C341: Adventurer?

I am Silver Wolf, one of the S-class adventurers recognized by the guild.
I’m proud to say that I have the experience and achievements to match my status.

Looking back, I’ve conquered numerous dungeons.

Infinite Offal, one of the largest cave dungeons in the Human Kingdom.
Abaricia Familia, a ruins dungeon where the mansion constantly rebuilds and expands itself.
Vulcan’s Lair, a dungeon of the highest danger level located in a volcanic zone.
Forest of Illusions, the world’s only woodland dungeon not belonging to any existing dungeon category.
Country Castle, home to an earl who’s also a Lifeless King.
And Mountain of the Sacred White Maiden, the ultimate, the six-star dungeon ruled by Alexander the Grauglintz Dragon.

I almost died every time I conquered these dungeons.

I’m proud that my hard work was recognized with an S-class certification.

An adventurer’s class is not a mere title or a decoration, it is a condensed record of the struggles the adventurer has been through. That’s why I am proud of my rank.
But I must remain humble.

Though honestly, I feel like there aren’t many adventurers better than me.
If an untrodden dungeon were to be discovered, someone like me would be asked to investigate it.

I’m in close contact with the Adventurer’s Guild higher-ups, who come to me if they face any problems.
I thought highly of myself over this until…

One day, they approached me.

At the time, I was in the middle of conquering the Mountain of the Sacred White Maiden.
It seemed some renovations had been made inside, and many adventurers were trying to investigate the newly-added facilities.

I, too, was taking on new challenges in the ultimate dungeon, such as the Dungeon Orchard.

The trees that grow in one section of the dungeon produce a variety of colorful and delicious fruits.
Many adventurers abandoned their conquest to pick and eat the fruits. But spirits possess some of the trees, and the traps they set are extremely dangerous.

The coconuts could sink our skulls if they crashed onto our heads, and the chestnuts’ thorny skin hurt just by touching them.

Anyway, I’ll save that part of the story for another time.
This is where the real story begins.

The guild summoned me amidst my conquest.
I wondered what it was about, so I visited the guild’s branch at the foot of the mountain and found the branch guildmaster and someone else waiting for me.

He was a wise-looking old man with a rich beard.
But that wasn’t his real appearance.

“Lord Alexander?!”

He’s the dragon guardian of the world-renowned dungeon.
They say dragons have intelligence and magic far beyond that of humans and can change their appearance at will.

This is a deliberate measure they’ve taken to communicate with us mankind.

“I see you’re hard at work, Silver Wolf. How do you find the new dungeon orchard?”
“It’s very challenging.”

At a glance, I knew that Lord Alexander had summoned me, and the guild was merely an intermediary. Dragons perceive all of mankind as nothing more than insects.
But Lord Alexander is an exception.

He cares for our way of life and mindset and gives us blessings.

He keeps his dungeon open and accepts adventurers as proof of that.
If it were any other dungeon guardian, they would kill any adventurer who enters their territory.

“We adventurers are always grateful to you. Your dungeon is one of our most difficult but also most rewarding of them all.”
“No need for such a formal greeting. You and your fellow adventurers provide good stimulus. It keeps me fairly occupied.”

He’s so sociable.
I can’t believe he took the trouble to take the same form as us and come see me, a human being.

“I have a favor to ask of you today.”
“A favor, you say…?!”

What an unimaginable situation.
What would a dragon, far superior to mankind in every way, ask of such a petty human being as me?

“I’ve already spoken to the guild and gotten their permission. The rest depends on your reply…”
“If Lord Alexander commands it, then so be it… All of us adventurers have been waiting for an opportunity to repay your kindness!”
“It’s not an order, it’s a request. You’re awfully modest for an adventurer, aren’t you?” he says with a wry smile.

Is this okay? I didn’t offend him, did I?

“I’ll take that as a yes. Let’s get going.”
“Go? Where to, Lord Alexander?”

Sure, I agreed, but can I at least hear where we’re going and what we’re going to do?

“To the Saint’s Farm.”


The Saint’s Farm. I’ve heard that name before, too.
It’s the hottest topic among adventurers and is said to be a utopia somewhere in this world.

They also say that it’s a place where every worldly treasure you can think of is found there.

The adventurers are thrilled by the rumors of this unexplored land and are desperate to find it.

The job of an adventurer is not only to conquer dungeons but also to discover unexplored areas, like the Saint’s Farm.

But then, I was invited to that very same place.

Does that mean Lord Alexander already found the Saint’s Farm many adventurers were searching for?
As expected of a dragon!

Now back in his dragon form, Lord Alexander scooped me in his hand and flew through the air.

…I thought I was going to die again.

Our destination was a place that, at first glance, seemed to be just farming land.

I can see from the sky that it’s filled with fields.
We were greeted by someone upon our landing.

“Welcome, teacher! You’ve come a long way!”


The man who came to receive me looks plain.
So plain it’s almost anticlimactic.

However, the people behind him are different.
They look comparatively…extraordinary.

Among them, the one that caught my attention the most was…

“A Lifeless Kinggggggggggggggggggg?!”


A Lifeless King?! A Lifeless King?!?!?!

The world’s most atrocious being! The only calamity that rivals dragons! The thing adventurers fear the most!!!

“Um, aren’t you freaking out too much?”

My knees gave way on the spot, and I foamed at my mouth.
The only reason I didn’t pass out from fear was my last survival instinct as an adventurer.

“…Is this man all right?”

The Lifeless King is looking at meeeee!
Don’t faint! Don’t faintttt!
Find a moment to escape!

“I understand you’re frightened by my looks, but isn’t this too much? I don’t want a careless person who gets shaken up from this to be teaching my precious students.”

Oh no, the Lifeless King is upset!
Help me. Please help me, Lord Alexandeeeeeeeeer!!!

“No, Immortal King. On the contrary, this is a sign of his competence as an adventurer.”
“You don’t say?”
“Seeing a Lifeless King terrifies him to this extent which is a sign that he knows firsthand the horror of the strongest undead. The average person only knows the Calamities’ horrors from hearsay, so they probably won’t react the same way he does.”
“I understand. It makes sense when you put it that way.”
“The fact that he encountered a Lifeless King and escaped danger proves his disturbed state. The ability to survive is what adventurers are all about.”

Phew, thank you for backing me up!

“All right, putting that matter aside, let’s see if he has the qualifications to teach my adorable students.”
“What kind of students do you have, sir?!”

Is it a school for the dead?!

“Huh? Don’t you know why you’re here?”

No, sir. I know nothing at all.

“You will teach my students the wisdom and skills you have developed as an adventure. Okay?”


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1 month ago

Wolf you have no one to blame but yourself for not even asking what Alexander wanted you to do.

1 month ago

Poor guy. May his common sense rest in pieces😂

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