly fed up.


“Scumbag dragons like him get carried away and attack you because of your inadequacy!”

I can’t even refute that.

“In other words, the problem is that you’re not recognized as a Geyser Dragon since you didn’t become the successor by just means. You must prove you’re worthy with your own strength!”
“Yes… Yes, that’s right!”

I nod in agreement since Sis Mary makes a good point.

“Yet you’re so weak-willed! No wonder stupid dragons like him look down on you!”
“I’m, uh, I’m sorry…?”
“You still lack many things. Just having the power doesn’t make you an emperor!”

“That’s what I was talking about until you came…” mumbles Father.

“Looks like you’ll be needing my help.”
“I will train you to become a proper Geyser Dragon in mind and body.”

Knowing her, I was expecting she’d say something along the lines of, “I’ll be the Geyser Dragon in your place since you’re not fit for the role.”

“What are you talking about? It’s the wife’s duty to raise a timid male to the top!”


“Anyway, I’m in charge of training you so you become a fine Geyser Dragon. Prepare yourself!”

For some reason, my sister started teaching me how to become a respectable Geyser Dragon.

It may sound pompous, but Sis Bloody Mary has the right to say so.
She’s the second most powerful dragon after Brother Alexander and used to be the leading candidate for the next Geyser Dragon.

She knows what the title entails, compared to our unwilling brother.

I sit up straight and listen to her lectures.
Meanwhile, my father is taking a nap.

“Listen, the thing you lack most right now is dignity!”
“The Geyser Dragon is the strongest in the world. It doesn’t serve anyone and doesn’t pay attention to anyone. The way a Geyser Dragon should be is to behave freely!”

That fits with what Father said earlier.

“And yet, here you are, so humble and polite to everyone! That’s no attitude of a ruler, it’s more like a servant!”

Hm, now that she mentions it…
But I’ve always been like this for as long as I can remember.

“Am I really being too modest?”
“Yes! Too much!”

Is that so?
But one of the most important things I’ve learned in my travels with my friends is to be polite.
I feel iffy about changing that now.

“If you’re an imperial dragon, you must act arrogantly and proudly! Stop being too nice!”
“Good, let’s try it. Treat me with the attitude of a ruler!”

But what am I supposed to do?

“Hmm… How about we start with dropping the ‘Sis’ part?”
“You refer to me as your elder sister, don’t you? The Dragon Emperor has no siblings. All dragons are lower than you! It is only fitting that you call me by my name only!”

That’s actually a fair argument.
I might get teased again if I disobey her, so I’ll do as she says.
Arguing isn’t in a Geyser Dragon’s nature, anyway.

“… ♡♡♡”

She stiffened.
Did she perhaps feel insulted? But that would be illogical…

“There you go again! I told you, in the eyes of the Geyser Dragon, all dragons are nothing more than subordinates! Servants or slaves, even!”
“Y-Yes ma’am! …I mean, yeah, okay!”
“And the same applies to me! Even I, a once glorious Graugrinzel Dragon, can’t disobey you! It’s absolute obedience!”

It doesn’t seem that way to me, though.

“You’re my master; I can’t resist you! I bow down to you and will obey your every command.”
“Isn’t that a bit much?”
“No, it’s not! You own me!”

You don’t have to insist with such force.

Wait, no. She’s reframing my mind by strongly compelling.
As expected of Sis Mary.
I can feel her passion that aspired her to become Geyser Dragon.

“Let’s continue.”
“As I said, the Geyser Dragon looks down on all dragons except itself. You can look down on me as well.”
“Yes, but, I don’t know how to be condescending, even if you tell me all this…”
“You’re a helpless child. Remember what I did and try to come up with an answer yourself.”

Like, calling her just Mary?
Let’s see…

  1. Drop the “Sis”.
  2. Drop the politeness.
  3. Everyone is your property.

Putting these together, I come up with my way of being condescending.

“You’re mine, Mary.”

Why is she squirming in place?!
Was being told she’s mine that humiliating?!

“It’s okay… T-That was good! Keep it up!”
“You liked that?!”
“Go on! Say it one more time but with a stronger meaning!”
“Stronger meaning?!”
“Anything! I’m sure you can come up with a better one.”

That’s a tough order.
…Like this?

“Mary, you’re mine forever. I’ll never let you go.”
“… ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡”

Why are you firing your Darkness Meteor skyward?!
Isn’t that one of your special moves?!
It shoots out countless barrages formed by dark dragon aura. One shot is powerful enough to blow up a city to bits and pieces!
Don’t just fire it blindly!

“Are you okay? I hope you didn’t eradicate any of them with a stray meteor!”
“I had to do this to get something off my chest!”

What do you mean by something?
Were you so humiliated your heart couldn’t take it?!

“Let’s stop this, Sis. It seems this training is stressing you immensely.”
“No! This is just the beginning!”


“Next, you’ll show that I am yours, not only with words but with actions!”
“But what kind of action?!”

She’s bloodcurdlingly scary.

“Well, why don’t you punch and kick me, for starters?”
“I what you now?!”

How did you come up with that idea?!

“It’s the dispensation of all living things. The winner is always beneath the loser. Stomping and trampling on me will make the hierarchy clearer.”
“…Are you a masochist, Mary?” comments Father, who has woken up from his nap.

I say, “I refuse.”
“I firmly refuse to do that. Hurting others unnecessarily is a foolish and unsightly act.”

I learned that from my travels with Lord Arowana’s group.
Humans respect and admire each other, which makes them strong even when they’re weak.

“Dragons shouldn’t hurt others for no reason, even if they are strong. I will make this era a better one now that I have become Geyser Dragon.”
“So, I’m not going to hurt you, even if you want me to. You’re very important to me.”

I’m inexperienced, yet she’s here to guide me.
I can’t ignore a hard-to-come-by ally like that.

“What a kind spirit… And you said I’m important to you?”

Her eyes seem tear-choked.
I guess she’s angry after all!
Maybe. My argument leans more toward humanity’s values, so it’d be hard for her, a trueborn dragon, to understand.

What can I do to appease her?
Ah. I know.

“At least…”

I hugged her.

Lord Arowana and his friend, the Demon King, told me that hugging is proof of friendship among human beings.
After a game of sumo, they would hug each other, ascertaining their bond unbound by victory or defeat.
Maybe I can convey my friendship to my sister with this?

“Bold! Too boooooooooold!”
“Sister? Sisterrrrr?!”

She fainted instead of regaining her composure!

“Father, please help me! What is the meaning of this?”
“Meh, just leave her. She’ll wake up sooner or later,” says Father, looking disgusted.

“I thought there was no way to kill a dragon on earth, but it seems there is one: extreme happiness!”

Thus, under my father and sister’s guidance, I continued training to become a full-fledged Geyser Dragon.
The road ahead is a long one.

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Just wait until they hold hands..😂

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You sir are quite the degenerate, aren’t ya?

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Well this chapter sure went places I wasn’t prepared for it to go

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Ortho maleq
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He may not be a good Geyser dragon but he sure is a natural Rizzer dragon

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